Friday, August 18, 09:00:16 PM

Someone should of kidnapped Halle Berry before they finished this predictable movie......kinda of a money grab, would be ok on tv.

Friday, August 18, 08:56:01 PM

Popcorn was good.

Friday, August 18, 08:55:26 PM

Garbage....Garbage....5 Star's really? Who paid you?

Friday, August 18, 03:11:28 PM

Rotten, rotten, rotten, mindless and rotten. The same movie over and over again and Halle Berry adds nothing to this tired, old scenario.

Friday, August 18, 10:57:50 AM

Very quick moving, a lot of suspence and a mom that would go to the end of the earth for her child.

Wednesday, August 16, 02:58:29 PM

It was predictable and un realistic. Terrible acting with Halle.

Tuesday, August 15, 11:20:45 AM

Halle Berry was excellent in this movie. You were kept on the edge of your seat.

Monday, August 14, 08:01:08 PM

This movie has so much suspense, I loved it. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Monday, August 14, 07:01:05 PM

A good movie a little predictable but a good thriller

Sunday, August 13, 04:57:58 PM

To all the 5 star reviews and comments like "a superior thriller", get your heads checked and stop wasting people's time. This is not a 5 star movie and you know it, so either you're blind or you work on the promotion team trying to save this bomb. But for the free passes we got to see this, we would've never and actually walked out after about 45 minutes. When the audience started laughing, we knew it was time to go.

Sunday, August 13, 04:54:35 PM


Sunday, August 13, 03:59:43 PM

A superior thriller.

Sunday, August 13, 12:03:14 PM

This movie had been done 150 times already and HB lives up to her Razzie caliber here. She really is one bad actress. No wonder she lands only lame roles like this one. Weak story, terrible editing too.

Saturday, August 12, 09:40:09 PM

It really too bad the movie is not Close captioned for deaf people that goes to movie theatre. Big disappointment for me & my sister tonight. All movies should be closed captioned!!

Friday, August 11, 09:19:56 PM


Friday, August 11, 06:44:36 PM

I love anything Halle Berry is in. (TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!)

Thursday, August 10, 10:29:12 PM

Berry did a wonderful job in this high speed high action film.

Thursday, August 10, 09:41:36 PM

We all love Halle and her grim determination was a force to be reckoned with. Thats the good part. Her little boy played a very difficult part and was very brave. Parents cannot leave kids alone for any length of time, not even to answer a phone call. Lot of action, and danger, but all the bad guys were slovenly obese hicks from the bayou. If Halle had stopped for the cop on the bike, it would've ended right there, he wouldve gotten them.

Thursday, August 10, 06:13:18 PM

I just love Halle Berry in this movie

Thursday, August 10, 09:10:18 AM

5 flew by and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.....It always amazes me when people say, it's not believable.....PEOPLE .... it's a movie to entertain you geez.......and entertain it did!!

Wednesday, August 9, 05:14:28 PM


Wednesday, August 9, 04:02:11 PM

Movie suck it's all driving and when it's not it's things that are stupid no one hear her .. farfetch for these days..

Wednesday, August 9, 09:50:52 AM


Wednesday, August 9, 09:20:32 AM

Puke. Nothing original here, folks.

Wednesday, August 9, 09:08:45 AM

Seriously, what a stinker! Not even worth the time to write a review after wasting time watching this crap.

Tuesday, August 8, 10:04:43 PM


Tuesday, August 8, 08:50:53 PM

One of the best movies! Very intense and action thrilling movies we have seen a long time. It's definitely a must see movie.

Tuesday, August 8, 05:18:58 PM

Finally a good, intense and fast paced summer movie. Not much time to take a breath. My 12 year old daughter loved it. I'm not sure why the reviews have been low. This is better than all the summer movies I've seen so far. 90 minutes flew by.

Tuesday, August 8, 01:15:05 PM


Tuesday, August 8, 01:13:03 PM

Didn't Halle Berry make this movie already? A few years back?

Monday, August 7, 10:12:21 PM

Enjoyed seeing Halle Berry back on the big screen.This movie had me at the edge of my seat the whole time! Halle Berry was amazing!

Monday, August 7, 05:15:51 PM

Awesome movie and Halle Berry was excellent!!

Monday, August 7, 02:17:12 PM

Unrealistic situations that turn bizarre and more outlandish as the movie progresses.

Monday, August 7, 01:20:19 PM

Halle did intense and great job.

Monday, August 7, 06:38:43 AM

Treads the same ground as Berry's earlier film THE CALL, but lacks that film's solid direction.

Sunday, August 6, 09:35:56 AM

This movie could net Halle another Oscar.

Sunday, August 6, 08:01:43 AM

Absolute horrible and ridiculous movie. Nothing but an unbelievable car chase and at times all you see is pavement and a yellow line.Surprised Halley made such a poor, poor movie. Don't waste your money on this one.

Sunday, August 6, 03:45:58 AM

Hands down the thriller of the year.

Sunday, August 6, 01:07:01 AM

Great fast paced movie and never boring ..rate 5

Saturday, August 5, 04:08:34 PM

What a ride! Non stop action! Edge of your seat thriller! Halle berry did a great job, her expressions of fear and anger were well done, liked the beginning, that I won't give away. Far fetched yes, but great entertainment. These two seniors loved it!