Sunday, February 17, 01:26:37 AM

Light, funny, and very well cast

Friday, February 15, 11:40:16 PM

Really bad. I don’t believe even one of these 5 star ratings is real. Paid reviews if you ask me.

Friday, February 15, 06:23:34 PM

This is by far the very worst movie I have recently seen! Pathetic! Save your money!

Friday, February 15, 05:18:34 PM

Love Rebel Wilson it’s a 5 star.

Thursday, February 14, 11:41:51 PM

Loved it! 💘 Not one complaint. Want to see it 2-3 more times! "We all need to love ourselves & be self confident before we can love someone else.

Thursday, February 14, 07:46:56 PM

Hairspray anybody?

Thursday, February 14, 01:05:16 PM

Amazing Valentine's Movie for Passionate Lovers who want Lovemaking beyond belief when they get home. If fantastic Intimacy doesn't interest you like the 1 star critics...go see Dumbo.

Wednesday, February 13, 11:25:33 PM

Worst Movie Ever.

Wednesday, February 13, 09:48:30 PM

Spectacular Romantic comedy, Rebel and Liam were amazing. Great character development, brilliant storyline, truly one of the best movies of all time. Very grateful for Stellar Cinematography. Chopra is an A list Actor who adds thrilling depth to a first class Movie...So appreciated...Suzanne W

Wednesday, February 13, 07:52:35 PM

Really cheesy, and I normally like these main actors in movies. Music was great.