Saturday, November 9, 06:46:58 AM

It was ok. Kind of silly, but dark.

Monday, August 12, 10:55:38 AM

I can't understand why this film has an R rating. The film was appropriate for any one over 10 to see. Our kids who are in Middle school really liked it. My wife and I thought the film was good but not fantastic but overall we would give it five stars (barely). The film would have been much better and stranger if the premise was a grandmother caring for one of the last boys on Earth in a world of women. Having to pretend to be a girl would have been more tense and the premise of a female competitive world would have been something new to the screen. My kids thought this film would have been great as a book and I agree feeling the film felt as if it were an adoption from a book. My opinion is don't shy away from the film because of the rating -the only reason for the R rating is a period at the end of the film where a gun is used and some hand to hand combat which is far less gritty than say in the film Saving Private Ryan. I recommend this film.

Thursday, August 8, 11:39:49 AM

For fans of the film The Road and the 2018 film Leave No Trace this film is worth seeing. A message that in the darkest circumstances the love between two people burns like a candle even brighter the darker things get. I love this theme and saw the creation of it with Children of Men so many years ago.