Thursday, November 23, 02:36:33 PM

Great movie!

Thursday, November 23, 12:04:35 PM

Loved it! I did not like Batman vs. Superman or the wonder woman movie but I love this one. DC is making a comeback!

Wednesday, November 22, 10:46:37 PM


Wednesday, November 22, 10:43:42 PM

Wow great movie but the following would have made it even better. Superman needed more time in the movie. His parts were short and few. Wonder Woman also needed a lot more longer action parts. Flash needed to be an older more mature adult that took his part to be more serious. Aquaman needed to be more of a team player. His part could have been ommited. Cyborg's part really could have been omitted as well. Batman was great but I wish he and Superman got along. I can't wait for the upcoming Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Batman movies.

Wednesday, November 22, 08:51:07 PM

Absolute garbage. What a waste of a good franchise.

Wednesday, November 22, 07:20:43 PM

Good plot and enjoyable for everyone. Yeah right maybe for babies. This movie is trash and will never watch again ever. Zack Snyder has to go. Someone else should make dc movies. Aquaman and the flash solo movies. No way. Don’t listen to these pathetic reviews. There is better movies out there like Thore. Thore was fantastic and I would watch that again but this movie should be kicked out of theatres. It is that bad.

Wednesday, November 22, 03:04:18 PM

This was a very good movie, it is a movie for the fans and that is all that matters. I don't care if the critics didn't like it, it delivers what most of us wanted. It does have a good plot, although I do think that it was rushed in certain places when introducing the new characters but that doesn't really matter. My favourite characters were Aquaman and Flash. I hope that we will see more of these characters in their solo movies such as the Flashpoint and Aquaman movies. All in all it was an enjoyment all around and I plan on seeing it again!!

Wednesday, November 22, 12:18:31 PM

A great beginning! The movie has something for everyone, and wasn't trying to be way over the top funny like Marvel. Appreciate the background scenes which made it look like the film jumped off the pages of a comic book. Cannot wait to see the solo Aquaman movie.

Wednesday, November 22, 11:49:23 AM

The most realistic comic book movie yet made.

Wednesday, November 22, 07:36:38 AM

good movie with lots going on. Wonder women stole the show.....

Tuesday, November 21, 11:43:17 PM

Amazing movie

Tuesday, November 21, 11:03:51 PM


Tuesday, November 21, 09:27:10 PM

I just went to see this movie and I read all the reviews before I went and when I started watching action was not bad at the start and then it got stale real fast so I walked out and got a full refund into about half an hour into the movie. Glad I didn’t have to pay a cent for this garbage. Done with DC. Marvel fan now

Tuesday, November 21, 09:23:45 PM

Good story and great battles. Really what happened to the boxes at the end of the movie. If it was such a good plot why did it have holes in it unanswered. Terrible. Don’t waste your time and money. Not much action just mostly watching Batman and wonder garbage get the team together to take out the bad guy. Go see third instead so much better or go see daddy’s home 2. That was really good too

Tuesday, November 21, 09:06:02 PM

It is one of my favorite movies of dc comics

Tuesday, November 21, 08:45:26 PM

Good story. Great battles

Tuesday, November 21, 08:41:11 PM

Loved it...good entertainment....

Tuesday, November 21, 07:59:46 PM

This is better than Thor, really. I think not. This is worse then thor at least marvel can make a good movie unlike DC. They can’t at all. Plot was terrible and acting wasn’t that great. Don’t listen to these positive reviews. They should give this movie a 1 star like I do. Will not support DC anymore. It is a war now between DC and marvel. I support Marvel.

Tuesday, November 21, 06:55:31 PM

This was a pretty good movie. Lots of action, plot was good, won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen it. However, Gal’s acting skills are limited to giving really stern glares. The other actors were great. This is indeed better than Thor.

Tuesday, November 21, 03:35:40 PM

those giving bad ratings, keep in mind that if it wasn't for Zack Snyder, we would of never gotten the Superman, Wonder Woman costume and action that we're seeing today! Bravo to Zack for bringing these characters to life, and they look amazing. Movie wasn't that bad, it was awesome. Sure the Marvel movies are funnier, who cares. I think the majority expect too much out of these DC movies. Its not meant for just adults here! family and youth has well.

Tuesday, November 21, 03:28:52 PM

the movie should have been 3 hours long, can never get bored watching this :). I think they remove too much of Zack footage, but turn out to be good except a few scenes where it was cut too short. So don't have a low rating just because of lack of scenes or acting, like c'mon, the action is awesome and if you love any of these characters, you will enjoy it. I'm 38 years old and this movie ROCKS!! suitable for all ages 10+

Tuesday, November 21, 02:32:58 PM

This movie was great. Of course all movies have their flaws but this movie was exciting, good paced and had some great humour. I especially loved the Flash and his naïveté. He fit in nicely with the story. The return of Superman was just that, super. The other characters were awesome and I love Gal Gadot like everyone else. Watch until the end of the credits. Great way to spend 119 minutes. If you didn't like this movie, kiss ass!!

Tuesday, November 21, 02:10:41 PM


Tuesday, November 21, 12:31:38 PM

Movie was great!

Tuesday, November 21, 11:43:03 AM

Better than Thor... at least this one the characters are not so out of character that you can turn your brain off and be entertained. I didn't care that the horn helmet bad guy - who looked a lot like the horn helmet bad guy from Thor - was weak and prone to monologues - like the guy in Thor. Didn't care that there were huge gaps in the story. Loved the fact Batman showed his age and some vulnerability. WW was great, Cyborg and Superman could have done everything themselves. Flash was a whiny little B*, Mamoa as Aquaman was very good but in the end all he did was sound tough, look good and provide set up lines for Batman. Overall it was better than expected. Have to ask how one Amazon can kick butt when 100's can't... hmmm.

Monday, November 20, 10:41:38 PM

SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 10:18:02 PM

for the record I luv both marvel and dc comics collected both when I was young, for the record l like superman, batman and wonder women but I would hate to agree with the dc haters on this as one movie critic says it a big giant mess as I saw it today at the Imax, it was done wrong in so many ways that I forgot about the Imax experience as it was hard to pull out the good stuff when their was so many bad things happening, lame main villain, hated the over kill effects when their was any action and it was disgusting how they brought superman back to life and the plot was lame too, disappointing to say the lest and that a shame as dc should of took a page out of the marvel book to learn how to make something good, the only dc hero's films I like is superman 1978, superman 2 1980, Christopher Nolan batman saga and wonder women, no more zack movies please...... Justice League two and half stars

Monday, November 20, 08:14:53 PM

I did enjoy DC but I agree Zack Snyder has to stop and get someone else to take over the dc movies. Maybe they will get better. Heck let Christopher Nolan make the movies. I bet those will be good

Monday, November 20, 06:56:51 PM

Anyone that liked this movie is a dc fanboy that is only wishing it was any good. Nothing but crap. Go back and hire the guy that did the Batman trilogy and Patty Jenkins and maybe the crap will stop. Crap Snyder needs to stop.

Monday, November 20, 05:52:40 PM

You think the movie was good. Well I know this movie is garbage. I couldn’t name one thing that is good about it. I want my money back. Bad plot and you are left with questions in unanswered like what happened to the boxes at the end. Why bring superman back. Why did the boss suck. Why is there no back story for any of the characters. There is one answer to this I am a marvel fan. They would not leave us hanging and create a boss that is terrible. Waste of time. Good bye DC until you smarten up which probably won’t happen

Monday, November 20, 05:10:47 PM

The Netflix user same lady. lol I think the movie was amazing.

Monday, November 20, 04:01:12 PM

All the nay sayers please stay home and watch reruns of what ever you approve of. Great movie with lots of action.

Monday, November 20, 12:31:36 PM

Don’t listen to the review under this one that practically raved about this movie. Terrible. Slow plot and the characters are terrible. The boss was garbage. BVS was good but I had low expectations for this one and it still didn’t meet expectations. Sad. It was that bad. I agree with the one review that this should have skipped theatres and gone straight to Netflix and DVD

Monday, November 20, 12:11:46 PM

Don't believe what people say, they are truly not a moviegoer or super hero fan. Shame on them. No movies is perfect, but this is entertaining, never got bored. I love this movie so much, can't wait to buy it on blu ray. If you want to see bad movies, watch ghost rider 2, now that was bad. If you follow the story of this movie, what Zack Snyder did and what Josh did, and the story explanations (comics), you would understand more. I hate people who are so negative. Trust me, go see it, you wont be disappointed.

Monday, November 20, 11:17:14 AM

People who walk out of movies make me laugh.

Monday, November 20, 07:10:55 AM

If you let Rotten Tomatoes make decisions for you on what movie to see you will miss many good movies. I find to be a better measure. Justice League was fun and filled with good action. The characters had good chemistry together and the movie moved at a brisk pace. I really enjoyed it but then I like BvS as well so what do I know?

Monday, November 20, 12:13:58 AM

wonder woman was really good. the rest of the movie was not.

Sunday, November 19, 11:24:25 PM


Sunday, November 19, 11:21:40 PM

Was a fan of DC and Marvel but now I am officially a hater of DC. Needs a better director that is true but this movie is still trash in my books. The DC characters need a back story. DC is supposed to be dark I get that but this is just stupid. This movie is meant for teenagers. Not for adults. You will hate it as much as I do and will forever. Until DC smartens up I will not watch there movies ever again. How they brought superman back is pathetic. Movie makes no sense and is all over the place. Sad. MARVEL is still king and it will always be king in my books. They at least know how to bring comic books to the big screen unlike DC

Sunday, November 19, 09:42:50 PM

It was a great movie...........the critics are idiots. WW is amazingly sexy.