Friday, January 26, 02:51:29 PM

Incredible movie

Monday, January 15, 12:51:43 PM

Way too long, and you get the idea that all the indians are pretty dumb and slow, most of the people in Oklahoma are hicks and dumb also, and watching two + hours of Forrest Gumps staring into the distance was boring.

Sunday, December 31, 07:56:26 PM

If people want to go watch a Fluff 1 1/2 hour Hollywood movie, then go. But, please don’t criticize an excellent piece of art because you don’t have the patience to sit for 2-3 hours to watch an amazing true historical , well acted, directed and produced movie. Once again, Best Movie of 2023. Bravo!

Wednesday, December 27, 02:29:26 AM

Unnecessarily loooong!!

Wednesday, December 27, 02:05:51 AM

A good depiction of true historical events. Too much "dead action" tho which makes the movie WAY TOO LONG!!

Wednesday, December 6, 12:43:27 AM

Amazing movie. Yes, you have to concentrate and follow the story of what was done to the rightful owners of the land. Incomprehensible cruelty well depicted.

Tuesday, December 5, 01:24:40 PM

you have to see this movie for Decaprio's acting. The movie is good history on the harsh treatment of the native population in America. it's also about native people getting killed and robbed and all the injustice done towards them while the local authorities didn't do anything. If they known there was oil on the land they would have never gave it to them as a reservation. What got me angry in the movie was all the dirty looks the natives received because they were richer and also how people plotted to kill them and steal their wealth. i think America was founded on greed.. the conservative colonists didn't want to pay the British high tax so they started to riot and form an army under General George Washington

Monday, November 20, 10:17:09 AM

Far too long and incoherent.

Sunday, November 19, 02:45:05 PM

Not one of scorsece 's best. Choppy, a bit forced

Friday, November 17, 03:26:08 PM

Love the cast which is why we went. Story line dragged and seemed like it was intentionally long to make a statement perhaps?.. Because was sooo not necessary. Not enough happening in the movie to justify the length. This one was a dud for us.

Friday, November 17, 04:10:13 AM

Plodding, and way too long. It's another Hobbit trilogy for a paperback story.

Thursday, November 16, 11:42:25 AM

They could have shortened this movie by at least an hour. It dragged on and on

Wednesday, November 15, 02:51:04 PM

The movie is a heartwrenching and disgusting tale of how white people (shocker) manipulated indigenous peoples for their riches. It's a tale as old as time, but people seem to still deny the harm that has been wrought throughout history. I venture to say that these anti-DeNiros and this "complete distortionist" are just modern-day racists. And yes, I am white, and completely ashamed and appalled by this history.

Monday, November 13, 12:25:34 PM

Some people say it is hard to follow and boring. Attention spans aren't what they once we're.

Sunday, November 12, 05:18:45 PM

Hard to follow

Sunday, November 12, 12:18:02 AM

Shocking true story that exposes the greed and racial injustice that led to the murders of over two dozen members of the Osage Indian Nation. Almost three and a half hours long, but it held my attention throughout. My only complaint is that some of the dialogue was hard to decipher, but the acting was superb. I predict a best picture nomination.

Tuesday, November 7, 07:16:19 PM

True experiences, historical facts.

Tuesday, November 7, 07:16:15 PM

True experiences, historical facts.

Tuesday, November 7, 02:02:15 AM


Monday, November 6, 11:12:28 PM

There were some twists and turns to keep us interested. Also It had some emotional scenes that kept my attention. It has a good cast, and I enjoyed seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in a new role.

Saturday, November 4, 04:06:17 PM

Well I liked this movie but it was so long that is why I gave it a 4 star. The story was great and certainly needed to be told. Acting was great. Leonardo looked like Marlon Brando in the godfather, the mouth. The thing I didn’t like about this movie was the southern accent was slow and seemed so deliberate. Flashbacks were some what confusing.

Saturday, November 4, 01:12:12 PM

I would like to know how the one reviewer called this movie “a complete distortion” ! No explanation for “his” view ! Obviously another “denier” of what many minorities went through to make this country great !! For the wealthy, white rich !! And before I am jumped on for being just another whining minority, I am white. I highly suggest that reviewer read the factual history of this Osage account, if he dare crawl pull his head out of the sand and not try to “hide” from and deny actual events that really happened in our history.

Thursday, November 2, 11:46:37 AM

A complete distortion.

Wednesday, November 1, 08:41:28 PM

They did a good job telling the story, yet could hav e shortened many scenes to add more context from the book.

Wednesday, November 1, 03:15:50 AM

Well acted. DiCaprio is a wonderful actor and I loved Molly. Great acting and alot of it was sad but one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Long movie. Started dozing off towards the end but was rudely awoken by a gun shot.

Tuesday, October 31, 02:07:47 PM

It was too long. Well acted but after 2 hours I was checking my watch.

Monday, October 30, 12:36:57 PM

De Niro is a horrible person and stupid as he has alienated half of his potential viewers with his political views, when will Hollywood learn to keep their views to themselves.

Saturday, October 28, 10:11:58 PM

well acted movie bringing back history you would think we might learn

Saturday, October 28, 03:14:08 PM

Best movie I’ve seen in years. What an act of socialism in-that small city in Oklahoma. The FBI wasn’t corrupt like they are now. Sure didn’t seem like 3 hours

Saturday, October 28, 11:31:47 AM

After about 2 and half hours, praying it would end. Too long, too complicated.

Friday, October 27, 03:12:11 PM

Well acted and quite close to the history - a descent portrayal of history.

Friday, October 27, 02:22:58 PM

very well acted but to long

Friday, October 27, 10:42:23 AM

Decent story, long, actors were good.

Friday, October 27, 12:33:27 AM

Boring piece of garbage. 1st time in 30 years I walked out. Wasted 1 hour.

Thursday, October 26, 04:34:58 PM

This is a masterpiece of writing, filming, and acting. It’s strange to me that some people have had such a poor opinion of it. The direction is masterful, DiCaprio never been better in anything, the supporting roles are all very well done, and “ Molly” was played to perfection! She was human.. with both weakness and strength. I have to say that if you thought it was too long, I didn’t think it was long enough!! AND it is not a made-up ( or fictional, for those who don’t know long words) story. It all really happened and the book tells so much more about the founding of the FBI.

Thursday, October 26, 01:34:32 AM

Way too long. It's been fashionable for a while now to see the injuns as victims or paint them as impossibly noble holy men, which are their own kinds of exploitation. "Cultural sensitivity" is usually incompatible with truth and honesty, but idiotic white liberals should eat it up. Scorsese's best work is decades behind him.

Wednesday, October 25, 09:50:56 PM

It's an ugly true story of the greed of white men against our native brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, October 25, 06:24:27 PM

Very slow, no action. Could’ve been a 30 minute movie, if it was, I would’ve rated of the two star.

Tuesday, October 24, 07:42:08 PM

Based on true history. I have Indian heritage. Great acting. So well presented. Part of history I would not have known about.

Tuesday, October 24, 03:52:09 PM

True story line that was kept secrets for way to long!