Friday, September 20, 01:24:24 AM

Was it perfect ? No. Was it a really good movie? Yes ! Why are people giving this a bad review because the THEATRE let in kids? That has NOTHING to do with the movie !! Going to see this movie is definitely worth a night out !

Thursday, September 19, 10:01:25 PM

I tried not to compare it to the top notch TV mini series that was suspenseful and haunting, truer to the book. The first movie was just okay but this second chapter mostly gives you tons of gore with lots of profanity that adds nothing to the story. It dissolves into another run of the mill 'B' horror movie. It did have its moments making me jump but could have finished in two hours instead of three repeating same stuff.

Wednesday, September 18, 01:42:54 PM

Wow , I totally agree with the person many kids in the milton theatre are being admitted to adult movies, This is wrong and I am thinking illegal...Why should adults put up after paying for adult movies with kids kids , have 3 but there is a time and place

Wednesday, September 18, 01:15:14 PM

Movie sucked ...I had 3 kids 3 - 8 years old behind me 2 were crying from fear ...REALLY...I thought this theater would be responsible enough to respect adults trying to watch a movie...This Milton theater has a reputation for letting kids into adult movies...SHAME on the Manager...I can see why many don't go here...

Tuesday, September 17, 03:11:04 PM

Lousy excuse for horror. Not just boring but infuriating.

Tuesday, September 17, 02:03:30 PM

Good movie, however it sure didn't need to be so long.

Tuesday, September 17, 12:08:16 AM

great movie!

Monday, September 16, 03:57:16 PM

The giant spider was amazing and brought back fond memories of the mini-series.

Sunday, September 15, 10:10:29 PM

Nice to see Port Hope again in the 2nd movie. However the first one with Tim Curry was much better than the the two violent remakes

Sunday, September 15, 01:50:20 PM

I have to admit, Chapter 1 was much better. This was not a bad movie but it was so dependent on gore and shock rather than the delicious build up of tension. It followed the story line pretty faithfully, but how do you actually get bored in a movie? I found myself looking at my watch and thinking "jeez another hour left?". Sadly I have to say I was disappointed. Now that being said, I will look forward to watching it on TV..... where I can get up and move about while the movie is grinding on.....Stephen King's looking a bit frail?

Sunday, September 15, 09:53:01 AM

This movie Should specify This is Horrible language all the threw the movie. NOT GOOD UNLESS YOU LIKE TRASH!!!!

Sunday, September 15, 06:36:11 AM

If you've read the book or watched the television mini-series you already know what's coming. A disappointment.

Saturday, September 14, 08:02:51 PM

I liked the first chapter of IT better. I am glad they interwove the young characters with the adults.

Saturday, September 14, 07:39:58 PM

Worst movie of the year, flush it🤣

Saturday, September 14, 12:28:57 PM

Boring. It put me to sleep faster than Cosby.

Saturday, September 14, 09:49:54 AM

Awesome! Better then the first one!

Saturday, September 14, 09:48:33 AM

Awesome movie!! Scary, funny and gross! Great ending.

Saturday, September 14, 01:43:31 AM

I was waiting so long to watch this movie. I love all of stephen kings movies and I never get bored. i kind of thought there was a lot of twisted and disgusting scenes in it and a lot of blood and gore but I love you pennywise and you are the best in the movie but I wish I saw more of you though. i loved the ending and the scene at the carnival and when it showed how it was created and where it came from.

Saturday, September 14, 01:27:17 AM

Good movie, able to keep you engaged throughout the whole thing, and funny overall. I think I’d say It chapter 1 was slightly better.

Friday, September 13, 06:08:38 PM

Great movie. Scary, campy, funny. Bill Hader was great.

Friday, September 13, 10:19:24 AM

A movie that promises a good time then sprays seltzer in your face. This was terrible!

Friday, September 13, 12:36:50 AM


Thursday, September 12, 04:41:16 PM

I am a huge Stephen King fan, I’ve read every book, this movie did not disappoint. Well done special-effects, stuck with the original story, likable characters.

Thursday, September 12, 04:19:31 PM

Too long by far but some good scares. Follows the book so if you like that you'll like this film. Good wrap up to the first movie. I'd totally watch again!

Thursday, September 12, 02:02:04 PM

Repetitive, overlong, interminable, redundant, unscary. Chastain radiates ice and bad vibes.

Thursday, September 12, 12:22:26 PM

Do not get how anyone could give this movie 5 stars.The story was so ridicules, poorly directed and way too long.

Thursday, September 12, 09:08:39 AM

A heart wrenching tale of how childhood trauma lasts a lifetime and the struggle of adults to overcome it. Pennywise is a great manifestation of the evil such trauma does to children and how coming together to fight against him can hopefully lead to more "normal" lives. Not as scary as the first one and it could have lost about 20 minutes but definitely a creepy - and ultimately uplifting - movie. Great turns from the actors with Bill Hader shining - he's fantastic! Recommended for those who are fans of the book and for those looking to find something with meaning at the theatres.

Thursday, September 12, 06:32:08 AM

Wow! Scary, creepy, original, well done! A REAL horror movie. Loved it

Thursday, September 12, 01:02:42 AM

Even in an old girlie magazine King was interviewed about his upcoming book. His own view on the story ... I call it IT but I should have called it S**T! Now if King himself hates his own book do U really think the movie will be good. Those 5 starers do not have a mind of their own. If they enjoyed IT more power to them however they will be spending their money bucks on inferior movies.

Wednesday, September 11, 12:13:11 PM

I loved this movie just as much as the first, the battle with pennywises at the end was visually stunning and amazing. Although if you haven't seen the first movie yet, I recommend you see that first cuz there are times when it goes into flashbacks to events that happened in the first movie that will be hard for you to understand if you haven't seen that yet. I had seen the first one, but there were some people beside me in the theatre who hadn't seen the first one. And also, gay kisses are not something to be grossed out by, like some people in the audience at the screening i went to were.

Wednesday, September 11, 02:36:06 AM

I gave this a One Star rating only because no stars wasn't an option. Simply put this was the stupidest movie I have seen in a LONG time, and it's the first movie I've seen in my life that I've walked out on before the finish (and I wasn't the only one to do so.) There was nothing at all scary about it, the story line was a jumble and there was no redeeming quality with any of the characters. I didn't care if any of them lived or died. The whole thing was just an awful boring mess. I had thought that with Bill Hader and James McAvoy in the cast there might be some hope, but I was wrong.

Wednesday, September 11, 12:40:38 AM

Very well done just loved it and the fact that king himself makes an appearance is just the icing on the cake

Monday, September 9, 07:02:55 PM

An excellent follow up the the first film. Much better than the miniseries Part 2. I enjoyed this re-imagined ending and the funny cameo from Steven King. Worth seeing in the theater.

Monday, September 9, 03:55:37 PM

For a second part, this isn't all bad. It did not live up to what i thought IT was going to be like, but overall this was a good movie. Don't worry about other people's reviews. Form your own opinion.

Monday, September 9, 02:21:00 PM

A real drag. It went on forever, and was about as scary as NIGHT OF THE LEPUS. Clowns aren't scary, and people who are afraid of them are wimps.

Monday, September 9, 10:11:15 AM

I thought it was pretty good would like to watch it again.

Sunday, September 8, 09:44:13 PM

Good sequel i liked how it went back and forth to when they were kids to present day made you catch on to what happening in the movie now its a go see if you liked the first one . Thought this was better

Sunday, September 8, 03:02:45 PM

This movie was long boring as hell. Any one that says it is a great movie has never seen what a REAL good movie is. Waste of time. Save your money for a Real movie.

Sunday, September 8, 01:19:30 PM

Lame, unscary and overlong. A loser, this one. Miss it.

Sunday, September 8, 12:38:26 PM

Snooze fest. 3/4 of this movie was filler and very little beef. Relying on not very scary visuals to carry the movie. Lazyman's way of directing.