Friday, March 24, 12:18:50 PM

Excellent plot and acting. How guilt can cripple a life from progressing, and how to cope with loss, and move on. Great casting of principal and supporting actors. Thanks to Almodovar and his crew.

Thursday, February 9, 11:08:36 AM

Almodovar can represent women so well. Very gripping story of guilt, grief and abandonment. Impressive acting and gorgeous photography. Watch for double lead in youth/older woman main character. I missed it entirely! Film should have got much more attention, unsure why not. So worth seeing, even over big buzz movies.

Thursday, February 2, 03:59:01 PM

A return to form for Almodóvar. This film was great, especially after I'm So Excited which was not very good at all. Fully recommend Julietta. Excellent casting, as usual.

Thursday, January 5, 09:50:23 AM

Great acting and perfect casting of leading actress. Very good story; believable.