Thursday, October 19, 01:39:43 PM

This is a rude, crude, and thoroughly ridiculous movie with no real plot. We walked out. Went to see it as the first one was entertaining. The opening chase sequence was the best part. Thought the star power of Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, etc would be worth watching but I am not sure why they agreed to this plotless and long movie. No stars from me.

Wednesday, October 18, 04:30:57 PM

OK movie, felt a bit contrived. Loved the first one, this was a pale followup.

Monday, October 16, 05:30:48 PM

Super entertaining - fast paced fun!

Monday, October 16, 01:23:24 AM

My main concern was the extreme volume during the action scenes.I don't know if decibal levels are checked but this soundtrack was jacked so high I had to plug my ears.I did talk to a few employees once during the movie I stepped out to see if the volume could be adjusted and after the movie talked to another employee about the high volume.This is a hearing hazard and should be monitored.

Saturday, October 14, 10:49:58 AM

A little overwhelming but excellent 2nd release

Friday, October 13, 10:07:58 AM

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Not worth seeing, even when it comes out in the secondary market (probably not even when it comes to 'free tv')!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 02:29:27 PM

I give it 5 it was a very good Mom is not boring at all....

Wednesday, October 11, 11:49:46 PM

Did not see the first movie but I did enjoy this. Elton John was funny. Didn't mind the swear words. Movie was very entertaining.

Tuesday, October 10, 10:35:19 PM

I had a blast watching this's meant to entertain you and there's never a dull moment...

Tuesday, October 10, 02:27:17 PM

A good movie almost a 007 type I really enjoyed it. Not really a sequel except for a couple of actors.

Tuesday, October 10, 08:35:05 AM

As a sequel it is awful compared the original. Why? Two reasons: 1) it was ruined by Americanizing the plot. In true American fashion the kingsmen organization is virtually wiped rides the cowboys to save the day. 2) gratitutus gore. No need for it.

Monday, October 9, 06:24:31 PM

It is almost like a James Bond movie! I hope they make another one soon!

Sunday, October 8, 10:56:15 PM

Having not seen the first movie, we went in totally blind..I actually loved this movie! I have to admit that it was somewhat scattered...Making it difficult to follow in places...I wish we had seen the first installment, as we were kind of in the dark with the story line, especially at the beginning..But I loved the characters, All of them are so talented, and funny at times! Shout out to Sir Elton John! LOL! and the very frequent use of the "F" word, which was hysterical! rather than seedy or tacky...I definitely want to watch the first Kingsman movie!

Saturday, October 7, 02:40:33 PM

Pretty darn awful.

Friday, October 6, 02:56:27 PM

I loved the first movie. I fell asleep in this one. Too much stupid stuff. Not fun, not witty

Friday, October 6, 02:40:00 AM

This movie was so awful my wife and I got up and left after 15 minutes and got our money back. Don't waste your time on this disgusting movie. I could not say anything good about this movie.

Thursday, October 5, 01:38:39 PM

Someone should tell the writers of this movie that land mines don't work that way. In the end, all the lazy writing and pro drug war propaganda is just a big F.U. to moviegoers. Please avoid. Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, October 4, 06:17:50 AM

Much more silly than the first installment, seriously, the Elton John bit was kinda ridiculous but was okay.

Tuesday, October 3, 08:22:26 PM

I think was political funny. There are others movies with worst swearing vocabulary and people are complaining. I love this movie.

Tuesday, October 3, 10:17:52 AM

Liked the first one; not this one! “F” word used way too much, almost to the point of just saying it to see how many times they can say it in one movie. Sexual scene totally unnecessary! Meat grind people & make other people eat the burger, seriously? I was really looking forward to this movie, what a disappointment!

Tuesday, October 3, 10:16:51 AM

fast paced action, humor, acting and entertaining

Monday, October 2, 03:11:53 PM

Was fine until they went on a twisted political snub at the end that obviously was directed at our president and conservative minded people

Sunday, October 1, 09:33:53 PM

First movie was good. This one was a waste of money and time. Humour was not laughable. Elton John added much to the movie.

Sunday, October 1, 06:14:23 PM

I thought it was pretty good for a sequel. Did get a bit corny at the end, but it's a comic book movie, what do people expect. If you liked the first kingsman, then you will probably like this one. It was better than i thought it was going to be, and it didn't drag at all for a 140 min movie.

Saturday, September 30, 09:19:47 PM

Despite the many negative reviews we found it worked and was a lot of fun! Definitely worth watching.

Saturday, September 30, 09:18:47 PM

Movie was pretty good

Saturday, September 30, 05:44:57 PM

One of the worst movies of the year. As boring, corny, and long as any movie in a while. The first one was a lot better. Seeing it in an IMax theater greatly enhanced its faults.

Saturday, September 30, 01:40:53 PM

Thought this movie was so far fetched. The first one was great more like a english James Bond then they had to add the American crap and it ruined the whole picture, too much going on and really stupid. Save your money,

Saturday, September 30, 12:44:26 PM

Foul rubbish

Saturday, September 30, 04:05:43 AM

It appears the great cast had a good time making it, but it is one of the worst films I've seen in a long time! Stupid kept repeating in my head. I tried to see something of value - some of the mechanics of the weaponry, and car, but it gets old. To help my friends, skip it you want to see a stupid film.

Friday, September 29, 07:39:07 PM

horrible movie

Thursday, September 28, 09:46:50 PM

Enjoyable, great action scenes, entertaining and great stunts and special effects, enjoyed the first one.

Thursday, September 28, 09:34:53 PM

I really enjoyed this movie. The story line was good. The action was great and over the top. The acting was good.

Thursday, September 28, 06:16:07 PM

Close to the original

Thursday, September 28, 05:48:34 PM

Awesome same 007 and it's a funny story.

Wednesday, September 27, 10:41:45 PM

Disclaimer: I didn’t see the first Kingsman film, the Secret Service. I wondered if this had anything to do with the fact that for the first half hour I had absolutely no idea what was going on. After awhile “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, started to come together. There were a lot of special effects to make up for the weak story line. The film was entertaining and even amusing, in a perverse kind of way. Between the different accents, noise, violence and action, it was hard to hear all the lines. This didn’t matter, given that the ending was predictable and the world was saved. The subtheme of how pervasive recreational drug use really is, supports the desire of certain governments to make marijuana legal, but of course not in the USA.

Wednesday, September 27, 08:49:25 PM

Loved the movie - campy - entertaining - full of laughs - recommended it to friends!

Wednesday, September 27, 02:46:57 PM

This film held my interest but I felt it just got a bit too corny after awhile!

Tuesday, September 26, 03:14:07 PM

Poor acting and stupid humor

Tuesday, September 26, 12:01:09 PM

Insulting, what happened to acting. Did have a good plot line