Monday, December 23, 11:31:40 AM

A cheat and a real disappointment; Mel Gibson isn't even in this one.

Monday, April 30, 02:53:46 PM

The best Mad Max ever!

Friday, March 2, 03:01:15 PM

There are not many movies with mostly practical effects today. The stunts are breathtaking, the characters are cool and we can root for them. Visual side of the movie is beautiful and ugly at the same time. Perfect post-apo!

Friday, February 2, 08:44:11 AM

Visually beautiful, post-apo world of fire and blood. Simple plot, almost non-existent, but it´s just cool ride! Lovely old+modern religion of Immortan´s warboys, crazy details like guitarist in the role of ancient bard who gaves the rhytm to the move of war rigs and depressive wasteland everywhere...and the fact that young warboy who was born after the apocalypse doesn´t know what is a tree is quite disturbing because we certainly go this path to get into the world like this soon. Max is mad to the point he barely speaks to the other characters and badass one-handed Furiosa is the best female character in action movie of all times. She doesn´t need to strip or show her butt and breasts to be "cool" because she´s cool. She has also typical female qualities like empathy and care for Immortan´s "wives", aka slaves. She´s driven mostly by empathy and desire to free them and herself from the dictator and reach the Green Place where they could live in peace. Definitelly much better role model for young girls than Harley Quinn! But this movie isn´t for young kids, so...when they will be around 15, they can learn how to be cool. :) And don ´t forget about Nux, the warboy who manages to overcome brainwashing and do the right thing. There´s just too much depth for one review in the movie which seems not deep at all at the first glance!

Thursday, March 2, 04:08:30 PM

Very well done tom hardy does as good as a job as Mel Gibson in the first 2 mad max movies I'm so happy it was not another beyond the thunder dome

Monday, January 18, 08:31:58 PM

It didn't take me long to realize it wasn't Mel Gibson playing Max in this movie, and I'm sure others noticed it, too. I felt cheated for days afterward but finally got my money back after threatening to sue.

Tuesday, December 29, 07:47:09 PM

Lazy attempt to continue a franchise that was never very popular to begin with. Kudos to Mel Gibson for walking away from a very large pay day. Fans thirsting for thrills and spills should rush out and see the new Point Break, a spectacular action picture that builds on the proud legacy of its predecessor and redefines the modern event movie.

Sunday, December 27, 06:15:46 AM

They should have scrapped the whole idea after Mel turned them down.

Sunday, December 27, 04:26:40 AM

Anyone who's crying about Mel Gibson's absence, or that somehow his presence would have made this movie better... is an idiot. As a long time Mad Max fan, I watched all the preceding Mad Max films before playing this one, and my verdict: Fury Road is by far the Best in the series. In regards to stunts, furious action, cinematography, the fantastically designed war vehicles, and as a bonus for once: eye candy, this installment easily leaves the previous 3 in the dust. Story? What story? Who cares... none of the other films had anything approaching a decent plot, and that's not why we watched them in the first place anyways. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish, and I hope George Miller is at the helm of future sequels.

Tuesday, December 8, 09:19:11 PM

They shouldn't have bothered if they couldn't get Mel Gibson.

Tuesday, October 13, 03:27:10 PM


Friday, September 4, 03:40:02 AM

Unmemorable in every possible way, and where was Mel Gibson? It isn't Mad Max without Mel Gibson.

Wednesday, September 2, 06:20:03 AM

What a letdown -- Max isn't even in this movie! Did Mel want too much money???

Friday, August 28, 12:31:02 PM

Good one

Monday, August 24, 02:45:27 PM

Good movie

Monday, August 24, 12:01:28 PM

Entertaining but highly unrealistic. No one ever seems to eat or drink.

Wednesday, August 5, 10:30:18 PM

Worst movie I've seen in a long, long, time. I can't give it a single star.

Wednesday, August 5, 07:09:07 PM

2 hours of driving and killing.

Friday, July 31, 12:50:02 PM

Why 5 stars? This movie is better than Terminator Genisys or Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Director Miller spends all his budget to the screen (no wasting on tours, accommodations, or pleasing sponsors) but real stunts. I will watch it again!

Wednesday, July 22, 10:38:35 PM

Just awful!

Wednesday, July 22, 10:33:44 PM

Worst movie ever. All you see is car driving and never ending explosions. Too bad Ms Theron now has this awful movie in her resume.

Tuesday, July 21, 01:01:06 AM

A true old time action movie that doesn't care one whit about your feelings or selling action figures with funny one liners. The shear amount of old fashioned stunt work in this movie wanted to make me cry. Comparing this to the cookie cutter drivel that was Avengers: Age of Ultron is laughable. If Miller doesn't get an Oscar Nomination for best director, the academy is out of touch with reality.

Sunday, June 28, 09:18:08 AM

Sorry.. Horrible movie. In the ways that matter terribly boring. Horrible plot, no characters, no character development, you don't care about anyone. HUGE HUGE plot holes and nonsensical events and premises. Great CGI but oh what an incredible waste.

Thursday, June 25, 05:43:29 PM

It is difficult to describe how bad this movie is. A movie has to have some sot of plot and some sort of characters to be any good. Since this movie has neither, it is very very very bad.

Saturday, June 20, 07:06:02 PM

Continuous, unrelenting suspenseful action. There are subtle nuances to the story that you have to be perceptive to notice. It isn't spoon fed to you so it may not appeal to those who cherish simplicity.

Saturday, June 13, 06:47:48 PM

Way better than I expected. Blows the original out of the water. Easy too see every small detail in the movie was carefully planned.

Friday, June 12, 12:18:02 PM

The original was far better. The original may have lacked big time special effects but at leats they had a story and character development.

Thursday, June 11, 01:42:43 PM

Mindless drivel,go rent the original and see good action movie with a story plot. We movie goers are being short changed ,with the endless poor quality movies dressed up with too much CGI, no story to tell, just blow you out of your seats noise. Come on folks ,demand better......

Tuesday, June 9, 04:32:05 PM

Great action movie. From the beginning to the end it's a high speed/high action chase. Characters are well done and are memorable in the crazy post apocalyptic world created for us. Everyone is a bit broken but have clear goals and motives. Story is simple but done really well, the action is crazy fun and the visuals are amazing. Highly recommended!

Monday, June 8, 10:11:38 PM

Was as good as original. Lots of cars, action, story was good,lead actors were great!

Sunday, June 7, 09:09:18 PM

garbage garbage garbage incredible that this would get the ratings it has my only explanation is mass hallucination my faith in humanity is completely diminished now

Sunday, June 7, 12:10:07 PM

Wonderful movie. Keep your blood pumped all the way. Great ride! Those who do not like it must be crazy or terribly dull.

Sunday, June 7, 12:06:29 PM

Great action sequence. Keep you on the edge from beginning to end.

Saturday, June 6, 07:08:30 PM

Terrible horrible movie

Saturday, June 6, 08:41:05 AM

just pure fantasy fun!

Thursday, June 4, 07:44:01 AM


Wednesday, June 3, 10:37:58 AM

Great movie!!

Tuesday, June 2, 05:58:17 PM

I enjoyed this movie

Tuesday, June 2, 11:46:23 AM

Only reason I gave this 1 star is because there was no option to give it 0 stars. 1. There is no story line to speak of. 2. Max plays almost no part in the entire movie. 3. The movie is one endless car chase with an obnoxious number of explosions, half of which make no sense.

Sunday, May 31, 08:56:09 AM

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie...great action scenes and lots of funny moments.