Friday, January 25, 12:37:41 AM

Seems like a lot of the reviewers are writing based on personal politics and haven't actually seen the movie. It is a good drama, also family friendly, and Kevin Sorbo is good in this. Other actors good too.

Monday, March 26, 07:55:50 PM

Very nice movie. Absolutely true about many things. Especially about black ISIS and islam that they believe in.

Sunday, February 11, 09:46:24 PM

Another piece of religious pulp put out to draw these "believers" into a theatre to watch another fairy tale. What kind of review do you expect them to write when they believe in such hogwash as "god created this vast universe."Sure he did! There is also such a thing as Santa Claus. Give us a break. The last decent religious movie I saw was the one about the Catholic priests who abused children.

Saturday, February 10, 12:25:02 PM

Save your money. More like a Sunday night "made-for-t.v."movie.

Sunday, December 24, 07:55:13 PM

Excellent movie

Saturday, December 2, 07:04:21 PM


Saturday, December 2, 12:03:29 AM

I loved the entire movie

Thursday, November 30, 09:40:37 PM

It was mesmerizing

Sunday, November 26, 06:50:17 PM

It made you think ,what is more important in your life,god ,family,country. The actor played a very moving role,5 stars to him and the Wife was wonderful also.Thank you for showing it in your theater.Barbara Ross

Sunday, November 26, 01:41:40 PM

This is the greatest Christian movie I have ever seen!

Sunday, November 26, 01:39:15 PM

I loved the entire movie! The entire Sorbo family are awesome actors!

Sunday, November 26, 09:51:32 AM

Please bring movies like this all across USA!! It was awesome!

Saturday, November 25, 05:32:04 PM

Loved all of it ! Great acting . Real life story!

Saturday, November 25, 12:41:48 PM

Great production on a budget. Worth seeing a few times for the message.

Saturday, November 25, 11:51:07 AM

very sick that I had to drive to Illinois to see this WONDERFUL MOVIE because Wisconsin has no cinima playing this movie state wide!!!!!!!! WHAT A SHAME!

Saturday, November 25, 11:44:09 AM

There is more to what we can rationally understand of this universe that we are able to explain. No matter where you stand on the spiritual world there is more that our simple comprehensions will ever be able to prove. I am going to live by faith in God.

Thursday, November 23, 07:16:28 PM

Love this movie so much I went to see it twice. Great acting, powerful storyline. This movie is "real life" drama with several great messages woven through it; you leave the theatre feeling like you actually experienced something special, unlike with most Hollywood stuff.

Wednesday, November 22, 10:19:02 AM

Showing life as it really is. Showing the truth about the one true GOD. Jesus Christ is the light in my life.

Saturday, November 18, 03:55:46 PM

It was such a good, clean movie. It was very inspirational and uplifting.

Saturday, November 18, 02:42:44 PM

Such a clean and quality movie!!! I highly recommend this wonderful movie. I cannot remember seeing a movie with so much feeling!!! This is such a difference from the "Hollywood" trash!!!

Saturday, November 18, 10:19:38 AM

Have been to one movie in the past 10 years or so. It is good to see an inspirational movie that is uplifting. If you have an empty heart that is searching for fulfillment, this will help make you think of a way to fill it.

Friday, November 17, 03:25:55 PM

I've always wonder why God loves broken people. The movie that explores this topic. Very uplifting but mature subject good to watch with older kids.

Friday, November 17, 11:22:39 AM

Very well done. Had me in tears at the end!

Thursday, November 16, 05:41:24 PM

I absolutely LOVED this movie! Very moving and inspirational!!

Sunday, November 12, 09:29:56 PM

A meaningful reminder! #lettherebelight

Sunday, November 12, 08:58:50 AM

Boring. Don't waste your money

Saturday, November 11, 07:55:54 PM

Loved It.

Saturday, November 11, 06:37:32 PM

Wonderful. Needs to be more of this in this world1

Saturday, November 11, 01:51:56 PM

Very inspiring and emotionally moving great movie

Friday, November 10, 09:48:12 PM

Very moving. We need more movies related to this topic. THANK you Sean!! You are a good man. Didn't think I could love or respect you more but guess what? I do!

Friday, November 10, 06:42:05 PM

Love love love this movie. Exceptional plot and good acting.

Friday, November 10, 06:41:49 PM

So different from what HOLLYWOOD puts out Year after Year. This is what 80% of my Friends are looking for. I went in Empty and came out FULL.

Friday, November 10, 04:36:49 PM


Friday, November 10, 02:53:33 PM

Great acting, very moving, powerful storyline. This movie is "real life" drama with several great messages woven through it; you leave the theatre feeling like you actually experienced something special, unlike with most Hollywood stuff.

Thursday, November 9, 08:28:02 PM


Thursday, November 9, 06:32:39 PM

Exceptional movie. A must see. Told everyone I know to see it. I had not cried in a long time, but this movie really moved me and I broke down at the end.

Thursday, November 9, 05:57:36 PM

Very inspirational.

Thursday, November 9, 08:00:42 AM

Great storyline. Great message. I choked up at the end, and someone behind me was clearly crying.

Thursday, November 9, 07:37:47 AM

sean you are my hero,I was in airforce 20 years ,25 years aircraft mech .And nothing makes me cry ,But i did this time.What a excellant movie i,m going to see it next week with all my friends.You have made God very proud.I,m from macon ga and we love you and lou dobbs.

Wednesday, November 8, 10:20:27 PM

Loved this movie, will see it again. So nice to see faith based movies that the whole family can see. Not a dry eye in the theater!