Thursday, May 10, 10:00:53 PM

This is a great movie for the whole family... You wont be disappointed in it

Monday, April 2, 09:57:54 PM

It was good movie, but did not surpass first movie wich was excellent and funny. Not saying this one was horrible, but it seemed to me as we were watching a trailer for a game or something. First one is hard to beat....

Monday, April 2, 02:49:05 AM

It was a lot better then first one it was so funny good job on movie

Sunday, March 25, 01:41:24 PM

BIG FUN! It's a like 1 1/2 hours of being on a ferris wheel.

Wednesday, March 21, 12:49:02 AM

A contemporary action comedy that takes a great cast and weaves a fun taie with action, twists and turns to a funny, warm ending. Good family film indeed !!!

Monday, March 19, 01:00:15 PM

For what the movie is, it was well done. The actors really played their characters well and developed them so the audience could easily follow. Very entertaining and funny. Loved it. But each to their own as my wife didn’t like it (although she was tired when we went). Would recommend.

Saturday, March 17, 08:01:22 PM


Saturday, March 17, 07:04:01 PM

I only expected basic entertainment but this movie far exceeded my expectations!!! Such an enjoyable movie for the family!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 04:30:02 PM

Loved it, I was so.... glued to the screen. I watched it twice.

Sunday, March 11, 10:55:53 PM

Okay movie but I love that they had a really hot girl in a skimpy outfit the whole time. Nice!

Sunday, March 11, 05:42:54 PM

very funny. Jack Black gives a fun look at perception and attitude. I left understanding why 'gaming'? I'm not a gamer but saw a modicum of value after Jumanji.

Sunday, March 11, 02:28:36 PM

honestly the best movie i ever watched

Friday, March 9, 04:51:43 PM

this movie is very funny and very exiting. I would definitely want to see this movie. Great for all ages. Best movie of the whole jumanji series for sure!

Thursday, March 8, 06:43:23 PM

Funny and entertaining. All round great cast.

Wednesday, March 7, 10:30:33 AM

Love that the girl is so strong and kick-ass. Hate that they put her in skimpy clothing the whole time.

Wednesday, March 7, 08:53:21 AM

I was surprised by how much i enjoyed this movie. I really don't like kevin harts comedy, but he was good in this movie. Jack Black as well. I liked how they explained why it was now a video game and not a board game and how paid homage to Robin Williams. The only part that i felt was lacking was the villan. KInd of an odd choice for the actor.

Tuesday, March 6, 03:51:42 PM

it was ok but not a four star.

Sunday, March 4, 03:37:59 PM

Loved it!! Best movie of the year!🔥

Sunday, March 4, 02:14:32 PM

The excitement!!!!! It was hilarious!!!!! And adventurous!!!! I love it!!!!

Friday, March 2, 11:49:17 AM


Wednesday, February 28, 03:51:09 PM


Tuesday, February 27, 07:21:08 PM

Light hearted, cheesy and occasionally funny. Good for cheap ticket Tuesdays.

Monday, February 26, 08:42:46 AM

Nothing to dislike. We loved it. Funny and an enjoyment to watch. Never a dull moment. We would buy it when released. Storyline excellent.

Sunday, February 25, 11:36:11 PM

Not that funny. It was an okay movie but the humor was mostly juvenile. Good for teens maybe.

Tuesday, February 20, 10:21:11 PM

TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 19, 09:43:05 PM


Monday, February 19, 09:25:49 PM

It was super funny and Kevin Hart is awesome.

Monday, February 19, 09:02:24 PM

Cheesy and boring . Might even be Inappropriate for some young kids. Some jokes are geared towards adults so some of the youngsters might not catch on. Devil in disguise I guess

Sunday, February 18, 11:08:01 AM

loved all of it!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 11:01:14 PM


Thursday, February 15, 06:56:42 PM

Very funny! Excellent acting!

Saturday, February 10, 07:32:43 AM

Everything from the story line,actors and actresses to visual was a great experience,as enjoyable as the first Jumanji. Well done

Saturday, February 10, 04:47:32 AM

Bring your Kleenex. Karen Gillan is really hot.

Friday, February 9, 05:44:33 PM


Friday, February 9, 12:49:17 PM

I was surprised that nick Jonas in it am totally in love with him

Thursday, February 8, 05:12:10 PM

High degree of humor. Not similar to the original but fits in perfectly.

Tuesday, February 6, 07:53:57 PM


Wednesday, January 31, 01:09:03 AM

Just came back from seeing this movie in 3D, it was hilarious. I have already been a fan of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Nick Jonas, and I had seen Karen Gillian in Guardians Of the galaxy, but I wouldn't have said that I was her fan, but this movie changed that, she was kickass in this movie. This movie was a hilarious laugh riot from beginning to end, especially the scene where they are teaching betthany(Jack black in the game) how to use a penis. I usually don't laugh at dick jokes, but I gotta admit that was one hilarious dick joke. As for the director, I can't believe that his previous film was 2014s Sex Tape, I mean, how could he have even thought to direct that movie instead of something like this, this is more of his type of film. This is my new favorite comedy film now, in a way this movie was kinda like The Breakfast Club for the current generation.

Monday, January 29, 03:03:54 PM

I loved this movie seen it twice, unlike the first one with Robin that was kinda creepy, this one was sooooo much fun. Excellent would highly recommend it

Sunday, January 28, 06:25:46 PM

This movie was very good. The cast was great.