Tuesday, November 28, 02:56:41 PM

Nope. Never going to see any future installments of this now dead franchise.

Tuesday, November 28, 02:55:21 PM

I saw the movie and then checked reviews. Big mistake. Every serious movie critic rated this 1 out of four or five stars. If I had read those reviews instead of the obvious one line spambots patrolling this review section, I would not of lost an evening of valuable time. It is not a five star movie. it is not amazing. It is pitiful and weak for a budget of over 300 million. It's not even a good independent film.

Tuesday, November 28, 02:50:30 PM

The movie is as gloomy as the poster. Sorry I wasted date night on this one. I have one evening to go out, I can do without the social lectures as well.

Tuesday, November 28, 02:48:04 PM

Cyborg man will never have a movie. Flash movie has been put on the back birner, Jason Momoa has been told he will never portray Aquaman in another movie, and Ben Affleck has been removed as portraying Batman in any future movies. That's how good this movie is. When i went to see it, I was not expecting a great movie, a good movie, or in fact anything at all, I kept my mind open, and hoped for at least a good popcorn flick. I have no idea was this movie was released other than, it was almost Christmas and somebody needed to make a few dollars to buy gifts. Don't waste your money on this one. Don't gift it as a DVD to people you like, and when you soon see it on Netflix, have a second choice readily available.

Tuesday, November 28, 07:50:58 AM

I want to add my 2 cents, Thor sucks and this movie rocks!

Tuesday, November 28, 03:49:11 AM

I just wanted to add my two cents. I saw the movie. It was quite weak and seemed disjointed. I speak for both my wife and I when I say, this is best directed at prepubescent teens. An adult mind will find it rather boring.The children seemed not to mind it much but they never talked about it afterwards or cared to go again. That's all I have to say, thank you.

Tuesday, November 28, 03:42:35 AM

I went to see Thor and it was great, Riding a movie high, I decided to do twofer in the same evening. Like getting a ticket while riding in a funeral parade kinda bad. Ruined the evening and cost me some sleep as well.

Monday, November 27, 03:04:31 AM

great fun film, interesting cast, I loved it

Monday, November 27, 01:01:18 AM

I thought it was awesome , good story, best super hero movie so far

Monday, November 27, 12:44:50 AM

I'm not a big super hero movie person, but I actually liked this one. Interesting new characters. I liked it way more than Thor.

Sunday, November 26, 01:58:16 AM

68 percent like it enough said

Sunday, November 26, 01:12:14 AM

amazing movie! not sure what the critics watched, but this movie was fantastic!

Saturday, November 25, 09:49:49 PM

I saw the movie 5 times and AWESOME

Saturday, November 25, 09:35:46 PM


Saturday, November 25, 04:52:13 PM

The abbreviation DC stands for Da Capo. That's Italian meaning go back to the drawing board and try this again. Drop mic.

Saturday, November 25, 04:49:44 PM

Flash, and your money is gone. Maybe if they cast Momoa as Aqua Velvet man instead? I don't quite know how to tell you this movie is bad than to tell you to go to the other movie review sites and verify my claim. it's bad.Really bad. Really, really bad, and to top it off, even the popcorn tasted crappy.

Saturday, November 25, 04:45:53 PM

Should have just made a Wonder woman sequel and CGI the rest. Quite possibly the worst comic book adaptation since Richie Rich. I wish I could find something redeeming cause I grew up reading the books, but there's nothing. So my advice, is under no circumstances go see this movie. It costs a lot of money for this time of year, and you won't walk out feeling like you got you money's worth.

Saturday, November 25, 04:42:38 PM

If you're a fan of superhero movies you'll be disappointed. If your kids are driving you crazy and you've been locked in a house for six months, and you're only allowed to read cereal boxes in between your chores well then, you'll have a great time.

Saturday, November 25, 04:25:19 PM

No, you won't feel better, or feel like it was time not wasted, or even getting decent entertainment for your dollar. You will feel poorer, wasted your time, and abused as consumer. Bad script, directing, and casting. Aside from Wonder Woman, these characters will never b seen in the role in another DC movie. i recommend viewing other sites as well to get a feel for the movie. The ratings from critics everywhere is from fair to horrific. The fair ratings are the usual shill and the horrific is the other 90%. A 300 million dollar production where you only see a quarter of the money on the screen. There will not be a sequel until they recast, rewrite, and get an entire new production staff and allow some time for people to forget this abomination.

Saturday, November 25, 02:07:43 PM

Who goes to a comic movie for the story? If you don't know their back story by now, you aren't a real fan. Plus gal gadot is hawt hawt hawt haaaaaaaaawt

Saturday, November 25, 11:59:32 AM

Yeah, Super-fun DC comic characters come to life on the BIG screen & right in your face! HA! However, unlike the MCU, these filmmakers seem to cramp & jam everything into the 2-hour time frame; in other words instead of telling you what would happen at the end of movie(s) like the MCU, they did not bother mention anything else about Darkseid?? Or perhaps bring Green Lantern back to life??... No explanations at all??

Saturday, November 25, 11:32:54 AM

Fantastic movie. Don't listen to the poor reviews go see for yourself!!

Saturday, November 25, 09:09:07 AM

Best superhero movie of all time. MUST SEE.

Saturday, November 25, 03:12:59 AM

Great movie, adaptation from comics. Great action mixed with a little and comedy .

Saturday, November 25, 03:12:58 AM

Great movie, adaptation from comics. Great action mixed with a little and comedy .

Friday, November 24, 10:31:04 PM

Can the the troll who keeps writing garbage get a life. This movie was great, better than anything marvel. Plus marvel has zero hot chicks like Amy Adams or gal gadot

Friday, November 24, 09:19:57 PM

This movie was a blast. Good pace. Enough action and team building combined. Wished it was longer. Looking forward to what's next.

Friday, November 24, 08:50:46 PM

Great movie. The critics who gave the movie a poor review show once again they dont know crap.

Friday, November 24, 08:42:01 PM

Not a good movie at all. This movie is pathetic and terrible. Complete waste of money. Very sad by this movie thought it would be better but in the end I realized that this was a terrible movie and I should not have wasted my time. Done with DC. Sticking to marvel because they put time into their movies.

Friday, November 24, 07:53:26 PM

This is a great movie. I have been waiting my entire life for a Justice League movie and this one did not disappoint. Not sure why the critics are panning this one however I learned a long time ago to make up my own mind.

Friday, November 24, 05:21:48 PM

Stay away from this movie. GARBAGE

Thursday, November 23, 10:11:45 PM

LOVED IT , GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thursday, November 23, 09:45:57 PM

DC is making a comeback really yeah I think not. Absolutely pure garbage. I don’t make my opinion off of rotten tomatoes. I made this based on my own opinion thank you very much. Plot is boring just like suicide squad and wonder garbage. DC is in the whole right now and they will not get out anytime soon. Suck it DC because marvel rules and DC drools. Marvel is a fan of mine now. I never saw movies this way dc verses marvel but I do now since dc is terrible

Thursday, November 23, 09:36:21 PM

Average. It has it's moments. Other times it's just hokey. The animated series is much better.

Thursday, November 23, 02:36:33 PM

Great movie!

Thursday, November 23, 12:04:35 PM

Loved it! I did not like Batman vs. Superman or the wonder woman movie but I love this one. DC is making a comeback!

Wednesday, November 22, 11:49:12 PM

People who base an opinion off rotten tomatoes are sheep. This movie was fun, exciting, and gal is beautiful

Wednesday, November 22, 10:46:37 PM


Wednesday, November 22, 10:43:42 PM

Wow great movie but the following would have made it even better. Superman needed more time in the movie. His parts were short and few. Wonder Woman also needed a lot more longer action parts. Flash needed to be an older more mature adult that took his part to be more serious. Aquaman needed to be more of a team player. His part could have been ommited. Cyborg's part really could have been omitted as well. Batman was great but I wish he and Superman got along. I can't wait for the upcoming Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Batman movies.

Wednesday, November 22, 08:51:07 PM

Absolute garbage. What a waste of a good franchise.