Sunday, July 19, 12:32:03 AM

zazie beetz was good.

Wednesday, October 16, 02:46:06 PM

Very intelligent and interesting film. I took my kids to see it and they really enjoyed it as well. The film goes much deeper than a trip into space but is a meditation for all those who ever step out of mundane life and see their existence in terms of eternity rather than the endless cycle of job, family, and entertainment. LITSD will appeal to those like myself who have a NDE and to top it off veterans who have been close to death in combat. It is a great film for High School age kids to see and a reminder that the hardest part of any trip to the heavens at any level and being to put your shoes back on and walk in the mundane world where carpets have still to be vacuumed and polite conversation and social conventions still have to be observed and unless one can bring back and function be they an astronaut, veteran, or NDE case one has much work ahead. A thoughtful meditation that we are all spirits trying to know how to embrace our humanity and time here. Recommended for anyone over 13 to see.