Wednesday, December 26, 07:30:12 AM

Very entertaining. Wes Anderson's films are always weird, but in a really unique, fascinating way. I really enjoyed this one, even if it was animated.

Thursday, May 10, 03:29:09 PM

A wonderfully animated film that’s a sure hit with dog lovers. Isle of Dogs is a one of the best examples of stop motion cinematography and well deserves the kudos it has received for its style, story, and direction. Those who have criticisms of this film should get over the petty political correctness that they have used to analyze what is just a fun film with an endearing story.

Tuesday, May 8, 12:07:04 PM

I loved this boy found his beloved pet. No easier movie for little ones. This movie is for adults and teenagers. People are used to watch those boring Disney movies and think that all anime’s movies are for little ones. All in pink and cute. This movie was well done. Excellent animation.

Tuesday, May 8, 11:46:48 AM

I love Japanes stories because they are more serious showing things. Yes dogs were having a bad life. No the movies fault if people don’t read the rate ages. I thin this movie was hard but sweet at same time. Justice finally helped the dogs.

Tuesday, May 8, 09:20:36 AM

I made the mistake of not noticing the PG-13 on this movie. My daughter and I watched the trailer and it seemed like a movie for an 8 year old. We walked out 5 minutes into the movie. Just because they were cute puppies didn't make them foul mouthed. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Sunday, April 29, 10:50:33 PM

Excellent movie. Sad story. Well done anime scenes but please don’t bring your little ones to this movie. This is not a Disney movie.

Sunday, April 29, 04:44:24 PM

"Isle..." is rated PG-13. That means DO NOT bring your grandchild expecting some sweet Disney goo. It is a wonderful movie with adult themes and adult appeal. Sheesh.

Friday, April 27, 05:47:09 PM

Wow, something like you never seen before. At first, I didn't like it, but by the end I did. You just have to be open minded to the kind of art and vision the director had for this piece. Once I adjusted, I got it. Excellent,well done!!

Thursday, April 26, 06:15:41 PM

Excellent movie!

Thursday, April 26, 06:11:02 PM

If you are a millenial technophile, ADHD, multi screen, 2 second attentionspaner who believes that an overbearing obnoxious disrespectful American teenager can organize a bunch of fearful Japanese children to bring down a corrupt government and rescue cute puppet dogs from macabre Japanese warlords, then this is a great movie for you. I was dupped and depressed when I left the theatre.

Sunday, April 22, 09:47:10 PM

Best Japanese animate movie. I did not find any problem with the language. I think it was teaching lesson. Yes it was some how an anime movie.

Sunday, April 22, 11:59:56 AM

Was eager to see this movie wuth our 3 year old Granddaughter. Glad she was not with us. It was strange, dark and very depressing. We like to be entertained and leave the theater happier and uplifted. This was not what we thought. Because of the add boards our Granddaughter wanted to see the doggie movie. The language barrier was also a problem plus the dark ruthless main character were just terrible. Not worth the money nor our time!

Sunday, April 22, 05:26:58 AM

Really enjoyed this movie. Very unique. Great animation, great writing, great everything!

Saturday, April 21, 09:59:25 AM

Great movie, very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Not a big fan of animation but this was a good film for all ages. The uplifting message and triumph of good over evil, deception, lies, and fraud was effectively woven throughout the film and is a relevant message for our current lives.

Monday, April 16, 06:54:24 PM

Interesting animate story. Well done.

Monday, April 16, 11:15:55 AM

Another good narrative story made for teens and adults who love to watch Japanese stories. Yes it’s was crude but it was a teaching lesson.

Monday, April 16, 11:14:18 AM

Great movie for adults and teens. Well done Japanese story. Animate does meant is for children if you know Manga.

Sunday, April 15, 12:14:32 PM

Very depressing and not appropriate for children. I found it boring and couldn't wait to end. We took our older Grandchildren. Big Mistake.

Sunday, April 15, 02:09:05 AM

Very good movie. :) You need to know something about the Japanese movie culture to understand this movie.

Saturday, April 14, 03:19:17 PM

Not at all what I thought it would. It was depressing. Not a movie for a child. Violence. Inappropriate language. I was hoping for a humorous movie. Not a good feeling film. I was very disappointed.

Friday, April 13, 06:08:29 PM

Very good.

Monday, April 2, 04:57:11 AM

This movie is intelligently written. Highly entertaining, excellent dialogue well thought out and cohesive. Seeing this movie was fun. The dogs are telling the story and outstanding performances by the dogs.

Sunday, April 1, 03:28:14 PM

I would say, the tone and the feel of the movie lends itself well to storytelling. Plenty of time to allow your Imagination to follow along with the animation. Highly entertaining , and from the dogs point of view.

Saturday, March 24, 04:04:01 PM

Amazing!! great dialog.