Friday, March 13, 10:20:51 PM

Absolutely awesome!!

Tuesday, February 18, 05:36:16 AM

it was wondwerful

Wednesday, February 12, 09:50:54 PM

Excellent movie, so very interesting and very well acted.

Tuesday, February 11, 01:26:39 AM

I'm an inveterate movie goer and can truthfully say that "Just Mercy" is probably the best overall movie that I have ever attended. It is rich in its reality and so well directed and presented that I give it this high rating. It's a learning experience. iIt's a must see movie.

Saturday, February 8, 12:50:12 PM

Absolutely excellent. Best movie in a long time.

Saturday, February 8, 09:20:03 AM

This is not just another good movie - it is an EXPERIENCE. Be prepared to feel every emotion from joy to sadness and everything in between. Will go down as one of the most significant movies ever.

Saturday, February 1, 11:54:53 AM

Loved this movie from start to finish.

Saturday, February 1, 10:54:46 AM

An excellent movie. The best I have seen in the past year.

Friday, January 31, 01:43:43 PM

Everyone should see this movie especially the youth

Thursday, January 30, 09:35:23 PM


Monday, January 27, 08:45:45 PM

Everyone should see this movie. An excellent teaching moment

Monday, January 27, 06:41:17 PM

Having lived in the Deep South in the late sixties, the movie really resonated. I think it is an important well told story and a first rate film. Credit goes to a screenplay that was not overdone and yet unflinching in its portrayal of the injustices done to death row inmates who were primarily black. That the film is based on actual events is all the more significant and is an important commentary on the importance of fair trials and the need for just outcomes. Great cast led by Jamie Foxx.

Monday, January 27, 04:04:48 PM

Very good acting and terrific story!

Monday, January 27, 11:06:55 AM

"Just Mercy," is a movie that captivated my attention. It is a truth that pains, yet, a truth that needs to be recognized and remembered. The movie reminded me of the lives that were sacrificed for justice. It also reminds me of the courageous men and women who fought for justice and who prevailed in their effort. "Just Mercy" deserves the attention and recognition of the Oscar for best picture in 2020!

Sunday, January 26, 08:33:45 PM

I know the movie which, based on a true story... but it is kind of unbelievable that a Harvard law grad would work pro bono cases for a living. Especially right out of college when students are facing huge student loan debts. I think the movie story tellers could have fill-in some drama in order to fill this gaping hole in the reality aspect, to make the story better. Also, the defence team basically tanked at the end of the movie giving Michael B. Jordan's character an EASY win. This may have been how the case played out in real life but it really lacked the Hollywood drama that is expected in movies which have such a premiere cast. Expected more.

Sunday, January 26, 05:47:52 PM

Just an old fashioned great movie, superb acting and intelligent

Saturday, January 25, 10:15:51 PM

Fantastic Oscar material!

Saturday, January 25, 07:12:57 PM

I see most movies that are not animated. Best movie in a very long time. Sickening these types of movies are based on true stories. Should never happen to anyone. I would be disappointed if no academy awards are given to this. Great acting by everyone.

Saturday, January 25, 02:44:54 PM

Yet another movie with a politically motivated agenda exercising sanctioned hate and bigotry while claiming others are doing the same.

Wednesday, January 22, 10:41:36 PM

If I could give it a 10 I would. Best movie, best actors. So glad I got to see it.

Wednesday, January 22, 08:14:36 AM

Everyone should see this movie. Outstanding.

Tuesday, January 21, 07:27:46 PM

Great movie,good acting,it's amazing these things are still happening in the good old USA

Monday, January 20, 07:34:19 PM

excellent !!!

Monday, January 20, 02:46:52 PM

Great emotional tense movie show what happened then is happening today

Saturday, January 18, 11:37:52 PM

I went to this movie based on all the positive reviews. Although it's a good story, the movie itself was somewhat cheesy and over-dramatized. I've seen this same kind of story in many movies before. It actually would have been much better as a documentary.

Saturday, January 18, 08:56:31 PM

Great movie, great actors, great story that open our eyes and heart !!!

Saturday, January 18, 06:54:52 PM

Sad story....excellent movie!

Saturday, January 18, 08:06:22 AM

Good movie that we all need to see.

Friday, January 17, 10:31:45 PM

Great movie which allows the viewer to see the injustices of law. Few people have the conviction to stand up for the disadvantaged, should be shown in schools. Enough of the PSA, a solid movie and you know it's good when you don't hear a whisper from anyone in the theatre.

Friday, January 17, 05:16:26 AM

Absolutely, a great movie!!

Thursday, January 16, 12:26:55 PM

Excellent movie. God bless the lawyer and everyone else like him today. Racism is simply stupid since our only difference is colour.

Wednesday, January 15, 10:19:06 PM

Give this movie based on a true story an OSCAR for best picture & the main actors. It was an amazing & heartbreaking movie

Wednesday, January 15, 10:15:40 PM

It was so realistic to the innocents of being lied & lack of evidence to being placed in death row. Just because you're of low income & black. There is too much bigotry & hatred in the Deep South. They need the FBI to take a good look at the police force down there. I cried when through trials & tribulations was finally set free. What a remarkable lawyer for standing up for the innocent victims. May he Rest In Peace for all the good he has done for his follow man. And all those men & women who continue to fight & never give up. You are wonderful keep up the good work

Wednesday, January 15, 08:33:43 PM

This was a fantastic movie and I love the fact it's based on a true story! The casting was excellent, the actors did a great job of bringing this story to life, and the time just flew by as it captivated me from beginning to end. I find it truly shocking that people continue to be treated like that, even in modern times. Anyone with a heart can expect to get emotional in parts, but when it's over you'll be very glad you saw it. I highly recommend it !!!

Wednesday, January 15, 07:55:45 PM

Rivetting movie, a must see.

Wednesday, January 15, 05:45:36 PM

Factual. In your face racism. Thank God this man was finally free. Must see

Wednesday, January 15, 09:49:23 AM

So honestly frightening that our world can be so self-serving and blind. Fantastic acting. Totally captured my emotions.

Tuesday, January 14, 08:55:25 PM

Great movie! I couldn't help but cry during the movie. This is a must-see true story. I would like to see schools, church groups, civic clubs and community groups, etc. see this movie.

Tuesday, January 14, 08:37:52 PM

This is a must see movie. The acting is beautiful. Based on a true story of the wrongfully accused in the deep south, and yet in our times, 1987. Its hard to believe that this is still happening, and thank God for the courageous young black lawyer that took the cause and has built a fair charitable justice organization as a result. These are stories worth telling, these are stories worth seeing. This is Oscar worthy entertainment.

Tuesday, January 14, 07:39:29 PM

Just Mercy is an OUTSTANDING portrayal of speaking TRUTH to POWER. Bryan Stevenson’s iconic VISION to use his HARVARD law degree to raise critical, courageous questions which address the bigotry of INHUMANE and illegal judicial practices heaped strongly upon the impoverished. Stevenson’s premise consistently shows the violated criminal proceedings and snatches credibility when he frames the legal parameters around Courageous legal briefs, petitions and motions. PERHAPS more profound than the RIGHT to LIVE Bryan raises the question: Does the judicial system have the RIGHT to KILL?!