Tuesday, September 19, 08:51:25 PM

What a joke! Might be enjoyed by a ten year old!

Tuesday, September 19, 06:36:22 PM

It was good and scary! I own the original on dvd, it's not nearly as scary granted, but still very good. Is it just me or did they leave it open for a Part 2? They did not kill Penny Wise when they were children, in the book and original movie they were grown up and kept their word about returning if it starts up again.

Tuesday, September 19, 02:59:20 PM

"IT" was a super cool scary movie. A must see on your movie list this year! Can't wait for the sequel in 2019!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 02:57:31 PM

Went with my 18 year old son and found it to be both scary with humorous moments. Definitely had some jump out of your seat parts along with laughter. Great combination and one of the best movies i've seen in quite some time now. Would watch it again but I do recommend seeing IT at a movie theater the theatricals are well worth it. Just can't get the same sitting at home watching it on tv.

Monday, September 18, 04:54:25 PM

It had a little bit of everything and was fun to watch with my friends, thank you

Monday, September 18, 03:41:40 AM

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Having read some of Stephen King's novels and enjoying them, I agreed to go with several family members. We all thought it as a waste of time and money, with no redeeming features. No one over the age of 12 would find "It" scary and it isn't really suitable for kids either.

Sunday, September 17, 08:17:08 PM

If you're looking for a scary movie, keep moving. The worst, most horrific thing about it is when "little Georgie" gets taken by the clown. After that, the movie becomes a teeny-bopper style horror film. I don't think it's the fault of the producer, director, or actors.. I think it's actually just not a very scary story line. I love Stephen King.. but I've never thought this was one of his great stories. I will say there were a few funny parts in the movie though.

Sunday, September 17, 04:21:32 PM

I went with my daughter that is 21 who hasn't seen original IT and we both loved IT lol . had a lot of unexpected jump out of your seat moments and kept you sucked in to whats going to pop out next through the whole movie thought it portrayed the original very well and would see it again .

Sunday, September 17, 10:25:59 AM

Best movie I've seen all year so far.

Saturday, September 16, 10:36:01 PM

Awesome !!!

Saturday, September 16, 10:27:45 PM

This movie was a classic! Very good if you like older 80's scary movies.

Saturday, September 16, 09:54:31 PM

One of the worst films of the year

Saturday, September 16, 12:10:45 AM

I am giving this movie five stars. Why you ask? I have never read the book or saw the first make of the movie. I am a diehard horror movie fan and this movie gave me the shivers, my body was pulsing at times. So if this movie can make me shutter it is worth a five.

Friday, September 15, 10:23:11 PM

I am giving this movie five stars. Why you ask? I have never read the book or saw the first make of the movie. I am a diehard horror movie fan and this movie gave me the shivers, my body was pulsing at times. So if this movie can make me shutter it is worth a five.

Friday, September 15, 09:12:47 PM

One of the best horror movies in decades.

Friday, September 15, 06:58:05 PM

Great movie.

Friday, September 15, 01:45:11 PM

Igonore IT.

Thursday, September 14, 11:31:55 PM

IT- is terrible

Thursday, September 14, 10:25:06 PM

As often happens, the movie doesn't quite live up to the book, one of Stephen King's best and scariest. The leads are children and kudos to them. In parts it gets a bit silly, but the opening scene is brilliant, and there is plenty that is frightening. 80/100...guru bob

Thursday, September 14, 10:10:47 PM

Boring not scary the clown was ridiculous

Thursday, September 14, 06:34:03 PM

Had lots of scary moments, good CGI. Stephen King's anti-bullying and anti-child sex abuse subplots loud and clear. Missed some of the dialogue because of young kids (about 10yoa ) in row behind me talking. PG-13 graphic violence/child endangerment not R imo. DuWayne, Lakeland,FL

Thursday, September 14, 05:22:36 PM

Not as good as all the previews, and top box office hype. Not scary at all, book was better.

Thursday, September 14, 05:21:36 PM

The original was good, I don't know why they had to remake it. I didn't think it was as good as all the hype around it. The child actors were good in their roles. Too long.

Thursday, September 14, 04:04:36 PM

Very good adaptation (so far) of the original material. Very scary and excellent characterization.

Thursday, September 14, 10:51:32 AM

Was not over the top scary like some other movies recently. It had some humorous parts that reminded me of a Freddy Kruger movie and some serious parts that remind me of a old stalker movie like Halloween or Friday the 13th. Either way you look at it, they tried to set it up for all viewers of scary movie types they could. I enjoyed it for what it was and look forward to the sequel.

Thursday, September 14, 03:46:02 AM


Thursday, September 14, 12:27:34 AM

Scared the hell outta me I read the book years ago and it follows the first half of the book perfectly no wonder Stephen King himself liked this movie very well done I almost sh*t my pants

Thursday, September 14, 12:03:08 AM

Was expecting to be scared....instead ended up laughing. Even parts intended to frighten were funny. Quite disappointing.

Wednesday, September 13, 11:06:22 PM

Good movie. But the crazy mean teens were little off from the movie. I did not like cat part. Still the movie was scary.

Wednesday, September 13, 08:16:27 AM

Awesome horror movie, it has now become my most favorite horror film and put the conjuring down to second place. Bill Skarsgald as penny wise was a perfect choice, all of the actors did justice to their characters. I can especially guarantee that the young actors in this movie will one day be big names in Hollywood. This is the first horror movie in which I truly felt for the characters, especially young Georgie. Overall., great movie, will definitely buy it on DVD

Wednesday, September 13, 02:38:19 AM

Thumbs up... will watch IT again

Tuesday, September 12, 10:28:38 PM


Tuesday, September 12, 10:12:48 PM

Excellent movie, well acted by all, good mix of humor and horror, not a movie that will scare you, like all the BS jump scares that are a thing now which don't scare you anyway, because they're all so dang predictable.... Anyway, quality production, quality acting and good writing, would have liked a little more source material, but still a very good movie.

Tuesday, September 12, 09:40:29 PM


Tuesday, September 12, 07:49:06 PM

Acting and story was great. Horror wise, it was OK, not as good as some of the newer horror films out there. I thought it was an improvement on the old one. Let's not forget the original for some of these folks carries a sentimental value. In conclusion yes this was worth watching in theaters, we enjoyed it.

Tuesday, September 12, 07:06:11 PM

Watchable. Not as cheesy as the tv adaptation, but still way too long. King's novel had some scary stuff in it, but it was also bloated, pretentious, and rife with superfluous and pointless nonsense. Why do people care how faithful the film is to the novel? If anything, film adaptations should betray the source material.

Tuesday, September 12, 05:24:45 PM


Tuesday, September 12, 12:54:04 PM

The actor that played Pennywise did a fine job but of course no one could replace the iconic Tim Curry. The rest of the casting was great; the kids did a wonderful job. A bit closer to the source material than the original movie, but still not quite close enough. Still nobody has touched that Derry and the people in it are the real reason IT is so powerful. More creepy than scary; also literally no reason for the dad to be so rapey, he's not like that in the books.

Tuesday, September 12, 09:17:30 AM

Not very scary, but still a pretty good movie; the kids did a really good acting job. You can't beat Stephen King books but I think this movie is difficult to turn into a movie. Still worth the money in my opinion and will go see the next chapter.

Tuesday, September 12, 09:07:20 AM

This movie is very well done, I have Coulrophobia as many people do .NOT a movie for young kids or anyone with this phobia.