Wednesday, May 3, 01:57:34 PM

BEST Movie! I have seen in theater 3 times, and now have purchased the DVD. Besides the true story line and magnificent acting...I love the message of turning to Jesus instead of false, temporarily dangerous, feel good alternatives. A wake up call to the church as well, as to be more accepting of people who may not look or act like you. "5" STARs all around well balanced movie. Go see it!!!

Friday, April 28, 10:20:59 AM

We need more of this type of movies now. Positive affirming messages: instead of fear, doom & gloom.

Monday, April 17, 04:55:53 PM

Was a teen in this time period. Did not hear a lot about this then. So good to see how God moves amongst us, age, actions, behaviour not an issue. He just shows how much he loves us. Another revelution, awakening is coming!

Sunday, April 16, 04:39:02 PM

Such a well made movie. Love movies based on true life events. Well worth the time to go and watch it.

Thursday, April 13, 08:36:22 PM

Saw it 6 times; it was that good. The acting by everyone was the best ever. Great story. I laughed, cried, and left uplifted.

Monday, April 10, 05:35:50 PM

Loved everything about it.

Saturday, April 8, 11:44:02 PM

It accurately portrays a true event from 50 years ago that is still impacting the world today. God has touched hearts through this movie. Go watch it without preconceived bias (with an open mind) and see if it doesn’t make an impact on you.

Saturday, April 8, 10:48:12 AM

Excellent Movie, Nice to have some Hope with all that's going on in the World. Glad to see the Youth Starting this new Revival or Awakening. As a Christian I believe this is Gods response to all the chaos going on, and he is slow to anger, and is Going to turn this World back to Its Jedeo Christian values. and by using the Youth They can't be stopped. So let the Revolution Explode, and Spread the WORD, as for a Time Such as This. Let the Fire of the HOLY SPIRIT spread like wildfire, AMEN!!.

Friday, April 7, 11:29:41 AM

Brilliant! Everyone should watch this movie. We need God in our lives now more than ever.

Friday, April 7, 09:56:14 AM

The storyline is great, the acting is superb, and many scenes were relatable to me, having grown up in the 70"s. I laughed, I cried, and I left feeling happy because it brought back so many wonderful memories. I've seen it three times and I'm going back for the fourth time. I don't even like going to the movies, so this aught to tell you something

Friday, April 7, 12:00:16 AM

Great story, great cinematography, excellent acting, excellent depiction of the 70's. Impactful and relevant. Would watch again.

Thursday, April 6, 12:17:26 PM

I really liked this movie. I was surprised by the cinematography it was excellent. But more is the impact of the story. According to those who were there the story line is accurate. Excellent acting and Kelsey Grammar captured the tone of the times. Check out the historical setting of the film. This was a very powerful event and it's going on now.

Wednesday, April 5, 10:28:38 PM

This is no where near five stars. It, however, was never boring and you wonder just where this was going with the situation that was created by the "freaks" and certain people ending up with self pride rather than humility. I wonder how it is that a non ordained person could baptize other people in Jesus name? Perhaps someone can explain that to me. I remember the movement in the early seventies and never considered what happened to it. There is an explanation at the end which helped greatly. It was entertaining so I would recommend it if you are a Christian. The acting was solid as well.

Wednesday, April 5, 06:25:29 PM

As high schoolers in the 1970's, my sisters and I went to hear Love Song in the circus tent (which was much bigger than in the movie) committing our lives to Jesus which still guides us all 50 years later. I am eternally grateful to the people so well portrayed in this movie. Honestly done.

Wednesday, April 5, 09:48:15 AM

I went we four other people. Everyone was very encouraged with the presentation

Wednesday, April 5, 04:10:22 AM

The music and that it was based on a true story. I've seen it many times. Truly inspiring. So glad the movie was made. Will buy it on DVD later.

Monday, April 3, 12:05:47 PM

A good synopsis of what happened. Very positive. I was inspired. I went to see it twice. Very relevant for today.

Monday, April 3, 11:11:54 AM

Boring and without character logic and motivations.

Sunday, April 2, 01:49:31 PM

It is so amazing that we have FINALLY gotten a fantastic story line as well as a good WHOLESOME!! movie. Keep up the good work. All the actors were spot on and awesome in their roles. Thank you, thank you!!

Saturday, April 1, 10:35:40 PM

Very real, and touching

Saturday, April 1, 12:06:05 AM

You got to see it! Amazing story that will change your life!

Friday, March 31, 08:10:30 AM

This movie is a true story about Gregg Laurie. It shows how God can use a everyday man or youth to fulfill His purpose. You will not be disappointed. It also shows how well meaning Christians judge people wrongly. You t shows how Gods will prevails!

Thursday, March 30, 10:25:30 PM

A great true story, another outpouring is beginning now!

Thursday, March 30, 04:30:32 PM

I liked it because it was a true story.

Thursday, March 30, 01:03:50 PM

This movie is just what I needed in a time when there is currently such division in our country. History needs to repeat itself and we need to have our own JESUS REVOLUTION! We need to believe in something bigger than ourselves- let Jesus into your heart and souls. He is what matters.

Wednesday, March 29, 09:20:25 PM

I truly enjoyed this movie. I walked out feeling happy and humbled. We need to go back to those days. We need more Jesus in our lives. I highly recommend this movie to everyone!!

Wednesday, March 29, 12:08:30 AM

Loved this movie. Will most likely go see it again. Highly recommend

Tuesday, March 28, 07:43:20 AM

This movie brought an era when people were touched by the LORD himself. The love and peace era was strong back then and the church had went forward with the hippi movement. It was an incredible time and I feel that its time for another harvest to sweep the world by the hand of God. Prophecy bring fulfilled as the LORD spoke. Lets do it!

Tuesday, March 28, 04:37:56 AM

What a powerful movie! Not like many other movies that would have wanted the "hero" to be brought down. Uplifting!

Monday, March 27, 02:55:58 PM

This really happened as told/depicted! Only change, that would make it more accurate; Chuck Smith’s wife was a huge prayer warrior and that was overlooked in the movie.

Sunday, March 26, 08:28:31 PM

Very professional. Great acting. Inspiring.

Saturday, March 25, 11:50:29 PM

Really well done

Saturday, March 25, 07:33:36 PM

Loved the true happenings of the time. Well done also.

Saturday, March 25, 05:51:31 PM

Clean, feel good movie! A must see

Saturday, March 25, 01:01:19 PM

If you’re an atheist you will hate it. If you love Jesus, or want to know more about Jesus, you will most likely love the movie. Based on a true story.

Saturday, March 25, 11:36:05 AM

Pro: Very much like I remember from the days of my youth I was fifteen at the time in Florida. I Received the Lord and now 50 years later serve Him as an anointed one. Praise God, Jesus IS LORD Cons: None

Friday, March 24, 10:05:13 PM

My husband and I really enjoyed this movie. That it is based on a true story made it more enriching. Even if you’re not into Jesus you will be taken back on time to this noted time in history.

Friday, March 24, 06:45:06 PM

Excellent Christian movie, worth seeing... God is calling us with the Holy Spirit. The movie series the chosen is also enlightening to watch. We are looking forward to seeing all the Christian movies.

Friday, March 24, 03:57:21 PM

I love the fact this movie tells the true story in whole. The good and bad of the time. It's very relatable for the ages. You won't leave the same way you came in. It's great to see how the churches came out of this movement and how it moved across the people everywhere. Reminded me of how H God and the Holy Spirit was moving in Ashbury and across the country. It is good to see Greg's story come forth. The hardships he went through but most of all the millions of salvations that came from it. Uou will cry, laugh and feel it in your heart. I cant wait to go see it again and buy it on DVD. Thank you to the producers and actors. We need more movie like this. The Holy Spirit is moving 🙌 I definitely recommend seeing this movie and taking your grandchildren too.

Friday, March 24, 03:37:42 PM

This movie is a true story about people coming to the Lord in an unusual way. It was very touching, heart warming. It can grab you and you can see yourself in the character. It also kinda of brings the word in the Bible forward. I'd recommend it to anyone especially the younger crowd but all would enjoy it.