Thursday, April 6, 12:50:28 PM

My little girl was not to keen on watching it, but still borrowed it from my local library. She really did love it, as she said it was funny and it brought her to tears too and she really liked the crocodile. This movies are for the kids

Thursday, March 30, 03:48:02 PM

Funny family friendly and a cute cool movie

Thursday, March 30, 03:46:22 PM


Thursday, December 29, 08:28:44 AM

Funny, cute, entertaining and great music. Very uplifting especially in todays chaos. A must see

Friday, December 9, 10:04:38 PM

Idk why people are saying save your money and things like that I personally thought it was really cute and I enjoyed it.

Friday, November 25, 01:26:59 AM

Save your money

Saturday, November 19, 12:32:45 AM

Just a repeat of the "One Froggy Evening (1955)" from WB Bugs Bunny cartoons. Borning. Not a Shrek or Up. Cartoons can be great, but this is not one. Too bad the theatres don't have much in the way of alternatives for good family films. The music must be original, but it would have been better with some fun classic tunes.

Tuesday, November 8, 07:40:39 PM

Real family movie with fun, music and laughter! Suburban family moves to NYC and it changes their lives for the better.

Sunday, October 23, 09:44:41 AM

Fun ride through NYC. Adorable & for all ages. Musical with a magical ending!

Friday, October 21, 09:41:58 PM

The whole world would be uplifted if all could see it....A don't miss for ALL ages.

Friday, October 21, 09:51:47 AM

Absolutely adorable. I was entertained throughout.

Friday, October 21, 07:54:43 AM

Three generations went to see this movie and all of us enjoyed it!

Tuesday, October 18, 09:03:57 PM

My grandson and I saw this movie. We are older. Loved it. Laughed so much. We loved the music and dancing. I would go see it again. Lessons learned in this movie. Not just for kids

Tuesday, October 18, 11:59:37 AM


Friday, October 14, 06:41:55 PM

Javier Garden was wond3rful in his part. Also, the main protagonist who played the son of the family was so cute. The music was great.

Wednesday, October 12, 05:11:29 PM

I like the park were the Mon started to see what her and the family could be enjoying life instead of being a dead beat family.

Tuesday, October 11, 01:17:11 AM

A very fun romp through the city! Cute, adorable, with a good message about love, friendship and loyalty. And redemption when we fail at that and then do the right thing. Fun music. Entertaining for kids and adults.

Saturday, October 8, 07:33:30 PM

Loved idea of combining animated animal with real people. Fantasy is a good thing. Lyle is adorable. Loved every moment. Had more happy moments which made it more enjoyable.

Saturday, October 8, 07:28:23 PM

Very uplifting and entertaining. Very funny and happy moments throughout. Loved it

Saturday, October 8, 02:13:59 PM

The movie was funny and something for the end of week that an adult would very much enjoy. Just one comment for the previous reviewer, the kid was not Chinese as his mother was his Step Mother in the movie...was indicated as such but a very quick blurb.

Saturday, October 8, 01:34:52 PM

this movie is so great