Friday, September 27, 11:41:52 PM

excellent must watch for John Wick fans

Thursday, September 19, 02:38:41 PM

One long shooting, slashing, fighting repeat movie. Don't waste your time!

Monday, July 29, 01:35:29 PM

Packed right from the start with incredible action!! Lots of killing though-if that gets to you-but ofcourse if it does you shouldn't be at a Wick movie!

Sunday, July 28, 11:25:24 AM

Plot, chase scenes, unique action sequences. Dogs! And guns... lots of guns!

Tuesday, July 23, 06:18:48 PM

Just outstanding! Wick movies get better with each one!

Sunday, July 21, 07:56:48 PM

Absolutely terrible. Loved the first two. This was a major disappointment. Obviously they were trying to capitalize on the series for more money

Friday, July 19, 11:21:40 AM

can't wait for 4, 5, and 6

Thursday, July 18, 10:56:26 AM

Love the John Wick series - Keanu is perfect as John Wick !!!

Sunday, July 14, 05:06:32 PM

We saw this movie 5 times just Awsumawesome!

Wednesday, July 10, 05:36:25 PM

Don't waste you money on this piece of crap

Monday, July 1, 03:57:54 PM

Wick is the best!

Saturday, June 29, 06:11:04 PM

no real storyline...boring. too much violence. stupid. the one star is for the shepherds...loved them

Friday, June 28, 01:19:58 PM

Wicks movies keep getting better can't wait untill 4 and 5!

Friday, June 28, 11:04:10 AM

Worst of the 3. The dialog was idiotic. But the action was entertaining and you can't help rooting for Mr. Wick.

Wednesday, June 26, 12:39:00 AM

I can't wait for John Wick 4 !!!! Keanu works diligently to perfect his gun and fighting skills and he fits his character perfectly and I liked the addition of Halle and the trained dogs

Monday, June 24, 04:13:04 PM

Basically the same scene over and over. Don't waste your time and money.

Friday, June 21, 06:36:05 PM

I love the John Wick movies!

Friday, June 21, 06:08:49 PM

Action from the first scene to the last scene. If you have followed the series you will not be disappointed. One thing that many do not know is that he trains with firearms and can shoot as well in real life as he does in his movies..look it up on line. I will be back for John Wick #4, and every one if the series continues.

Friday, June 21, 02:03:07 PM

Walked out! Violent, no plot, too much action to follow.

Friday, June 21, 11:10:10 AM


Wednesday, June 19, 09:52:45 PM

Too much action, NO plot or story line. Keanu fought and fought and fought and fought and fought and fought an showed his phony karate skills. If you enjoy this kind of movie, you will be love it.

Monday, June 17, 05:46:56 PM

I love Keanu Reeves. I found the previous movies more interesting. I did appreciate the effort that went into all the fighting choreography, however, as others have stated, too much fighting, not enough story, a bit too graphic at times. I did leave disappointed. Keanu, I also would have liked to see you with a bit shorter hair cut this time. I realize that it is part of your character, but it's John Wick 3. You are a bit older, more mature, and a slight change in hair would have looked better. They could have found a nice balance in shortening the hair without changing the image too much. Halle seems to have the angry, tough woman roles lately. I'd like to see her in a role that shows other sides of her too, other emotions, different character roles. Kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor who moved into raging, angry, screaming characters and stayed there. Maybe its just me, but that's how I've seen Halle lately.

Monday, June 17, 04:26:15 PM

Amazing choreography of fights, creative use of dogs and horses + of course classic gun-fu! My only complaint is that the final fight wasn´t the best from the whole movie. The best was IMHO that part with fighting dogs.

Sunday, June 16, 10:25:38 AM

I loved the other two movies, but HATED this one. Non stop fighting, from beginning until I walked out. Horrific . No story, just fighting, stabbing, eye gouging, shooting.

Saturday, June 15, 10:13:47 AM

It was an endless fight scene basically. There was more fight than story. I was very disappointed as I loved the last two movies. They just want to make another movie for a cash grab. They could have ended this perfectly as a trilogy if they had just cut out some of the fight.

Saturday, June 15, 09:31:22 AM

This surpassed my expectations! Keanu Reeves is just amazing and the action is on a whole new level.

Saturday, June 15, 04:20:09 AM

Awesome I like the John Wick movies. For me it is fantasy. Could do that in real life no. If you don’t like blood or or cuts don’t go but the way they trained for this movie action great betrayal by friends good or bad shows what some would do.

Thursday, June 13, 11:21:42 AM

Endless killing without much story.

Tuesday, June 11, 04:04:11 PM

OMG what a horrible movie! My husband and I walked out after sitting uncomfortably waiting for it to get better, but it never did. I like Keanu, but this movie just didn't cut it. It did not do him justice. If killing, stabbing, shooting, slicing and dicing is your thing, then have at it! totally disgusting and a waste of money. I'm sorry, but I refuse to pretend that this movie was worth watching. I hated it. Can you tell???

Monday, June 10, 05:42:39 AM

If you like this kind of action movie you will enjoy this one..he doesn't have a lot of lines but he sure has a lot of killing and fighting to get through!! Not a dull moment!

Sunday, June 9, 11:42:55 PM

Packed full of action and gun fu awesome and exciting!! Had me sitting at the edge of the seat. Can't wait for John Wick 4!!

Sunday, June 9, 08:57:13 PM

I watched this one twice in the theater. Keanu Reeves and Hally Berry spent 6 months training with live ammunition, and it shows. I wish I didn't have to wait two years for the next one.

Sunday, June 9, 03:42:56 AM

To be a fan of John Wick takes a stretch of person's sense of entertainment and justice. One must enjoy swiftly administered death by a highly capable killer, done justly, as in 'self-defence' or protecting the innocent! I eagerly await John Wick IV. Halle was a sweet bonus!

Saturday, June 8, 03:44:16 PM

I didn’t think I could write a review about a keanu Reeves movie that I did not like. It was too boring, too repetitious, with very little plot. If you see the first 10 minutes it’s only a repeat and downhill after that. I just had to see the gun fu choreography. Now that I know what to expect, I don’t have to see you another one. And that saddens me because I love Keanu!

Saturday, June 8, 12:00:12 PM

Best action movie ever! Cant wait until 4 and 5 come out

Friday, June 7, 11:08:08 PM

At an hour and twenty minutes in I suddenly realized I didn't care about these characters or the plot anymore and left the theater. I won't be watching any more of this franchise - it's just the same thing, over and over.

Thursday, June 6, 04:18:30 PM

Great action and suspense from start to end. The producers are already working on 4 and 5. This should tell you how confident they are these movies are terrific!

Wednesday, June 5, 11:22:37 PM

Keanu as John wick again resets the bar for action, bad@* movies. Fight scenes, driving, acting and shoot out scenes are first class! Love it!

Wednesday, June 5, 09:55:18 PM

not much of a story. Keanu Reaves played his typical role w/ mediocre acting. Non stop killing. I like action, but beyond that, there's not much to this movie. don't pay to see this movie unless you really liked the first two. Wait for it to come out to the public domain (netflix for example).

Tuesday, June 4, 10:26:18 AM

I really like the movie and all the action. The only part I partially didn't think was realistic and I know this is a movie was the end where he was shot about 5 times and thrown over the top of the building and then bounced off steel railing and then hit the ground and lived. Kinda far fetched even for a movie