Thursday, December 7, 12:08:47 AM

Saw this film today Dec 06 and loved it. Could not stop laughing...hilarious! I thought the casting re Gordon and Abel was perfect ...they belonged together not realizing they are married in real life. A wholesome slap stick spoof on the silent movies...reminiscent of dancing ...more entertaining than Reynolds and Stone which I considered mediocre...

Thursday, November 23, 11:10:33 AM

I wish they made more movies like this. It was sweet and whimsical and very funny. I absolutely recommend this movie. It will make you happy. I don't know why it is not in wider release. There is a whole demographic of us out here that is sick of plotless Hollywood blockbusters and explosions and wishes we could go see something clever and uplifting instead.

Sunday, August 6, 10:12:15 AM

If I could give it more stars I would. This movie was hysterical. Not like anything you've ever seen. Simple and doesn't require any heavy thinking. Fiona is awkward and quirky and roaringly funny. From her photo op that goes very bad, to her escapades on l'tour Eiffel. You won't be able to take your eyes off the screen. You can't explain this movie to anyone.