Saturday, August 12, 08:47:23 AM

Dev Patel shows us that he can act in a serious role as well as he did in his comedic roles in the Marigold Hotel series. A moving story about lost relations and searching for your roots.

Tuesday, June 27, 11:52:22 PM

A true story that brings tears to one's eyes. Excellent acting and the scenes of India were spell bounding. This is a must watch movie for those with an adult mind and would probably not be interesting for anyone under the age of 25

Saturday, April 29, 10:05:04 PM

One of the best movies I've seen in years!

Thursday, March 30, 10:13:09 PM

Excellent movie

Sunday, March 26, 11:34:15 PM

Best movie I've ever seen

Sunday, March 12, 11:27:04 PM

It was an unforgettable journey from being lost to being found; The loss of innocence, and faith in the fundamental goodness of those whom we love; universal family values. It was a GREAT movie.

Thursday, March 9, 11:42:20 PM

Beginning is fabulous, gripping, well crafted, well shot. The middle loses it's way big time. The ending redeems the movie, particularly as it's a true story. There was an opportunity to make this a great film, it definitely did not deliver for me.

Saturday, March 4, 08:05:33 PM

Sad but boring. I spent the last 40 minutes of the movie thinking, "Just look up Ganesh* on Google ... why is it taking so long" I do not understand why it was nominated for an Oscar ... were all the other movies really that bad?

Monday, February 27, 09:41:24 PM

Good movie and great acting! Strongly recommend.

Monday, February 27, 05:24:16 PM

Wonderful movie. Tear jerker! The little boy who plays the part of young Saroo was amazing! Your heart breaks for Saroo and all the characters centered around him. It's hard to imagine the pain of both his birth mother and adoptive mother. Great, heartwarming outcome.

Sunday, February 26, 11:14:12 PM

What a movie! It was out of this world. The acting was so powerful I was in tears. I can't imagine what life this child had n how he found his mother years later. Beautiful! All the actors were great n I felt for Nicole Kidman who played his mom. Very emotional! 👍👍👍👍👍

Sunday, February 26, 04:47:06 PM

Excellent actors and movie!!

Sunday, February 26, 02:48:23 PM

Simply beautiful.... hope it wins best picture, even though it's probably a longshot.

Sunday, February 26, 12:24:44 PM

A beautiful emotional movie, bring some tissues. A must see!

Saturday, February 25, 09:30:06 PM

Excellent excellent movie-acting was great, cinematography was good, and the story kept you on the edge of your seat

Saturday, February 25, 09:43:54 AM


Tuesday, February 21, 11:49:32 AM

This movie was incredible! It was heart-wrenching from beginning to end and I am grateful for stories that remind us of what is going on outside of our "bubbles" as well as touch us in ways that cause us to remember what really matters. GO SEE IT!

Tuesday, February 21, 11:29:53 AM

Brillant show. Loved it

Monday, February 20, 09:18:54 AM

Incredible acting, unbelievable story, not one dull or slow moment throughout.

Sunday, February 19, 09:47:08 PM


Sunday, February 19, 01:40:05 AM

wow, excellent movie, strongly recommend.

Saturday, February 18, 07:45:47 PM

Excellent movie!!!

Saturday, February 18, 12:24:42 PM


Wednesday, February 15, 08:41:24 PM

Fantastic movie, you come away thinking about it the next day.

Tuesday, February 14, 10:16:27 PM

This is a story of tragedy, injustice, survival and hope. Take a box of kleenex and prepare to be enlightened, enchanted and changed. It's a great story and great movie.

Tuesday, February 14, 06:30:23 PM

Nice to see a movie that has no filthy language. Really worth seeing! Loved it !

Sunday, February 12, 01:07:38 PM

Good story but slow and tedious. Avoid at all cost

Saturday, February 11, 07:21:49 AM

Wonderful movie - deserves an award.

Saturday, February 11, 07:19:03 AM

What a beautiful moving movie. The story, acting, plot, and editing were all superior. I highly recommend you go and see it.

Friday, February 10, 09:46:59 PM

For all those you have ever been lost. Great true story. Dev Patel and his younger self actor do an excellent job. Surely worthy of a Academy nod.

Tuesday, February 7, 11:27:11 PM

a wonderful movie

Tuesday, February 7, 05:13:28 PM

Good movie...little slow moving but good over-all. Sad to see how this adorable little boy goes through his struggles from child to adult..

Sunday, February 5, 10:36:17 PM

Must watch movie! Great story, wonderful scenes in the movie. Great acting by Dev Patel! Hope it gets an award.

Friday, February 3, 09:34:42 AM

Best movie I have seen in a very long time, very emotional and heart breaking to see how kids go missing in India in a heart beat. Sunny Pawar was amazing and he is not an actor, he should have been nominated for an award for his portrayal of young Saroo which he nailed. Dev Patel was just amazing and so was Nicole Kidman, a must see movie, it deserves to win best picture and Dev and Nicole deserves to win as well. You need Kleenex for this movie, a great family movie, so happy there were no swearing, violence and sexual content, overall an excellent and must see movie!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 12:47:34 PM

wonderful movie. nothing bad about it. best movie in a very long time

Sunday, January 29, 04:10:37 PM

Just a fantastic movie

Saturday, January 28, 04:23:33 PM

Beautiful photography! True story.

Thursday, January 26, 09:34:02 PM

It grips you; the feeling of abandonment is striking. And without being overt, the dangers are constant and apparent for this very small boy. So you're immersed in this life which is both consistent and horrific. The 2nd part; using Google Earth was interesting - maybe would have liked more Google Earth - but not a deal breaker. Amazing story with an amazing ending.

Monday, January 23, 09:41:41 AM

An astounding delivery of what it means to be caring and what family means. A vivid portrayal of India and Australia. And the plight of children and poverty. It shows how family is close-knit and cares for one another even in extreme poverty and it shows the indomitable spirit that pushes us to search. It also shows the beauty of adopting parents who strive to make a difference in the world and in the lives of needy children. Altogether a gem of a movie. There are also striking scenes that show how Spirit is with us and communicates to us if we heed and pay attention. All actors are formidable including the lead Dev Patel. They also show the real people the characters are based on at the end of the movie. Some are very much alike , Nicole Kidman transforms herself remarkably and even the young Saroo looks like the actor child. A movie based on real events. At the end of the movie, it is poignantly stated how 800,000 children go missing per year in India. An epic movie worth very much going to see. Well made.

Sunday, January 22, 07:18:46 PM

It was a worthwhile story, beautifully told.