Sunday, January 16, 10:39:57 AM

Too slow, you wait and wait for something to grab you and when it comes it's a complete let down. I had to leave because it wasn't worth my time.

Sunday, January 16, 10:28:39 AM

These are 2 hours you will not get back. I say 2 because the scenes with Bradley Cooper are worth a watch. The rest of it is wrong on several levels. Perhaps it’s aiming for creative. It’s like giving a toddler several cans of paint and no canvas or brush and leaving the house for three hours. Then, inviting friends to come over and eat hot pockets and smoke weed while silently observing the resulting “art show” complete with food, feces and paint smeared throughout the house. Seriously, what was that?

Thursday, January 13, 09:12:40 AM

A mess. All the way through. Completely unbelievable story. Wish I hadn't bothered with this one.

Wednesday, January 12, 06:26:27 PM

Too many starts when it should have ended halfway through

Thursday, January 6, 03:34:36 PM

The reviewers of can't handle any movie that does not follow a linear path, isn't explained concisely, or has a conclusion that is open-ended. This was a good movie.

Monday, January 3, 09:11:13 PM

Waste of time

Thursday, December 30, 10:54:23 PM

There was nothing redeemable about this movie. It started no where and went no where.

Thursday, December 30, 01:23:33 PM

this movie was one of the dumbest movies i have ever seen. stupid story line, stupid characters!

Wednesday, December 29, 01:20:41 PM

I liked the perspective from high school kids and from the 25 year old female star. It was a bit long but I really enjoyed it and I came out feeling better than when I went in.

Tuesday, December 28, 11:33:46 PM

The girl is super hot.

Monday, December 27, 02:57:28 PM

I don’t get this . I tried to like it, but it made no sense. Good acting, poor story line.

Monday, December 27, 03:03:11 AM

The two young leads were terrific and cameos by Sean Penn and Bradley Cooper(ad Jon Peters) so much fun to watch. Charming story and great cinematography and costumes. A fun evening at the movies. The title is taken from a 70s record store in Los Angeles.

Sunday, December 26, 08:42:22 PM

This movie was a total waste of time. Totally stupid