Saturday, October 7, 12:37:33 PM

SRK best acting ever

Saturday, October 7, 12:35:57 PM

Liked everything

Sunday, September 24, 06:24:09 PM

Drama,action,romance,war every thing was there for every taste

Wednesday, September 13, 10:51:15 PM

Great acting by SRK

Tuesday, September 12, 02:19:13 PM

bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutal i can't believe this is what Bollywood has sunk too. Poor story, boring songs, no action. PASS

Sunday, September 10, 05:15:59 PM

It is not for nothing that Forbes declared Shahrukh Khan as the world’s biggest movie star. Jawan is a complete entertainment package that everyone would enjoy.

Sunday, September 10, 05:08:14 PM

What an encore by SRK to Pathan. Dunki will be the biggest grosser ever and will round off 2023 as the “year of the King Khan”

Sunday, September 10, 04:03:40 PM

Really an amazing action thriller film with lot of emotions. Action scenes r awesome in this movie. It's a must watch.

Friday, September 8, 07:52:05 PM

srk keeps getting better with age

Friday, September 8, 07:51:39 PM

deepika was lovely

Friday, September 8, 07:51:10 PM

great story action music go for it

Friday, September 8, 03:40:27 PM

Political agenda, money heist remake