Tuesday, September 26, 03:56:27 PM

I really enjoyed the first one. This one... OMG along with The Mummy, what was Tom thinking? This sucked horribly bad. It's like he and Cobie Smulders were in the same movie back to back side by side mirroring each other, like in the same movie but separate doing the same things. It just did not work. I want my 2hrs back.

Wednesday, August 2, 11:24:05 AM

First one was decent. This was a mess. Seriously big plot hole. And poor chemistry between Tom and Cobie. It's like they were in side by side filming their own movie.

Friday, July 21, 10:33:01 AM

Slay. I liked it. Kick your butt to the curb story.

Wednesday, April 12, 11:31:57 AM

Seems like Tom Cruise always plays the same character. How is this different from Mission Impossible? He should star in something different once in awhile, where he plays a regular guy, not a "hero"

Sunday, March 26, 10:25:04 AM

Very entertaining, thank you.

Friday, March 24, 02:57:06 PM

I was very disappointed with the second part to this franchise. It pales in comparison to the first Jack Reacher film which I thought was both fun and exciting. Cruise, in my opinion, has always been a fantastic, extremely versatile actor. I wish he would stop making these poorly written B movies and get back to his old style of interesting and in depth characters. Sadly, I'm not sure he can anymore. I highly recommend not watching this film.

Sunday, March 5, 06:09:04 PM

First Jack Reacher movie was amazing. This second one was one of the worst films I have ever seen. Was boring and so predictable. Was so excited to see this and was disappointed within about ten minutes. Such a shame.

Monday, February 20, 04:57:53 PM

This was a good action movie ! Even though Tom is not six foot what ever like the Reacher in the book .....having never read the books it didn't bother me ....

Tuesday, January 31, 04:52:42 PM

Storyline was a bit confusing, but action was great.

Tuesday, January 24, 10:52:24 PM

Ridiculous, nonsensical plot. Nothing like the Jack Reacher that we know from the novels.

Tuesday, January 17, 03:43:46 PM

I actually enjoyed this movie.

Monday, January 16, 10:42:07 PM

Can I give it no stars? Is that possible?

Sunday, January 15, 12:41:57 PM

I think Tom Cruises career is now finished, especially with this movie.

Saturday, January 14, 09:45:22 PM

Poor movie because it didn't keep my attention.

Friday, January 13, 08:19:00 PM

Why this movie even has any stars is beyond me. I didn't like it at all. No more movies with Tom Cruise for me, that's for sure.

Thursday, January 12, 12:55:17 PM

Cobie was fantastic in this. Tom, on the other hand was dreadful.

Wednesday, January 11, 01:27:41 PM

Even though I did not want to see this, my friend convinced me to go......she apologized after the movie was over because it was a waste of money.

Tuesday, January 10, 02:38:36 PM

I agree with the prior person....Tom is so bad in this movie. It's a shame because it seems another actor could have done his role a LOT better.

Monday, January 9, 05:39:01 PM

I'd be embarrassed if I were Tom Cruise. Colbie rocked though.

Monday, January 9, 02:24:31 AM

Any way I can give this no stars with Tom's performance, if that's what you call what he did?

Sunday, January 8, 09:02:23 PM

Do not go see this one.

Saturday, January 7, 07:30:17 PM

My New Years resolution is to never go see another Tom C movie...

Friday, January 6, 03:53:57 PM

This movie doesn't even deserve 1 star because it;s so bad.

Friday, January 6, 12:50:20 AM


Thursday, January 5, 12:18:03 AM

TC did not help this movie at all. His co-star was fabulous.

Tuesday, January 3, 04:51:11 PM

A friend of mine treated me to this movie & believe me it was no treat. I hated it.

Monday, January 2, 07:59:48 PM

I should have heeded everyone's comments on how bad this was, because boy was it ever.

Sunday, January 1, 07:59:58 PM

I also, would like to give a zero, but unfortunately I can't. This comment should be very clear how exactly I felt about this so called movie.

Saturday, December 31, 08:06:05 PM

This was not well done and Tom is not the great actor he thinks he is.

Friday, December 30, 10:15:36 PM

Not sure why we can't give this one a zero.....that's all it deserves.

Friday, December 30, 01:03:47 PM

Very good very well done good action tom cruise does one hell of a job in this show

Thursday, December 29, 06:13:42 PM

After seeing this one, I will now state I will never again waste my money on a Tom Cruise film. This was horrible.

Wednesday, December 28, 06:40:26 PM

You know, this one's another flop for Cruise.

Tuesday, December 27, 09:34:05 PM

Tom Cruise is no longer a viable box office star, which is very relevant in this movie. Why oh why does he have that one expression....how stupid!

Monday, December 26, 09:39:39 PM

As part of the title states: Never Go Back. And that means to any of Tom Cruises' movies again. This was dreadful.

Friday, December 23, 02:20:56 PM

Another good one for Tom Cruise, who keeps giving us reasons to want to go to the theatre. Plenty of action, with Jack Reacher working his 'magic' in one scene after another, and a good story line that keeps the protagonists busy following the twists and turns. Last time I checked, box office numbers had reached over $160 million on a budget of $60 million -- pretty good since the movie (like the first installment) was so poorly promoted.

Thursday, December 22, 11:46:03 PM

This wasn't even worth the reduced price I saw it for.

Tuesday, December 20, 06:07:07 PM

This is the last Tom Cruise movie I am ever going to see. I will not waste another cent on this guy. He's a terrible actor.

Monday, December 19, 08:37:53 PM

It sure would be nice if Tom had more than one expression on his face. This one is ridiculous.

Sunday, December 18, 08:22:57 PM

Tom hasn't done a decent movie in years, and this one is no different. His facial expression (yes, he only has one in this movie) was painful to watch.