Friday, November 17, 12:24:10 PM

From a DC Fan eyes, it was epic. Yes the CGI needs tweaks. The only other issue is we need alien villains in their proper coloured armour from new 52. But this movie is far far better than MOS and BVS. Color grading looks better . Team dynamics was great and there were so many epic superhero moments until the last two end credits. Loved everyone in the film. Finally, DC is on track. This Superman is not the Superman from BVS and MOS, but its the heroic, optimistic superman with bright coloured costume, the Superman true fans were waiting since superman returns for all these years. Thank you, DC and WB for giving us our dream movie.

Friday, November 17, 12:18:36 PM

You may need to be a little off to like this piece of garbage, It could possibly be worse than Cat woman LOL!!!!

Friday, November 17, 10:56:17 AM

I like the movie. Don’t trust the previous posts. The movie was fantastic.

Friday, November 17, 03:04:28 AM

This is the beginning of the Justice League...great movie. Go watch it!!

Thursday, November 16, 09:49:58 PM

I have to say I loved the show... Fun and action and funny moments... Definitely happy I didn't go with negative critics

Thursday, November 16, 09:27:52 PM


Thursday, November 16, 09:05:16 PM

Love this movie.....Ezra Miler did a great job as The Flash

Thursday, November 16, 05:07:05 PM

The movie is really good. It worths seeing it.

Thursday, November 16, 04:09:11 PM

don't listen to any one just go and watch it for your self , this movie is the best so far ,looking forward for more movies to come , we'll done WB

Thursday, November 16, 04:02:31 PM

It was a great movie but i thought it was just funny how the flash runs

Thursday, November 16, 01:45:00 PM

Awesome movie! Lots of action throughout. Would have liked to see more story. However, it did not disappoint.

Thursday, November 16, 12:39:43 PM

Though lacking cohesion and sexist in its oversexualisation of Wonder Woman, a character that had translated so well to the big screen thanks to a Patty Jenkins movie not meant to appeal to boys' pulsion, Justice League seems to mean that DC movies finally understand that moviegoers like to have fun.

Thursday, November 16, 11:53:19 AM

Movie was good although it felt like it could have been a lot more. Some of the dialogue felt artificial. The supporting characters all worked well as Aquaman seemed a lot more entertaining than I would have thought, Flash had some good comic relief moments, and Cyborg had a back story that has me wanting to know more about the character.

Thursday, November 16, 11:46:12 AM

Loved it!

Thursday, November 16, 11:35:15 AM

I liked it. In the movie the characters were funny.

Thursday, November 16, 10:26:52 AM

A good, not great, superhero movie. Some excellent action scenes for the big screen.

Thursday, November 16, 10:20:13 AM

I was entertained. Two hours of jam pack entertainment. It has a lean and light tone. The new characters added a lot to the movie and maybe even steal the show. Some of the movie seemed rushed to fit it in the 2 hr time limit but it did move along at break neck speed. Even too fast if you didn’t know the backstory from the comics. Steppenwolf was an adequate villain. All in all the franchise looks strong.

Thursday, November 16, 10:07:54 AM


Thursday, November 16, 10:02:19 AM


Thursday, November 16, 09:47:46 AM

Great action scenes

Thursday, November 16, 09:21:04 AM

Well done super team movie as good as any of the Marvel stories. The action scenes are a vast improvement over Superman vs Batman and the additional characters provide much needed levity.

Thursday, November 16, 09:09:04 AM

Justice League was funny and full of action. I'm not familiar with the comics so I can't speak of how consistent it is with the comics but I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. I really enjoyed aquaman and the flash, they were quite funny.

Thursday, November 16, 08:54:55 AM

Justice League successfully concludes Zack Snyder’s trilogy of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and now this granddaddy of superhero movies. There is the occasional wonky effects shot, as well as a quick pace to the first act but this is a film that narratively has a lot to juggle and ultimately pays off the majority of the arcs in great satisfaction. While Wonder Woman has a tighter narrative, Justice League has the best action in the genre and hands down one of the most naturally funny scenes in any comic film. Definitely worth seeing on the biggest screen imaginable! You don’t want to miss this one.

Thursday, November 16, 08:27:48 AM

Great Movie! The Flash stole the show Seeing it on an Imax screen was marvelous. Good story line, lots of action. Everything you would expect from a Superhero movie.

Thursday, November 16, 08:15:32 AM

Really enjoyed this flick. Mixed reviews early on made it a delightful surprise. Can’t wait to watch it again, but with my kids this time.

Thursday, November 16, 07:35:54 AM

A step in the right direction for DC even if it's a small one. The CGI is truly horrible and the villain is probably the weakest of them all. What saves this movie is the dynamics between the members of the team.

Thursday, November 16, 07:21:36 AM

Definitely not a game changer in the DC universe but is entertaining enough and worth seeing. Too bad they cut out so much as it really jumped around a lot.

Thursday, November 16, 07:18:57 AM

What a blast! Pacing was fast, but the action was amazing, finally my childhood heros on the big screen together!

Thursday, November 16, 07:08:54 AM

Was great!

Wednesday, November 15, 11:01:13 PM


Sunday, November 12, 09:25:32 PM


Sunday, November 12, 10:10:44 AM


Sunday, July 23, 09:43:09 PM

Ohh yeah this is gonna be an awesome movie . They fixed colo grading and cgi .