Saturday, March 19, 05:30:59 PM

I personally loved this movie it was absolutely hilarious. This movie is made about a bunch of guys that act like idiots for our entertainment, I went to this movie with my mother and we both thought it was hilarious. the cast have disregard for their health.

Tuesday, March 15, 10:29:54 AM

very funny

Sunday, February 20, 11:28:23 AM

The best yet!

Saturday, February 19, 03:32:43 PM

They really went all out on this movie. I was laughing the whole time. Those idiots that are complaining about the movie can go suck it. What do you expect from a movie that is called Jackass!? I liked that they brought in new people as well as a couple celebrities as well.

Thursday, February 17, 12:41:35 PM

if I could, I'd take stars away. wouldn't have bothered, but it was free to see. can't believe anybody wasted their time with this junk. the name sure describes the characters. wish I could unsee it.

Sunday, February 13, 01:49:53 PM

If men did not have testicles, this movie could not have been made.

Thursday, February 10, 10:55:39 PM

Minus 5 stars. yes its that bad. Stupidity in action. Trash

Wednesday, February 9, 10:16:09 AM

Quite simply one of the funniest movies ever made. Hopefully they don't make us wait so long for the next one.

Tuesday, February 8, 12:20:01 PM

I only recall one skit that involved unsuspecting employees at the furniture store. Their reactions made it "okay." All the other vignettes were just among cast members laughing. I really didn't think it was very funny and I was all set to laugh out of my seat. A lot of gross scenes made me wince rather than laugh. A lot of poop, pig-semen eating, and pain without a lot of creativity. I was very disappointed in the movie. I guess the hardcore Jackass fans would love this no matter what they did. I'm amazed anyone would give this more than a star or two.

Friday, February 4, 10:01:55 AM

See it on the biggest screen you can find!

Tuesday, February 1, 11:32:38 PM

I thought we'd never see another jackass, so my excitement was palpable.

Saturday, January 29, 11:15:41 PM

It's the best Jackass ever!

Thursday, January 27, 03:47:13 AM

I hope this isn't the final chapter. The characters are really at their best in this installment.

Wednesday, January 26, 06:54:45 PM

The best yet.