Monday, June 17, 12:28:34 PM

Biggest belly laugh in the last time😂

Wednesday, May 8, 03:02:23 PM

I laughed allthrough this movie it was definitely a got to see comedy if you liked the movies that turn you back to when you were young you got to see this one loved it

Saturday, May 4, 08:37:33 AM


Tuesday, April 30, 11:58:41 PM


Tuesday, April 30, 04:51:23 PM

I enjoyed this movie

Monday, April 29, 01:00:55 AM

Very boring.

Sunday, April 28, 10:54:31 PM

Sucked! How did anyone approve the money to make this?

Saturday, April 27, 07:16:37 PM

Very good movie! The story line is good. Much respect for the Marsai Martin! What potential at such a young age! Those who gave it one star need to get a grip on the big picture!

Thursday, April 25, 01:55:48 PM

I thought the movie was surprisingly very funny . Great movie!

Wednesday, April 24, 04:07:05 PM

Horrible, too hard trying to be funny.

Wednesday, April 24, 01:07:18 AM

Not funny - no one in my theatre laughed, that’s for sure. If you want to see this storyline done well, just watch the classic movie “Big”. I’m feeling like some of these positive reviews must be fake

Wednesday, April 24, 12:55:35 AM

The movie was a good PG-13 movie. Send your daughters.

Tuesday, April 23, 02:50:25 PM

Excellent Movie. The story line was great. For a fourteen year old, to produce and star in the movie: it was fantastic. This movie shows dreams are possible for those that "believe". Also the movie shows how,:children are bullied and with determination, a child can learn to overcome obstacles. In essence any child is able to achieve and reach their goals

Sunday, April 21, 11:45:11 AM

Typical. Don't waste your money.

Thursday, April 18, 09:47:52 PM

About once a decade I go to a movie that is so bad, I cannot believe it was released. This was that movie. There is one good line at the end. "Pass"

Wednesday, April 17, 01:28:13 AM

Funny / entertaining

Tuesday, April 16, 10:21:51 PM

It was hilarious, I’m a big Issa Rae fan too! Everyone can relate to being bullied! Fo the sake of comedy they took it to the extreme, but there were lessons to be learned! I was very impressed that Marsai Martin was an executive producer of the movie!

Monday, April 15, 08:40:17 PM

Love the movie. It was very funny everyone laughed out loud. The acting was great and enjoyed the storyline. A must see movie.

Sunday, April 14, 10:28:41 PM

The movie wasn't very funny, even though it was billed as a comedy. The acting by all was solid. Everyone in the theater showed little or no response. The trailer was the best part of the movie.

Sunday, April 14, 05:52:14 PM

Cute!!!! The last part of the movie was the best part, Luke James, talent show, etc...………..

Saturday, April 13, 11:12:38 PM

A real turkey. Decent actors but horrible dialog, meandering awkward plot, and trite message. The climactic success of the Issa Rae character isn't even shown at the end. They just skip to the celebration. Lame.

Saturday, April 13, 04:41:37 PM

This was a light-hearted fun movie with some great acting!In fact there were times when it was laugh out loud funny. Also, the young girl Masai was excellent as the main character.

Friday, April 12, 09:38:35 PM

Trailer was the best part of this movie. Disappointing!

Friday, April 12, 09:22:08 AM

Must see movie so funny!!!!. Loved this cast and direction GREAT!!! Will Packer, Regina Hall, Marsai Martin extremly gifted and talented and intelligent young lady. The direction superb. The cast was so funny..You will enjoy.