Thursday, August 9, 10:24:52 PM

The most romantic of all the Saw films.

Friday, March 9, 01:35:16 PM

Best Saw Movie I have ever seen. The traps are incredible and smart and well thought. They are deadly and Jigsaw has came back.

Wednesday, November 22, 06:32:09 PM

BOO 2 was much scarier.

Sunday, November 12, 06:43:32 PM

Terrible, sadistic movie without a plot.

Monday, November 6, 06:39:05 AM

Saw Movies rule horror..!

Sunday, November 5, 06:24:02 AM

great to see saw back

Saturday, November 4, 01:01:00 PM

Boring is not a good thing in a horror film.

Friday, November 3, 09:22:10 PM

weak attempt to capitalize on the success of the saw franchise .A fail in my opinion.

Tuesday, October 31, 02:36:53 PM

Woooo jigsaw

Sunday, October 29, 05:37:16 PM

Such a mindless horror movie with a poor plot. Was hoping for a scare instead came close to a snore.

Saturday, October 28, 06:46:15 AM

The only horror that REALLY scared me...

Saturday, October 28, 01:08:40 AM

Just got back from this movie, loved every second of it. The twist's kept my jaw to the floor. Best Saw movie yet, the reboot was exactly what the franchise needed, makes up for Saw VII which imo was the weakest in the series. Fingers crossed for Jigsaw part 2! Saw fans will not be let down. I had my doubts, but this is now my favorite in the series. Cannot wait to see it again!!!!!

Friday, October 27, 07:47:44 PM

Had a very good story, had a lot of twists and sweet traps . Note: you will get the story more if u see all 7 saw movies more then once.. before u c jigsaw. Loved the movie can't wait for the next one.

Wednesday, April 26, 08:44:22 PM


Wednesday, December 7, 03:49:25 PM

CAN'T WAIT, I LOVE SAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!