Monday, January 27, 06:12:54 PM

Loved the movie.with the twists, turns, & creativity. rh

Monday, January 27, 10:23:06 AM

Ana was terrific in this role, an award performance. Love that the movie kept your mind in a workout to guess who, what and where the mystery unfolds with surprise twists and some laughter.

Saturday, January 25, 10:07:11 AM

Did not think I would like this Movie but I went because the Family wanted to see it. We don't always agree on movies. I was surprised and ended up enjoying the movie . Somtimes kind of slow but overall I'm glad I went. The people in the Movie were true to life with People in the Real world.

Tuesday, January 21, 06:49:15 PM

An excellent whodunit with a well-written script and a wide variety of personalities within the characters. It kept me guessing on who the murderer was and who hired the detective until almost the end. I'm patiently waiting for Knives Out 2, 3 and 4.

Sunday, January 19, 04:42:34 PM

Fun, clever, and well paced.

Saturday, January 18, 03:28:32 PM

Loved this movie! Very engrossing... Lots of twists and turns... A++

Saturday, January 18, 02:25:16 PM

The movie started out slow but picked up 2/3 of the way through the movie. I did not feel like the story was strong enough to keep me fully engaged.

Friday, January 17, 09:33:54 PM

A bit long. Theatre was freezing!

Friday, January 17, 08:47:56 PM

Slow start. Never got better. Very boring movie.

Thursday, January 16, 09:40:32 PM

Awesome!!! Great cast and fantastic mystery.

Wednesday, January 15, 08:54:10 PM

Weak Garbage

Wednesday, January 15, 04:54:42 PM

Best movie I have seen in a very long time.

Monday, January 13, 11:19:30 PM

Boring. Not entertaining. Poor acting. Dark lighting. Scattered plot line.not engaging.thank goodness for the popcorn.

Saturday, January 11, 05:38:34 PM

So good! Best movie I have seen in forever! Casting was spot on and is so well written!! It was So funny and all the twists and turns kept you on the edge of your seat. I never write reviews but this was so well done in every way!! Must see!!

Friday, January 10, 10:02:43 PM

Can’t make up my mind. Plot was decent and funny for the most part. The set was convincing. Craig didn’t fit in well with this movie. The social justice parts we’re too pronounced. Overall ok but didn’t reach its potential.

Wednesday, January 8, 04:55:36 PM


Monday, January 6, 05:35:23 PM

Ana was only good actor. The rest of the cast were in the use to be category. Poor Daniel Craig and his bad accent, but it obviously was the best he could do. Save your money for a better picture.

Sunday, January 5, 02:05:15 PM

Movies would be better without inserting all the extra social justice crap. Can't we just get back to movies with socially neutral well written twisty plot scripts.

Sunday, January 5, 12:31:05 PM

Finally, a movie that was enjoyable and had good acting. It seems like a movie needs action explosions and stupid super heroes to get great rating. This movie has a interesting plot and a host of characters to keep you thinking and laughing. Very good.

Sunday, January 5, 10:58:21 AM

Great movie!

Sunday, January 5, 10:56:52 AM

One of the best movies I've ever seen. Interesting, funny, current, plot twists. Highly recommend.

Sunday, January 5, 10:20:23 AM

Excellent Agatha Christie-type who-done-it, with a story that keeps one interested and engaged, with plot twists that keep the audience guessing. Fun and funny, no gratuitous sex, just some well-placed foul words. Great cast as well.

Saturday, January 4, 09:01:37 PM

Entertaining. Good plot, great cast, and you will not be bored. Don't let some of the comments be misleading. OK, the Craig accent wasn't that good, but he is British after all. Good plot, good acting and entertaining. Don't miss it!

Saturday, January 4, 05:26:48 PM

a real fun movie. It is a real quirky agatha cristie movie for todays world.

Thursday, January 2, 06:16:07 PM

A great convoluted plot and the character acting was for the most part done well. However Daniel Craig was unconvincing as a Louisiana detective - he just lacked something to be convincing. I found my mind wandering several times which meant I wasn’t captivated by the movie. I’d just say it is okay but no great whodunnit.

Thursday, January 2, 05:46:08 PM

Acting. Plot. Daniel Craig.

Thursday, January 2, 05:36:14 PM

The drama was intense and the scenes were hilarious,and I was guessing throughout the whole movie who did the murder.maybe the best movie i have seen in years!,,,l loved,loved,loved it

Thursday, January 2, 01:51:01 PM

Never a dull moment. The whole theater was laughing. My entire family, including two teenagers and two adults, thought it was a great movie. A+ character acting.

Wednesday, January 1, 08:18:22 PM

A convoluted piece of garbage. It wasn't a comedy; it wasn't drama. It was ,pure and simple, a weak movie.

Wednesday, January 1, 09:23:23 AM

Extremely entertaining, with mounting interest as the movie progressed.

Tuesday, December 31, 06:47:54 PM

Predictable, kinda boring. Made for TV style poor quality movie.

Tuesday, December 31, 03:05:15 PM

Very clever and surprise ending...enjoyed the entire movie

Tuesday, December 31, 12:56:04 PM

Another movie the critics liked but is not worth seeing. Who are the critics? No one I know that's for sure.

Tuesday, December 31, 12:45:14 PM

It starts off slow but it gets interesting if you pay attention. I guessed the ending but enjoyed it nonetheless. It's a fun old-style whodunit movie that entertained me.

Tuesday, December 31, 09:16:57 AM

Tired used up plot. Acting poor. Nice house and area in Massachusetts for set. Don't waste your time/money.

Monday, December 30, 10:13:37 PM

Fun movie.

Monday, December 30, 10:00:55 PM

All of my favorite things!!!! Clue plot Agatha Christie writing comedy!!!! The audience gave a standing O!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 30, 06:54:26 PM

Tremendous acting and an excellent plot. Loved this movie. It kept us talking about for days.

Monday, December 30, 01:20:48 PM

I fell asleep.....ZZZZzzzzzz

Sunday, December 29, 02:23:24 PM

Cute, doubt the actors had fun with the fluff