Sunday, September 30, 09:53:06 AM

I love the interactions between them

Sunday, November 13, 07:47:47 PM


Friday, November 11, 04:28:06 PM

Very funny the best part might have been in the trailer but it was still a laugh riot

Sunday, November 6, 07:49:30 PM

Movie was boring and not funny at all.

Sunday, November 6, 07:47:10 PM

It was hilarious! I loved it from beginning to end. Great characters. Fun night out. My husband and I both loved it equally.

Sunday, November 6, 07:45:14 PM

I didn't expect anything from this movie except some good laughs, and that is what it delivered. Great for a date night out with the wife to escape the kids.

Wednesday, November 2, 06:28:12 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I actually laughed out loud several times and am still giggling now. Nice to finally see a fun/comedy action movie with only one four letter word. Go see this, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, November 2, 12:42:09 PM

Poor story but did appreciate the acting.

Friday, October 28, 05:12:12 PM

Laugh out loud funny.

Friday, October 28, 05:07:27 PM

Awesome movie. Action scenes were involving, camera angles were intuitive and overall screenplay was great. Characters were developed nicely and the plot had great twists and turns. Definitely would recommend for anyone looking to see a good action/comedy!

Friday, October 28, 03:25:35 PM

Hilarious movie similar to Mr and Mrs Smith but comedic. What a whirlwind story!

Thursday, October 27, 03:41:40 PM

Very funny & really enjoyed it, but with all the sex I wouldn't bring even young teens, so think it should be rated PG14 for sure.

Wednesday, October 26, 09:03:41 PM

Funny movie!!! Enjoyable watch, Gal Gadot! Lighthearted and enjoyable, destress away!

Wednesday, October 26, 12:11:49 AM

It was ok - not as funny as I was hoping for

Tuesday, October 25, 10:13:51 PM

I enjoyed it is a pretty funny movie

Tuesday, October 25, 03:05:44 PM

Funny bit of entertainment. If you don't like Zac's comedy you won't like it. He plays similar parts in most of his movies.

Tuesday, October 25, 02:58:19 PM

Loved it, very fun movie with a lot of laughs. Plot was a little predictable, but we still really enjoyed the movie. Great flick to watch as a couple. It was just fun.

Tuesday, October 25, 10:30:46 AM

So funny. Great movie!

Monday, October 24, 09:52:45 PM

Great movie, really funny moments. Better than expected!

Monday, October 24, 09:51:01 PM

This is a funny high action movie.. go see it!!