Monday, September 26, 05:35:15 AM

The best Filipino movie

Sunday, September 11, 04:29:47 AM

Its a story of the Marcoses 72 hours b4 being ousted from Malacanang, those people who were the story saying its a “LIE”, think of whats going on inside the palace. The reenactment story of PFEM family, what behind closed doors at that time. These were real people, human beings, not a ghosts freakin out, you think they were having a party? Dancing? Singing? Its chaos in there. Put yourself on their shoes what would you do? So where is the lies or revisioning history in there? Remember, theres always two sides of any story.

Thursday, September 8, 03:13:31 PM

Those who are against this great movie, wake up!

Tuesday, September 6, 09:17:30 AM

It's a true life story of the best President ever! Hopefully it will be shown here in Kalamazoo or Allegan or Grand Rapids so we can watch.

Saturday, September 3, 03:52:15 PM


Thursday, September 1, 09:34:32 PM

got my tickets free from a friend, tried it, and disappointed. This is in Imee's point of view, not a maid or anyone elses. Misleading and fictional. A lot of the people inside the cinema were asleep.

Tuesday, August 23, 02:29:18 PM

Depicts true story

Monday, August 22, 08:21:01 PM

I watched some of the clip in utube, I want to know the whole story, I was interested, can't wait to watch with my hubby, hopefully it will come here in Kalamazoo or Plainwell soon, Detroit is too far.

Monday, August 22, 08:12:54 PM

I like the whole story

Sunday, August 21, 08:51:46 AM

If this is actually happened, The late president Marcos was a real hero to me. Daryl Yap did an excellent job to give justice to history. I really love it n can’t wait for the next one.

Friday, August 19, 08:39:37 PM

So nice….at Grabe ang ginawa nila sa mga marcos nuon.

Friday, August 19, 07:54:43 PM

Everything I love and we are watching it again tonight with my husband

Thursday, August 18, 02:29:05 PM


Thursday, August 18, 05:45:38 AM

titanic movie like to watch over and over again

Wednesday, August 17, 10:59:11 PM

All thumbs up! Want to see this again if it’s still showing.

Tuesday, August 16, 11:43:12 PM

The movie is not political , but a family oriented movie based on what really happened to the Marcoses 72hrs in Malacanang. That we never saw or heard, the movie was an original story. The best film I’ve ever saw in the Philippine movie industry. Truly the Marcoses love the Filipinos and the Filipinos love the Marcoses. Everything told about them was all lies.

Tuesday, August 16, 11:37:02 PM

A good balance of deep drama and comedy . This is a very emotional movie to the people who are not blinded by the lies of the peoples power and for the servant of the country and those who love the Philippines.

Tuesday, August 16, 06:53:45 PM

True story not distorted that everyone should watch👏👍🏼👍👏🏻??

Tuesday, August 16, 06:51:26 PM

It’s a true story that everyone should watch! Not distorted bc I was in the Philippines when allegations against him happened… they’re all lies!

Tuesday, August 16, 06:13:26 PM

I loved to watch the true to life story of former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. although it’s very sad the way they were treated by the anti Marcoses. There’s 8 of us who watched it. Although we cried we enjoyed seeing the movie. We wish the movie lasted for 3 hours not 1 hour 50 min. The casts are good actors and actresses. I’ll rate the movie more than 5 stars

Tuesday, August 16, 02:58:46 PM

A little dragging, OA, and corny (the comedy part, typical Pinoy movie (“this generation”). It’s just my honest opinion (no offense) I still gave 3 stars though due to efforts made. ?🏻

Monday, August 15, 10:19:21 PM

A must watch movie

Monday, August 15, 06:00:32 PM

great movie

Sunday, August 14, 04:59:10 PM

I agree 100% to that person who said “Lies” in this review page….36 years of LIES finally debunked!

Sunday, August 14, 03:45:31 PM

Nice retelling of a dark period in history.

Sunday, August 14, 01:46:22 PM


Sunday, August 14, 11:21:56 AM

Great movie everyone must watch highly recommended!

Sunday, August 14, 11:09:11 AM

Every one must watch even foreigners!

Saturday, August 13, 12:40:20 AM

This is by far the best Filipino movie ever made!!

Friday, August 12, 09:54:30 AM

awesome movie??