Tuesday, May 1, 05:24:25 PM

I think Love Simon is the World's Greatest Whole Wide World Best Movie That is Out Already my rate is 100% for it

Friday, April 20, 11:57:46 AM

Very sweet!!!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 01:57:21 AM

Great movie!

Sunday, April 15, 01:42:16 PM

Loved this movie..was awesome. hit close to home for me. So glad its out there ! Will see it twice

Saturday, April 14, 07:27:48 PM

That night two weeks ago I went to the theater to see another movie but arrived too late so I saw this movie instead and loved it! The drama teacher and the vice principal were very funny! Everyone in the theater that night we were all laughing. All of us were over 30 years old as far as I could see and it was a mixed crowd too. This movie is well done and well acted with a good story and good messages which are love, acceptance, tolerance, inclusion, forgiveness and friendship.

Monday, April 9, 02:49:33 PM

What I like about the movie is that is true in real life !!

Sunday, April 8, 10:12:52 PM

This movie was made with taste, a predictable villian, but a relatable lead and great supporting characters, i love this!!!

Sunday, April 8, 08:17:03 AM

Stereotypical movie. A full and his money

Friday, April 6, 05:49:17 PM

Wonderful portrayal of what teens go through daily. Powerful!

Tuesday, April 3, 09:27:59 PM

Really enjoyed this movie!, true to life!,, great acting

Tuesday, April 3, 09:15:06 AM

This was a sweet and sad story at the same time.

Sunday, April 1, 05:32:56 PM

Whoever said this movie was "faith based" had better look at the teachings of the Catholic Church where homosexuality is definitely not accepted but is frowned upon. Maybe it's because they are busy dealing with sexual abuse committed by its priests.

Sunday, April 1, 05:28:53 PM

ABC spark called they want their show back

Sunday, April 1, 05:28:28 PM

Funny how peole are all about this movement, but still don't want their kids dating people who aren't white. Might want to educate yourse more

Sunday, April 1, 11:06:07 AM

As an educator, the message of hope and acceptance will resonate with my students. Those who gave one star need to reconsider their view. Although it is LGBTQ, these kids are going through this now! We must remain visible. Not ALL commit suicide ... most flourish because of acceptance by family and friends. Some are disowned and kicked out of their homes. There are many homeless LGBTQ kids on the street. Also with our current administration I’m surprised it was allowed to be shown at all. trump said at a rally that pence would “hang them all” ... ahh christian values!!! The movie is about LOVE and relationships. It’s about the difficulty kids go through to try and accept themselves and be strong and secure within themselves especially when faced with rejection and hate. We need to remain vigilant and support ALL people ... ALL people who may not fit in YOUR society. A beautiful love story ...

Saturday, March 31, 04:11:30 PM

Overall was a good movie, mixture between humor and drama. 4 stars because I was told it would be a real tear jerker but only slightly teared up once.

Tuesday, March 27, 10:15:16 PM

This was a loving sweet story with a touch of funny scenes.

Tuesday, March 27, 02:09:16 PM

Amazing movie. Very relatable, funny, charming and a first of its kind. Saw low ratings, was very surprised on the reasoning. Does not deserve them at all. This movie touches on issues that are indeed still very very very current and very relatable. Issues and struggles that many get kicked out of their homes for or excommunicated. I love that there is a movie for those people to see on the big screen and know there are people out there that will support you if you go looking for them. Also, that they are supported, acknowledged in major cinema and can hopefully expose more people to the concept that gay movies are just movies. Just a person with there struggles in society. Like many have had in the past. In closing, go see it, it deserves the support, and it is a really good movie :) *did not proof read lol hope this makes sense

Thursday, March 22, 10:09:17 PM

From my point of view this movie was well reflecting some of the actual issues of our society. I think the movie was fine.

Thursday, March 22, 06:56:23 PM

We watched yersterday I was impressed with this plot. Some humor and sad scenes. Very complex movie.

Thursday, March 22, 11:54:38 AM

This movie is 3 years too late. In this day and age where the LBGTQ community are reveling in their openness, this whole theme of having to hide your sexuality and attraction for someone of the same "sex" is way past it's time and even a step backwards. Even looking past this, this movie was weak - at best, and a subject matter that is even now being handled on Disney channels... I went to this because the tickets were free... it'll be on TV in about 3 days... save your money

Wednesday, March 21, 10:52:29 PM

Excellent movie. Just came on the right time.

Wednesday, March 21, 02:57:17 PM

turn onto ABC spark to see the exact same thing

Tuesday, March 20, 11:42:20 PM

This movie have a beautiful powerful message. Very good plot.

Tuesday, March 20, 11:36:57 PM

Touching story. Very loving.

Tuesday, March 20, 09:37:49 AM

An excellent movie that handles a teen who is debating his role in life. I loved the narrative part from him. Beautiful movie.

Tuesday, March 20, 08:55:32 AM

A remarkable movie. 😊

Monday, March 19, 09:38:25 PM

Faith based or not this movie was excellent and had a real message!

Monday, March 19, 11:05:55 AM

Beautifully done but not for those who might be homophobic. People have struggles in life which take many forms...be human and show your empathy vs dismissiveness

Monday, March 19, 02:20:58 AM

No. It was a beautiful movie.

Monday, March 19, 12:01:43 AM


Sunday, March 18, 06:17:04 PM

Love this movie .very cute ..Great acting by lead actor Nick.This movie is very easy to understand ..Josh And Jennifer was also great in their supporting role.4.5 out of 5 ..

Sunday, March 18, 02:22:37 PM

I loved the soundtrack and some of the funny scenes. ;)

Sunday, March 18, 11:37:45 AM

Weak script, predictable plot points, and of course the critics are required to love it because, well, you know. 'All things LGBTQ must be praised.' For a really interesting script, try one that shows high LGBTQ suicide rates - especially Trans - even when they are accepted by their family and peers.

Sunday, March 18, 10:08:30 AM

This movie was sweet.

Sunday, March 18, 02:00:45 AM

Very fine movie.

Sunday, March 18, 01:59:42 AM

Perfect combination because the movie contains drama and humor.

Sunday, March 18, 01:57:12 AM

I went to watch this movie with some friends. We liked the story. Very touching.

Sunday, March 18, 01:54:18 AM

An amazing story for some teens.

Sunday, March 18, 01:53:08 AM

This movie made me almost cry. Such a sad story and beautiful at the same time.