Sunday, December 15, 08:19:37 PM

A lot of fun, don't take it too seriously, just gi and enjoy the humour and special effects

Sunday, December 15, 06:57:01 PM

I loved this 2cd Jumanji movie!! It was just as good as the first one!! It was unique to have Danny DeVito, and Danny Glover in this version as it added an interesting story line to this movie. The Rock is an all time favourite of mine. Kevin Hart & Jack Black they were both hilarious!! It looks like another movie may come soon in the near future. I hope they keep the 3 Amigoes in it or the movie will NOT be the same without these guys feeding off each other. They all have great chemisty even Karen Gillian did a fabulous job showing girl power whipping the men with her dance moves. This what we all needed during the stressful holidays to have a good laugh, and laugh we did!!!

Saturday, December 14, 11:26:08 PM

Why are these movies targeted at children and have filthy language and extremely crude jokes? It even has 7 instances of GD.

Saturday, December 14, 07:20:47 PM

It was awesome, jack black, dwayne and kevin nailed it.

Saturday, December 14, 02:43:27 PM


Saturday, December 14, 02:28:17 PM

Funny, laugh out loud funny, fast moving and definitely the next level A wild ride on the fun side. Plenty of action with surprise. Kevin Hart was so funny as usual

Friday, December 13, 11:39:00 PM

entertaining, funny. Keeps you on your toes during character changes.

Friday, December 13, 10:35:23 PM

Not as good as the first, but still a fun, entertaining film

Friday, December 13, 02:30:47 PM

Loved it (seen all 3 Jumanji)! Funny and cleverly entertaining, Jack Black is tops again yet Kevin Hart and Johnson did an excellent job mimicking DeVito and Glover. To the critics - get over yourself! This is not an Oscar contender, it's simply a film to make people laugh and forget reality, and to that end succeeds. A fine sequel and hope they produce another one.

Friday, December 13, 12:05:30 PM

Why do people rate movies they haven't seen?? This is a great movie with lots of action.

Thursday, December 12, 09:38:30 PM

Great action scenes, to me movie seemed to flow along without any drags or filler scenes. I plan on watching it again.

Thursday, December 12, 08:11:53 PM

Absolutely great movie!

Thursday, December 12, 04:15:21 AM

Another sequel we don't need.

Wednesday, October 2, 03:23:23 AM

i assume the movie will be good i watched part 1, very interesting excited for this movie

Sunday, August 25, 09:57:25 PM

i liked it the rock is in it and kevin heart. i know it will be funny. i have the frist movie. can not wait till this one comes out...