Thursday, November 16, 04:39:44 PM

This movie was well acted by all! Woody Harrelson's performance was outstanding. The men playing the Kennedy brothers performed outstanding! An outstanding goes to the makeup artist(s) involved in this production. Also this movie held my attention from start to finish. I don't see this movie being a "whodunit" instead just as the name implies it is about depicting LBJ the "politician." And the movie does a good job doing so. I really liked the wording of the speech given by LBJ (Harrelson) at the near end of the movie. I can imagine words like those presented in the speech would unite a reluctant South and all doubters with the rest of the this country.

Thursday, November 16, 02:30:48 PM

Don't know why it ever had a 3-star rating. It is definitely a 5-star! Absolutely riveting and stellar movie all around.

Wednesday, November 15, 06:06:13 PM

Woody Harrelson was superb in his depiction of LBJ as a crass speaking deal maker who could be totally genteel in his presentation. Historically correct, it showed this master politician brought JFK’s dreams on civil rights to become lagislation even in the Deep South.

Friday, November 3, 02:46:03 PM

Sad movie, with a lot of the director's own point of view... leaving true facts out... Harrelson actually did a nice job. Reiner is Reiner, always pushing his loser agenda.

Tuesday, September 20, 03:13:40 AM

What was Johnson's role that fateful day in Dallas? This movie doesn't ask.