Sunday, March 11, 02:26:27 PM

This film was moving yet so very sad. An excellent telling of this man's life.

Thursday, January 18, 07:46:05 PM

The movie is remarkable in itself, but if you're a lover of van Gogh's paintings, the film is a must see. Intoxicating and moving.

Saturday, January 13, 04:42:14 PM

he cut off his Left ear but in this pic it's just Perfect ? if you can't get the details right then go back to school....Art School !

Wednesday, January 10, 08:57:49 PM

Wow stunning remarkable original.

Saturday, January 6, 06:00:09 PM

Feast for the eyes. A must see.

Wednesday, January 3, 07:23:49 PM

I loved this film. I have been a lover of Vincent Van Gogh for many years. Have been to the Museum in Amsterdam and recognized many of the less well known pictures used in the film. I will go see it again if it ever comes near me again. That is the only thing I did not like about it. The sparce releases.

Wednesday, January 3, 02:07:26 PM

A must see!

Wednesday, December 27, 02:48:58 AM

Marvelous movie

Thursday, December 7, 12:09:56 AM

absolutely wonderful!!! So cleverly made, very moving.

Tuesday, December 5, 01:41:48 AM

It is an amazing film, created with 65,000 original hand-painted oil paintings. Every inch of this film is painted in a way that Vincent Van Gogh would paint it, with the gestural brush strokes and vibrant color. It is completely riveting in dynamic action and storyline. Fantastic! I've seen it three times, and will see it many more times.

Thursday, November 16, 11:16:54 PM

I have to watch only for the art that is embodied in the movie

Thursday, November 16, 01:26:30 PM

Uniquely crafted, beautiful, emotional movie - especially for those of us who are especially visually sensitive. I was so stunned that I could not even move out of my seat until my brain and heart had processed for at least 15 minutes! Absolutely wonderful. Am going to see it again!

Saturday, November 11, 10:02:58 PM

Excellent movie! very enjoyable!

Thursday, November 9, 02:34:02 PM

Beautiful movie. I was entranced.

Wednesday, November 8, 07:17:26 AM

amazing. what a movie........ but why the british accents if we were in france? did I miss something?

Tuesday, November 7, 11:15:14 PM


Tuesday, October 31, 04:21:15 PM

A truly wonderful movie. Never seen anything like it before. Nothing else can really be said except see it if you can.

Tuesday, October 31, 01:45:18 PM

Extraordinary. Best movie I've seen in years.

Sunday, October 29, 02:54:55 PM

Fabulous.. Very different story and love the art work..interesting concept

Sunday, October 22, 12:05:52 PM

The thousands of paintings which created the animation are beautiful. The story line of Van Gogh's time in Arles told the time he spent in Arles was must illuminating and heartbreaking. My husband and I both loved it. The Showroom theater is very comfortable.

Saturday, October 21, 07:54:19 PM

Absolutely amazing movie!!

Friday, October 20, 03:48:34 PM

Amazing! For anyone who likes Van Gogh's work this is an absolute must see!

Sunday, October 15, 09:07:34 AM

Visually stunning!