Friday, September 13, 05:35:15 PM

It ended abruptly with no conclusion. It was very frustrating because it could have actually went somewhere instead of leaving us dumbfounded.

Wednesday, September 11, 09:56:25 AM

I really hope Octavia gets an Oscar nomination - she was so good in this, as was the entire cast. Could not stop thinking about this movie afterwards. So many angles, so powerful, so thought provoking. It's a dark film, no doubt, but what a message!! Worth another viewing or two.

Monday, September 2, 08:49:50 AM

Have to agree with the trend on the reviews here. Saw this yesterday and it is very thought provoking. I think one needs to see it again to get a better understanding. The movie certainly shows that not everything nor everyone is as they and/or the situation appears to be.

Sunday, September 1, 05:37:47 PM

Great movie! Great acting. It makes you think. You leave thinking and questioning

Wednesday, August 28, 10:39:53 AM

Thought provoking. Great acting. Only unrealistic part is that the teacher did not report the incident right away.

Saturday, August 24, 11:57:27 AM

One of the most interesting movies we have seen this year! The story, acting, directing just amazing.... Week after we had seen the movie, we still think and talk about it.... I think, the movie makes you think, asking yourself a lot of questions and trying to find answers, but it is a hard work.... l’d love to see it again ......

Wednesday, August 14, 08:50:01 AM

Love when movies leave me thinking and writing my own ending