Saturday, May 30, 12:49:28 PM

Pretty good. Not as fun as the first one

Saturday, March 28, 12:18:31 AM

Good's something to do right now

Friday, March 20, 05:14:48 PM

OMG. One of the worst films i ever seen.

Monday, March 16, 12:29:15 PM

Loved it. Always laugh at the new Jumanji movies. Great cast.

Tuesday, March 10, 04:44:44 PM

My kids have asked me to go watch it again!

Tuesday, March 10, 12:45:55 PM

This movie was FANTASTIC, funny, great movie theme, excitement! Great character and a couple of new ones. Go see it!!! it is so worth it. The theater is nice and clean, great refreshments, best popcorn around!! Took my 10 year grandson and he LOVED it too!!

Monday, March 2, 11:48:34 PM

It was really good

Monday, March 2, 02:23:46 PM

A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! !

Sunday, March 1, 07:31:34 PM

Meh, it was serviceable I guess. Much more excited about seeing the original KING KONG on the big screen March 15th!

Sunday, March 1, 06:43:13 PM

Great sequel... So funny!

Sunday, March 1, 10:07:41 AM

Good movie

Saturday, February 29, 04:11:35 PM

Omg this was a amazing movie I loved it everyone was laughing alot got to say it has be the best movie of 2019!!!!!

Saturday, February 29, 07:58:15 AM

I love the characters and was pleasantly surprised on how they switched it up and it was pretty funny. Love the actors!

Thursday, February 27, 08:56:02 PM

I laughed out load several times. Nothing disturbing about this movie at all, which was refreshing.

Monday, February 24, 03:07:22 PM

Very creative

Friday, February 21, 01:47:05 PM

Not as good as the previous release, but it did the entertained me. And isn't that why we go to the movies?

Thursday, February 20, 11:00:43 AM

Nice actors/people, but basically all YELLING.

Wednesday, February 19, 12:08:09 AM

Why is this awful movie still playing?

Tuesday, February 18, 07:58:57 PM

only liked ruby roundhouse, spencer, and alex movie was ok.

Tuesday, February 18, 06:47:38 PM

Sadly disappointed

Monday, February 17, 08:20:01 PM

So stupid & foul language.

Thursday, February 13, 05:04:07 PM

This Movie was a pretty good movie. I thought it would be bad because they didn't use the original players, but it was really funny and overall a great movie!

Thursday, February 13, 05:04:06 PM

This Movie was a pretty good movie. I thought it would be bad because they didn't use the original players, but it was really funny and overall a great movie!

Monday, February 10, 10:21:08 PM

Very Funny and entertaining

Monday, February 10, 10:17:02 PM

Bad language

Monday, February 10, 06:47:58 PM

Me and my son personally liked the movie, I like it because it has all these jokes and the idea of adding more to the original Jumanji was great. The things I liked that they added are, A new villain, new goals to do, and how the ending was so great. So overall I would rate this movie a solid 5/5.

Sunday, February 9, 07:56:43 PM

This was just plane awful.

Sunday, February 9, 10:37:13 AM

it was great and entertaining, wish there wasn't the swearing though...

Saturday, February 8, 05:38:47 PM

Last one was better and could have lived without the swearing.

Friday, February 7, 10:17:58 PM

So, so disappointed with this one. I loved the first but this one with the swearing, ruined it for me.

Thursday, February 6, 08:32:01 PM

The story line was convoluted and did not hold interest or attention. To counter these weaknesses, the writers filled the script with needless filthy language and tasteless vulgar scenes. I should have known it when I saw Danny DaVito in the cast. But we usually love the Rock...and loved the last Jumanji production. We were ridiculously disappointed...and frankly, annoyed!

Monday, February 3, 08:25:46 PM

Id be embarrassed if I was either Dwayne or Kevin. I guess some people will do anything for money.

Sunday, February 2, 11:24:09 AM

Dwayne and Kevin are neither suited for these low budget sorry made movies. Why in the world would they agree to take the parts they were given in this ridicules movie?

Saturday, February 1, 09:14:07 PM

I'd be embarrased if I was Dwayne or Kevin.

Saturday, February 1, 07:32:28 PM

Hilarious just as good as the first one

Saturday, February 1, 04:15:18 PM

I enjoyed this one. It was fun to watch these guys.

Friday, January 31, 09:09:19 PM


Friday, January 31, 09:07:41 PM

Enjoyable movie, lots of fun. People who were disappointed...what were you looking for? Not every movie has to be art. I had some laughs, much needed laughs. I will likely buy this when it comes out on dvd.

Friday, January 31, 12:41:34 AM

Glad I had a free voucher to see it...disappointing.

Thursday, January 30, 12:29:41 PM

It was a funny movie!