Wednesday, September 11, 09:39:21 PM

It would've been a WHOLE lot better if it was filmed in Technicolor. And the one thing or should I say the one performance that stood out the most in the Whole movie, besides the amazing performances from the beautiful Kathryn Grayson and the ever-charming Jimmy Durante, was the performance of the young boy Johnny O'Brien in the 'I Believe' number. That incredible performance captured all of the hidden talents that Bobby Long introduced himself with that stands as immortal and memorable for all time. But the thing that I absolutely disliked about it all was that this was the only movie Bobby Long ever did (according to the historical records). This kid had all of the qualities of a great celebrity. He was Rare, because he had something truly special that few celebrities in history have ever accomplished. The Quadruple Thread of Talent. Bobby Long can act, sing, dance, do acrobatic stunts, and if there was 5th element, it would have been playing an instrument. Like Leo Kardos did on the piano. The point is after the movie premiered, Bobby Long never, Never got to appear or star in another movie after this. Nor did he do Broadway, radio, tv, or animated voicing. He had completely disappeared! The saddest part is that No One in the entire Hollywood Media ever did an expo/investigation on him. I believe it's about time someone finally gets his story out there for the world to know who this amazing little boy was and what he could've been.