Saturday, June 3, 11:23:29 AM

Not good.WUS

Friday, June 2, 09:09:47 PM

I enjoyed this movie. The war goes on for ever involving clandestine organizations from every powerful nation. This movie was a reminder that good people die everyday so the rest can live in fantasy land.

Friday, June 2, 08:18:30 PM

Best acting

Friday, June 2, 02:36:43 AM

Brought back the history and gave an even better understanding of the entire region and politics. Making families important.

Thursday, June 1, 02:08:11 AM

Don’t go. No plot.

Wednesday, May 31, 05:01:34 PM

He's great at what he DOES (G. Butler) but can't Hollywood think of anything More IMPORTANT to base a movie on (that costs MILLIONS, BTW) than WAR and KILLING? How fast people Forget that 95% of this violence against our fellow Man is based on LIES and the Greed of men who make Fortunes selling the Machinery of DEATH. I think we Need a MORE POSITIVE MESSAGE. Our Planet is being decimated before our Eyes thru Greed and Overpopulation, and we've killed Enough because of OIL Already. Transition Now. How about a movie about the Peacemakers? Or the Planet PROTECTORS? We Need Better Examples for Future Gens.

Monday, May 29, 10:59:06 PM

One of the best movies Gerard Butler has performed. Action from beginning to the end. Full of suspense.

Friday, May 26, 08:11:32 PM

Gerard Butler delivers a great performance in thrill a minute/action movie. I enjoyed it very much, you will too. I'd had given it 5 stars but the start is a little confusing and slow