Saturday, January 4, 01:03:47 PM

Renee Zellweger should get an Academy Award for this. Heart wrenching movie, but very good.

Tuesday, December 31, 02:02:04 PM

It was slow and boring.

Thursday, December 12, 04:09:19 AM

Makes a great double-bill with Mommie Dearest.

Friday, December 6, 12:19:41 PM

Jane Horrocks, who can replicate Judy's voice, ALMOST PERFECTLY, as seen in the film LITTLE VOICE, should have been cast in the lead. "Actors", that elect to disfigure themselves should understand that NOT ALL audiences want to be distracted by their mutilations. It undermines the films momentum, sadly. The film is well made, despite the ODD casting.

Monday, November 11, 12:48:43 PM

Renee Zellweger is always a joy to watch. She is an amazing actress. She really lets you into the abusive world Judy Garland was pushed into as a child, at the expense of her mental sanity. What a talent Judy was despite all the evil abuse of power she was subjected too.

Saturday, November 9, 07:25:50 PM

Excellent movie, excellent cast.

Wednesday, November 6, 01:42:51 PM

A sympathetic review of one of the most talented and ill-fated performers of the 20th century. Outstanding acting by Renee Z, laying claim to her place among the mega stars of Hollywood.

Tuesday, November 5, 08:36:58 PM

4 stars for actress but ver sad.

Sunday, November 3, 04:24:08 AM

8 out of 10 as i rate this first, i really like this movie and glad i finally watch it as Judy is good but sad specially with her talking to her daughter on the phone near the end .....i was looking to see it at tiff Toronto film festival but like these type of movies that go pretty quick,,,,my beef was i wish they showed more of the wizard of oz when she did it then going back and forth, rather than that it was good, i think Renée Zellweger will get this Oscar for her performance she was amazing

Wednesday, October 30, 02:49:55 PM

It was a very emotional movie and Renee Z was outstanding. You come away disliking movie moguls and what they did to kids and women. Resembles what is going on with Harvey Weinstein

Tuesday, October 29, 05:04:54 AM

Myself being a recovering Alcoholic now approaching 14 years I wanted to see this? Excellent portrayal of the later part of Judy garlands life? It dwelled on her addictions later in life and not enough about her early life is my only critique but there was some flash-backs? I was surprised though to hear Rene Zellweger actually sing and not just lip sync Judy Garlands songs as I had expected, all over all 4 stars?

Monday, October 28, 05:09:08 PM

Extraordinary lead actress performance for sure. Very crafty writing about a particular segment of Judy's later life. The visual production also of note. Actually every other acting performance is wonderful as well.

Wednesday, October 23, 11:28:05 AM

The acting was very convincing of Judy Garland life. Renee Zellwinger best Oscar performance for this role.

Tuesday, October 22, 10:53:29 AM

Very good but very sad!

Sunday, October 20, 11:22:42 PM

Reene zellwinger deserves an Oscar! Outstanding!

Saturday, October 19, 10:59:59 PM

Excellent. Renee gave a top performance.

Saturday, October 19, 08:05:15 AM

She should get the Oscar

Thursday, October 17, 12:44:42 PM


Monday, October 14, 11:07:56 PM

Renee Zellweger deserves an oscar nod if not the win for her perfomance of Judy Garland. I had no idea the turbulant life that Judy went through. This movie was very good and very eye opening.

Sunday, October 13, 07:05:42 PM

Great performance by Renee Z.

Saturday, October 12, 01:30:43 PM

A fantastic but tragic story of the life of Judy Garland, detailing her terrible time as a child actress and the emotional, physical and mental abuse by the CEO of MGM and Staff. To include the last few years of her life and with her family and career. Renee Z deserves an Oscar and a Great Cast.

Saturday, October 12, 01:27:00 PM

Loved it!,, a must see!, superb acting by Rene !

Saturday, October 12, 11:40:36 AM

Loved the story. Hollywood needs to make more quality films.

Friday, October 11, 12:32:37 PM

Renée Zellweger Oscar performance!

Thursday, October 10, 10:32:57 PM

Excellent movie! Renee played the role beautifully. She certainly looked like Judy and has her body movements perfected! Oscar worthy,

Thursday, October 10, 02:07:02 PM

I had to keep reminding myself that this was Renee Z

Thursday, October 10, 08:21:43 AM

Renée is excellent! Deserves an Oscar!

Wednesday, October 9, 01:47:54 PM

The whole movie was excellent and Renee deserves an Oscar for her performance.

Wednesday, October 9, 07:38:28 AM

I might even watch the Oscars this year to see this movie and actress win.

Tuesday, October 8, 02:10:03 AM

Anne Hathaway was originally set to star in this and she would have made a more convincing Judy. Never bought Renee as the legendary star.

Tuesday, October 8, 01:15:30 AM

Brilliant performance by Renée - a tasteful biopic of a truly wonderful & talented mother.

Tuesday, October 8, 01:09:10 AM

Brilliant academy-worthy performance by Rene Zellweger! Bring Kleenex.

Monday, October 7, 06:29:12 PM

Loved it....Renee was wonderful!

Monday, October 7, 01:01:41 PM

An Oscar performance by Renee Zellweger, tough shoes to fill. JUDY was a big star and forever will live on from her starlit role in WIZARD IF OZ. Hope to see that on the big screen again. Good movie, sad to see her gone so young.

Monday, October 7, 06:58:24 AM

Watch this movie once and you will never want to see it again.

Sunday, October 6, 11:47:13 AM

Click your heels together all you want, you can't un-see this disturbing mess of a movie.

Saturday, October 5, 10:12:11 PM

Fabulous movie from start to finish, great acting, great story

Saturday, October 5, 08:12:53 PM

Involves you completely emotionally in Judy's story. Renee is terrific. Would enjoy a little more of Judy's music and more of the story about her younger, happier days. If you did not know a lot of her story, you might be lost. Movie assumes that you do. All who went with me loved it. I am glad I saw it.

Saturday, October 5, 07:54:12 PM

Loved this movie! Renee Zellweger was excellent as Judy Garland showing the depth of her personality. Hopefully it wins her an Oscar.

Saturday, October 5, 03:16:57 PM

Zellweger looks more like Judy Davis. A clumsy bio-pic.