Friday, November 22, 08:20:52 PM

3 star at first, but when the plot goes further along, turned out to be a great movie!

Friday, November 22, 06:52:29 PM

The best part of the movie was the last five minutes, it explained everything. The good thing though is that you couldn't tell from the movie what the ending would be.

Friday, November 22, 10:04:38 AM

I love a good Christmas movie, and the fellow who played the lead was adorable, but I’m not going to lie, for a Hollywood movie, this movie was a little lame, pretty corny and had a pretty weak storyline... it’s been told before and better.

Friday, November 22, 09:19:41 AM

The movie has no co-hesion!

Friday, November 22, 05:21:22 AM

Implausible yes, the story was all that is needed in a holiday movie, which most can't grasp because they're cynics, through and through. It was well acted. and something good for the soul, not car crashes, nor beheadings, nor violence, nor was/is what is required at the holidays.....WELL DONE! Emilia Clarke, and Emma Thompson were brilliant.....

Thursday, November 21, 07:18:48 PM

It was comical and touching. I truly enjoyed it.

Wednesday, November 20, 07:45:32 PM

Not interesting story, poor arrangement, slow boring.

Tuesday, November 19, 09:44:15 PM

OMG. Maybe the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. Surprised I stayed awake. The twist in the movie and the George Michael music are the only reasons I didn’t give it a 0.

Monday, November 18, 08:42:18 PM

Sorely disappointed. Almost fell asleep a couple times. Save your money.

Sunday, November 17, 05:31:43 PM

This movie has nothing to do with Christmas, nothing to do with romance and isn't funny. Basically, all the viewer is getting is a trite story about a bed-hopping bimbo whose life is meaningless until she discovers the plot twist, which is interesting but not captivating or original. Throw in all the social engineering propaganda to lead the naïve to believe that half the world is comprised of gay or transsexual victims and there's your movie.

Sunday, November 17, 03:58:06 PM

Really good story.

Sunday, November 17, 11:40:55 AM

I went with a friend of mine last night we had liked it

Saturday, November 16, 10:46:40 PM

Fantastic! Totally heartbreaking, but in a good sort of heartwarming way. (You’ll get what I mean when you watch it). It’s a pretty deep movie in parts, but I totally loved it. Extremely well thought out and a good use of George Michael music. The ending is a real shocker, and definitely not what you would expect. Phenomenal acting from both Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. Definitely a must see movie of the season, I totally loved it.

Saturday, November 16, 03:11:06 PM

I loved the movie, all did an excellent job

Friday, November 15, 11:40:28 PM

Cried and laughed and cried. The interaction between the characters was so genuine. Such fun to watch them all

Wednesday, November 13, 03:37:25 PM

5-STAR...all the way! It was an absolutely delightful escape with wit galore, human interactions to rival none, and humour of the unseen kind and beyond. I love an ending that is a total surprise as I am a High School English teacher and always looking for something unusual and unique. Ok, so I really liked it! Dah! Get over it! Will see it again, also. Humour is spelled with a "u".

Monday, November 11, 07:13:08 PM

expected more and it wasn't very good. don't waste your money

Monday, November 11, 09:41:27 AM

Horrible movie. Almost seemed to make fun of itself st times. Bogus ending.

Monday, November 11, 08:12:36 AM

Good incorporation of George Michael music. Although one can easily guess the surprise ending, it's affirming when it's right. Always a pleasure to watch Emma Thompson. It's a holiday monie, sit back and enjoy.

Sunday, November 10, 11:18:55 PM

Horrible. Save your money.

Sunday, November 10, 07:11:08 PM

Save your money.Stay home and watch the Hallmark channel.

Sunday, November 10, 06:44:31 PM

I don’t know what movie other people seen but this one was horrible. If you don’t like George Michael don’t see this, the only music in it wow.

Saturday, November 9, 08:51:55 PM

Loved it!! Gave us a lot of smiles and a few tears too! A very lovely movie; I will see it again! Great music all the way through!

Saturday, November 9, 05:10:34 PM

An absolute must see! Totally has "George's Heart" throught the entire story! He was a musical & lyrical genius, great humanitarian & awesome philanthropist!! He went through so much, gave so much of himself & knew how to treat the "Human Heart"! ???🎼🎧🎤🎶🎷🎸🎹🎵💜😢💜😪💜😢

Saturday, November 9, 02:22:28 PM

Only good thing was George Michael's music.

Saturday, November 9, 12:56:27 PM

Actors in this movie were the main reason I went to watch at first. "Last Christmas" not only a romantic comedy but much more.... It has a very important message to deliver! I am very touch by the movie.

Friday, November 8, 11:35:45 PM

''Last Christmas'' isn't just another jolly Christmas comedyit is more! It is a real tear jerker. A great performances by Emilia Clarke. To say that this movie has a heart would be the understatement of the year! This movie is not just a Christmas comedy. Last Christmas is a real touching and a heartwarming tail with a special surprise. Original soundtracks by George Michael makes this movie even more delightful.

Friday, November 8, 11:27:30 PM

One of the best movies of the year. A MUST SEE. A new Christmas tradition.

Thursday, November 7, 10:53:19 PM

''Last Christmas'' isn't just another jolly Christmas comedy but a lot more! This movie, directed by Paul Feig, is a real tear jerker and in my case, it was loaded with goose bumps. Good performances by Emilia clarke, Henry Golding, Madison Ingolds, Michelle Yeoh and many others, but particularly by Emma Thompson, who also co-wrote both, the story and the scénario. She is funny and charming with her endearing East European accent. To say that this movie has a heart would be the understatement of the year! Expect a lot more than just a Christmas comedy. Last Christmas is a real touching and a heartwarming one with a special surprise. Original soundtracks by George Michael makes this movie an even more delightful experience.''

Wednesday, November 6, 07:11:25 PM

First off, I love that it's based off of Wham!'s Last Christmas. It was your typical romantic comedy that had a ton of funny moments scattered throughout. The ending was completely not expected, and made the movie that much sweeter, and one George would've been proud of

Friday, November 1, 06:21:25 PM

love it