Monday, December 9, 06:21:01 PM

Great story line. Superb acting from the entire cast! Always kept you thinking and guessing who did it, why and what will happen as a result. A good pace because it allowed the audience to delve into the character more. You got to see how greed rears its ugly head and a sense of entitlement was projected by the family. Loved the ending!

Monday, December 9, 04:15:01 PM

The best mystery that I have ever seen. So many plot twists!

Monday, December 9, 02:25:38 PM

Not bad. Exposition flies fast, so pay attention. And yes, Jamie Lee Curtis has indeed become John Carradine.

Sunday, December 8, 07:47:43 PM

Too long and too slow moving; didn’t live up to all the pre-release hoopla. Very disappointed that we wasted an afternoon on this one.

Sunday, December 8, 07:11:09 PM

We loved this movie! Very entertaining with a good twist! Large cast of great characters!

Sunday, December 8, 05:37:15 PM

Great cast, Craig excluded, decent story and plot line. Horrible accent, Mumbles the cat can do better. Would love to see it on stage. Why is it ex-Bonds, think they can go on to acting? I have never seen any Craig movies, but he can take his place with George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan. Bond only needs you to look good in a 2 piece suit with tight pants.

Sunday, December 8, 12:54:42 PM

I was really looking forward to this movie, but was very, very disappointed! This movie was set in New England, so why did Daniel Craig need that terrible Southern accent? Save your money and if you want to see it wait until it becomes a rental.

Saturday, December 7, 10:39:23 PM

Great who dun it. We’ll written and good cast. Fun and entertaining

Saturday, December 7, 08:34:51 PM

A bit slow in the beginning, but picked up very well. Loved the many surprises, twists and turns in the movie. Very clever and well done!

Saturday, December 7, 03:53:00 PM

too much trying to make a 'who done it' within the family. Poor plot & characters too 'forced' by the actors

Saturday, December 7, 03:49:16 PM

This is a hilarious movie and works on so many different levels. Read the other reviews - Daniel Craig is supposed to have an outlandishly bad accent on purpose. People who take things literally will not like this movie. As for the rest of us, it’s hilarious and clever.

Saturday, December 7, 01:09:37 PM

Bad storyline and, Daniel Craigs accent was laughable.

Friday, December 6, 09:43:09 PM

Just good fun! Great collection of stars, funny whodunit. Relax and laugh!

Friday, December 6, 11:41:04 AM

One of the silliest movies I have ever seen. Should have left half way through and not wasted 2 1/2 hours on a bad movie.

Thursday, December 5, 05:17:28 PM

I liked it yet Daniel Craig's Southern accent made him seem miscast. Why the accent I don't understand since he has a lovely speaking voice. Second, the lead female role unbelievably naïve. Otherwise, fast pace and Don Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis I enjoyed. A number of twists and turns but figured WHO, but not the HOW! Entertaining and some funny moments..

Thursday, December 5, 12:51:54 AM

Excellent movie. Kept you in suspense right through until the end

Wednesday, December 4, 11:55:20 AM

This movie is great fun, I found myself laughing out loud a lot. Good acting by all, but especially Daniel Craig, as the bumbling detective with the big ego. I will go see it again for sure....

Wednesday, December 4, 11:41:39 AM

I expected the usual finger pointing and misdirection that who-done-it movies usually have, but this had some delightful twists! And as much as I liked Daniel Craig playing James Bond, he does an excellent job of playing this role! Thumbs up!

Tuesday, December 3, 11:11:36 PM

Pressed all the buttons with great characters interesting plot and unexpected ending. And very funny as well.

Tuesday, December 3, 08:31:04 PM

We Really enjoyed this movie. Great acting, witty and entertaining from start to finish. Kept you guessing. .

Tuesday, December 3, 07:25:53 PM

Great movie, loved every riveting turn... and whoever said they had the plot figured out in the first 15-20 minutes must have read the script first hand....ha! A very entertaining movie, with just enough crass to show the true heart of each character! Bravo!!

Tuesday, December 3, 05:57:03 PM

We loved it although it’s probably going to be a bit offensive to political correct individuals. We laughed hard

Monday, December 2, 10:22:58 AM

Great performances by a great cast. Well written, layered story that throws something new at you when you think that you have everything figured out. Satisfying ending to a riveting movie.

Monday, December 2, 10:04:28 AM

Generally enjoyable but overwritten and overcomplicated. When exactly did Jamie Lee Curtis become an old man?

Sunday, December 1, 07:02:42 PM

Good acting, story, and mild and clever humor throughout. The story flowed nicely and I'm sure the acting and directing made it a very tasteful and entertaining movie. Take a break from shopping or work and see this delightful movie. I'm glad I did.

Sunday, December 1, 04:46:07 PM

Good movie!

Sunday, December 1, 07:28:19 AM

liked excellent acting disliked overly long

Sunday, December 1, 02:19:26 AM

This movie had its moments but it did not live up to the newspaper reviews and other reviews I read. "The Mouse Trap" was a very funny story. "Knives Out" couldn't come close.

Saturday, November 30, 10:09:50 PM

It had some good humour but I found it kinda predictable. For a movie that is said to leave you guessing until the end who did it, how did I figure it out in the first 15-20min? Just ok but more of a rental.

Saturday, November 30, 04:38:19 PM

Great set of actors but very slow movie. Just not my cup of tea!

Saturday, November 30, 04:31:53 PM

Another stupid dumb movie don’t waste your time and money

Saturday, November 30, 01:38:31 PM

Most foul language was unneccesary and felt contrived. Story was good but becomes repetitive at times. Hard to watch Captain America be such an evil person.

Saturday, November 30, 06:01:58 AM

Very good movie! A solid 4 stars. Captivating performances. The beginning is a bit slow, but this is probably necessary to provide background info on the characters.

Saturday, November 30, 12:00:52 AM

Enjoyed- although a little slow the first 30 mins and Sorta hard to keep up with all the characters But worth watching the different twists At the end Might go see again

Friday, November 29, 12:19:22 AM

Intriguing, funny, and keeps you guessing until the end! A fun ride the whole time!

Thursday, November 28, 07:12:15 PM

Too long; too slow; too convoluted; too boring. Guru Bob says 59/100

Thursday, November 28, 01:24:16 AM

Excellent and entertaining.

Wednesday, November 27, 11:51:40 PM

Enjoyed the movie and the humour

Wednesday, November 27, 04:25:18 PM

Ok movie, tongue in cheek murdermystery, but not, everything is predictable. The whole thing is more for humour with a lot of celebrity actors. I don't get Daniel Craig being in this at all, and he was not good either....James Bond is his thing. Can't imagine why he did this. I found it long, boring, could have been wrapped up 1/2 hr earlier.

Friday, November 22, 09:44:59 AM

I won’t risk going to a movie who’s director made a mockery of the Star Wars franchise. Rian is not in touch with the general movie going population.