Sunday, February 18, 11:05:37 AM


Thursday, July 23, 03:54:44 PM

it was the most lamest movie ever if you pay to watch this movie you wouldn`t be thrilled you would be sitting their griming on every scene

Tuesday, April 10, 08:57:01 PM

Is it me or is the story really lame ? I don`t know why ppl are so thrilled by these two films. These type of stories can be found in many old movies all around the world. Is there some hidden meaning that i don`t get. Weird

Sunday, December 17, 02:29:51 PM

awesome .

Tuesday, August 29, 03:51:06 PM

just as good as the first. very well done

Friday, July 28, 03:01:51 PM

The first one was better than the second(to me) but it I still liked the action sequences in this movie. Taratino is an amazing diretor.

Wednesday, July 26, 09:31:14 AM

How stupid can people be ... THIS MOVIE is a complete waste of time and $$$$$ .. not even worth DOWNLOADING. Group of killers betrayed one of the member, wakes up .. start killing, kill some more, flash back, kill some more. FINISH IT HAS NOT inner meaning or whatever, just a lot of blood splashing and eye poking. Hell man I rather watch pokemon twice than this crap

Saturday, April 8, 01:03:31 PM

So bad it hurts!

Sunday, March 19, 03:09:49 PM

GARBAGE! I don`t understand why people like it. It`s stupid!

Thursday, January 19, 05:10:40 PM


Thursday, December 29, 10:24:23 PM

This movie was crap. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the same things keep showing up in his works? A little plot, a lot of pointless, unrealistic violence, and always burying someone alive (a.k.a. season finale of C.S.I. directed by Tarantino). The characters were shallow...don`t get me wrong, the acting by Uma Thurman was great considering what she had to work with. All in all, a waste of time.

Monday, July 18, 11:03:32 AM

this movie wasint as good as the first but it was still good

Sunday, April 17, 08:52:52 PM

Crap. Typical Tarantino: plenty of pointless violence with just a touch of actual storyline. Why people like this guy`s movies so much I will never understand. Don`t get me started on his trying to take credit for movies like Hero either. The "Tarantino Presents..." BS. Give me a break. Kill Bill is just horrible, as are all his films. I`ll give him one thing: he`s consistent.

Tuesday, March 15, 09:29:51 PM

kill bill vol.2 is truely thrilling! Very well written!

Sunday, February 6, 12:41:16 PM

This movie is the greatest!!! Absoulutly loved it. Uma did a great job acting in both movies. Keep up to god work.

Monday, November 22, 09:17:12 PM

Kill Bill Vol. 2 was absolutely horrible. The acting was by far the worst part of the movie, especially Bill. The characters were portrayed a little too elaborate, and there wasn`t enough dialogue for the first 50 minutes - just stupid slow motion and `music` scenes where nothing significant happens. I felt that Tarantino could have put a little more effort into this project. It had potential, but in the end failed. Don;t waist you;re money. I`ll never have those 2 hours back.

Wednesday, October 27, 03:59:54 PM

Tarantino may be creative but Kill Bill vol.2 was horrible. SLOW AND BO-RING!!!!! (very stupid too)

Monday, October 4, 12:47:42 AM

Quentin Tarantino is a genius

Friday, October 1, 11:39:23 AM

kill bill vol.2 is the best movie so far of 2004

Sunday, September 19, 08:02:53 PM

it cannot get any worse then this! what has the movie industry come to!! I have never seen a worst movie!!

Sunday, September 19, 08:00:06 PM

it was the worst movie ever made!

Wednesday, September 15, 08:13:49 PM

this movie is awsome it is the best movie by QT this movie is way better then pulp and should win every acadmay award best movie of 2004 and do not waste your money on pulp

Sunday, September 5, 10:07:50 AM

Kill Bill 2 is my favorite movie. It`s better than the first one. It has a lot more action in it and you get to know more about Budd and Elle Driver. The fight between The Bride and Elle Driver is the best scene in both movies. I mean you wanna see these 2 fight. Two woman of equal strength going head to head. That`s awesome. Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah are my favorite actresses and I think this is one of thier best movies ever. Oh, and by the way I loved thier attitude. When I become an actress I wanna have that type of attitude in a few of my movies. I wanna be a villian like Daryl Hannah was in Kill Bill and I wanna be a hero like Uma Thu

Saturday, September 4, 04:40:52 PM


Tuesday, August 31, 04:16:35 PM

this movie rocked the collest movie this year

Friday, August 20, 02:53:24 AM

THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! for all u that didnt like the first one, dont complain about not liking the second one. . .pss. . .haterz

Wednesday, August 18, 06:56:21 PM

Awesome, Cool, Funny, Nice, Amazing, Incredible and pretty much any and every other word would best describe this terrific movie - *ace*

Tuesday, August 17, 09:45:30 AM

Hmmm...pretty good sequel, but it could of used a lot more action like at the end when Uma finds Bill. Overall the movie was great and I really found out the whole story about Kill Bill and why Bill betrayed Uma. If Quentin made Vol. 3 I would definitely watch it.

Monday, August 16, 10:51:43 AM

I thought it rocked, totally put the story together, intant classic, a must see more than once.

Tuesday, August 10, 03:30:23 PM

It was such a great wrap up of the movie excellent

Friday, August 6, 11:13:56 PM

Excellent!!!! 4 stars all the way

Tuesday, August 3, 05:38:23 PM

one of the greatest movies i have ever seen! TWO THUMBS UP!!!! SEE IT SEE IT SEE IT!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 04:57:37 PM

excellent movie a must see

Sunday, August 1, 02:13:27 PM

very good.

Sunday, August 1, 10:47:49 AM

ts g0od!

Saturday, July 31, 12:24:58 PM

kill bill.2 was ok

Friday, July 30, 05:36:31 PM

Better than the first one! This movie had all the gore, violence, and feeling that one would expect from a Quinton film. AWESOME!

Friday, July 30, 11:48:13 AM

Way too slow, I don`t care what anyone says this movie was a sequel, and a shambolic one at that. People told me it was a little slower. When in fact it crawled forward at such a snail`s pace that I started to fall asleep. How many people died? Like 5! And the longest fight scene was around 5 minutes long. I still get mad at people telling me that this movie was awesome...

Tuesday, July 27, 01:18:55 PM

I seen it Six Times Only because they stopped playing in the Theatres.... I can`t wait to own a copy of this....definelty my top 5 Alltime.... cult following for sure.......

Saturday, July 24, 10:27:52 PM