Wednesday, March 6, 09:56:15 PM

Go to Costco and watch them pump gas; much more entertainment for free. This movie message; get fat, eat a lot, be a cute and happy stereotype obese human and the world will love you.These alleged movies are thrown together to make money....nothing else.

Wednesday, March 6, 07:42:05 AM

Watched this with my Girlfriend, she suggested they change the name to A 10 & a 1, Guess who Hemsworth and Rebell are in this new title

Tuesday, March 5, 05:29:23 PM

A feel good movie for the overweight; and I am being kind here.

Tuesday, March 5, 03:13:02 PM

If they called it "Not Romantic at All" it would be a more accurate title. Big disappointment after reading all the 5 star reviews here. They must be paid reviews .

Tuesday, March 5, 02:44:10 PM

I thought it would be a lot more funny...not.

Sunday, March 3, 07:03:42 PM

Bad movie...yes If Rebell prefers chocolate cake and ice cream to the gym and good nutrition that's her business. The fact she gets movie after movie, she is laughing all the way to the bakery, leave her be.

Saturday, March 2, 11:46:46 AM

Watched this yesterday, I don't trust any of the 5 star reviews I read as anything but paid reviews...I found it bland and a feel good movie for the obese.

Saturday, March 2, 01:55:11 AM

I saw this movie and thought it was boring. All the comments about rebels weight are just cruel. If she doesn't care about how she looks or how much she weighs it is nobody else business.

Thursday, February 28, 08:25:22 PM

You 1 star reviewers are mean, this is just a bad movie period. The fact Rebel weighs as much as 2 actresses that would actually be considered attractive has nothing to do with it.

Thursday, February 28, 04:21:00 PM

Got dragged to this stinker by my buddy, nickname the Whaler. He loved it, but his wife has 150 lbs on him so no surprises there. The rest of us walked out before it was over, not because of the film, there was 3 land whales eating and talking through the entire movie.

Thursday, February 28, 10:53:13 AM

Spectacular Movie from start to surprising thrilling happy ending...BBW have Men like Liam attracted to them like a Bee to Honey...yes i was this size because of Zyprexa...but a Man who looks like Justin Trudaeu Married me and is madly in Love with me after 25 plus years.

Thursday, February 28, 06:12:51 AM

If the film was named "Which way to the all you can eat Buffet", she would be Perfect to star in. Miscast for a Romantic lead, try someone who isn't 100lbs more than the male lead next time, like Jessica Biel or Mila Kunis. I watched this with the girls, I am a woman in my 30's. It made us all skip dessert and put extra time in the gym.

Thursday, February 28, 12:16:24 AM

This is just a bad film full stop. And as repusive as Rebel is, she is not as revolting as Julia Roberts. Few are. So much for that theory.

Wednesday, February 27, 10:05:55 PM

If Julia Roberts , or the like, was the star , all those perfectly fit 10, 1 star critics wouldn't be so critical & why would they go to a Rebel Wilson movie if they find her so repulsive other than to berate her with great courage, because you can hide behind the mask of anonymity. Lot of brave anonymous people. She was perfectly cast where a woman might have a self-image problem. There were chuckles & I was pleasantly surprised at the couple of dance numbers. Oh, by the way, I'm an older male & relatively fit.-

Wednesday, February 27, 06:34:00 PM

Feel good movie that dreams that a 10, Hemsworth falls for a 1....guess who. Walked out when two women who's girth was about like Rebel's wouldn't shut up about how pretty she was and that she had a nice figure...while the movie was playing.

Wednesday, February 27, 12:39:23 AM

It was funny and had a true point to luv yourself!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 10:14:42 PM

Corny and silly

Tuesday, February 26, 04:41:39 AM

I watched this movie for one reason, Liam Hemsworth...Having to endure looking at "Rebel" makes me as a woman just hit the gym that much more so I do not end up looking like that. If they Actually wanted to be Romantic try casting Anne Hathaway...she's half the woman Rebel is, Literally.

Monday, February 25, 11:02:03 PM

There should have been no cover charge to attend this movie. Of course Liam Hensworth and some of the singing renditions were good but the rest ....

Monday, February 25, 03:55:49 PM

My wife forced me to watch this, we walked out before it was over. Her idea to leave, yes it is that awful.

Monday, February 25, 10:37:36 AM

Real Stinker What exactly is she Rebelling against ? I hope Hemsworth got paid extra to endure this travesty. Here's an idea, cast someone that can see their feet when they look down without using a mirror

Monday, February 25, 05:44:19 AM

Total Fantasy, they want you to believe that a guy who spends at least 4 hours a day in the Gym will date a person who can't spell Gym never mind go in one and exercise

Monday, February 25, 05:36:34 AM

Wow !!! I watched this movie with an open mind....They should really have to give refunds when a movie is this bad

Sunday, February 24, 08:34:50 PM

Really bad. This movie is too fat to be funny.

Sunday, February 24, 06:11:19 PM

Omg, I just watched this movie. I figured all the 5 star reviews can't be wrong..... Wow was this Bad ! Please pay me what the others got for rating 5 stars, I will gladly mislead people to watch this film too.

Sunday, February 24, 05:29:55 PM

Good movie to just get away from all the violence!!

Sunday, February 24, 05:55:37 AM

Should be called "It isn't Romantic" the spell check just auto corrected the title... How an obnoxious woman who is about 80/100 lbs overweight is presented as a romantic heroine defies description. Stay home eat 10 Pizzas and maybe you will star in the sequel to this bomb. Wanted to give it 0 Stars but that wasn't an option.

Saturday, February 23, 06:50:35 PM

just plain bad it does prove a few things you can star in a movie despite never having exercised or been to a gym. that you can look at menu in a restaurant and say ok.

Friday, February 22, 07:09:45 PM

Dumb and boring. Save time and money.

Friday, February 22, 05:41:55 PM

Watched this with my Granddaughter.....I tried to understand how we went from Olivia Newton John & Farrah Fawcett to Rebel Wilson as a so called "Romantic" leading lady. She weighs as much as both of them combined, maybe I am missing something ???

Friday, February 22, 04:32:36 PM

This was not romantic it was ridiculous dribble. Too much rushing around for no reason, really no plot, and a total waste of time and dollars. I have enjoyed Rebel's other work but this disappoints.

Thursday, February 21, 03:26:55 PM

I thought this was really lame, but the movie does deserve credit for one thing: it not only acknowledges the elephant in the room, but makes the elephant the star of the show!

Thursday, February 21, 11:06:23 AM

Pink Flamingos without any strength of the original. The only way something like this could work would have been to have Divine in the lead role.

Tuesday, February 19, 06:33:55 PM

Poor movie, badly done. Skip it.

Tuesday, February 19, 05:17:47 PM

I really enjoyed this movie. It was light and very funny. It had s great message about relationships. Good chick flick.

Tuesday, February 19, 10:55:26 AM

Feel good movie for those that refuse to exercise and eat everything they see.

Tuesday, February 19, 09:44:25 AM

Pretty good mocking comedy. Great New-York transformation. "Madonna" is not so bony in the final song :)

Sunday, February 17, 09:17:11 PM


Sunday, February 17, 03:41:49 PM

Really lame romantic comedy about an annoying Austrailian whale who finds love outside her pod.

Sunday, February 17, 06:49:03 AM

She's a natural; laughed often