Friday, November 2, 09:03:23 PM

Love this story! It's beautiful

Wednesday, October 31, 11:19:35 AM

Must Watch!

Sunday, October 14, 12:18:41 PM

Was a fun movie with great songs by ABBA. (The person that said in their review that there was too much ABBA music is a real dumbass! It IS an ABBA-written musical and you must have been living under a rock since the musicals debut years ago,) The plot was too jumpy and hard to follow, who was married to whom, who's dead/alive, who's that character and what involvement in the plot, which made it tedious to watch at times. Cher was her usually campy self in her cameo and her one liner zinger "That's what grandmother's do, little girl!" was priceless. Cher can be my granny any day! A cute not great film, a great evening out, and you don't need to think about what's going on, just enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 25, 08:08:49 PM

This is a pretty bad movie. How could it have gotten any good reviews? From the horrid opening "number" you get a feeling you wasted your money, something that is confirmed by the even sillier ending with Maryl Steep as ...a painting over the new inn's fireplace (!) ...and then a ghost at a wedding? Cher has to wear a cheap blond wig since she looks nothing like the petite blond daughter or granddaughter. Ex lovers arrive as if by a fleet? The scenery and some musical numbers are fun, but the story and acting is an embarrassment to all involved.

Friday, September 21, 11:12:18 PM

Frankly it was disturbing.

Friday, September 21, 05:41:25 PM

It’s casting location and storyline encourages family ties!!! Excellent...funny and heart warming!

Thursday, September 20, 04:37:40 PM

While the music was great, the plot was very poor.

Sunday, September 16, 05:22:19 PM

Loved the music, great show puts u in your happy place 😁

Friday, September 14, 07:27:37 PM

Caution..... this movie is addictive! It sounds like I am not the only one to have seen it more than once. And I enjoy it more each time. Probably go again very soon as I need a Happy Fix.

Wednesday, September 12, 09:21:00 PM

I really loved the movie and like people say, if you are down in the dumps, this is a very good movie to see. It really lift your spirits and I keep on going to see it until it doesn't play in the theaters. I even pre-ordered the first and this one when it comes out on the DVD. Who wouldn't love this movie.

Saturday, September 8, 07:58:04 PM

wrong movie for me. find very boring.

Saturday, September 1, 10:19:59 PM

Enjoyable sequel very much in the spirit of Grease 2 but with lesser music.

Saturday, September 1, 02:59:58 PM

First one was great! Music good! Cold have left Cher out out out

Saturday, September 1, 08:39:08 AM

Great music. Nostalgic needs are met. Cher and Meryl seemed stilted and in the wrong movie. Overall very enjoyable.

Saturday, August 25, 06:35:39 PM

I would see it again and again. I love musicals!

Friday, August 24, 03:55:57 PM

It is very happy to see the beautiful country where it was made, but there are nutty the ladies leaving in the end, walking on a long road with suitcases. Also, the gramma has been dead. She was Cher. If you missed the first one it is a blur. I thought the two main characters were sisters. And the ghost at the end was weird. It's really nutty, but done with a consciousness that is appealing and fun, but there are parts that make you crazy.

Friday, August 24, 01:32:59 PM

I must first confess that I dislike almost all musicals. Dragged to this by my wife the next 2 hours was a blend of boredom & mental torture. Different strokes for different folks I say, but if they added a little plot and cut the number of songs down it would improve the movie. Parading old stars that do nothing but walk on is not terribly entertaining either.

Thursday, August 23, 08:46:55 AM

My husband and I both loved the story line. Great tunes and what a surprise to see Cher (I forgot she was in the movie). I would see it againnina heartveat

Wednesday, August 22, 04:32:28 PM

You just kind of have to accept the cheesiness and enjoy it anyways

Wednesday, August 22, 03:23:45 PM

There was too much Abba music.

Wednesday, August 22, 03:17:07 PM

Wonderful singing and dancing. Excellent connection to the original movie. very upbeat, and touching at times, especially at the end with the appearance of Meryl Streep. Cannot wait to see it again. You feel uplifted after you see it. I can't say enough about this wonderful movie.

Wednesday, August 22, 01:11:17 PM

Surprising very well done movie. Great story line, costumes, movie location, acting was great, music , dancing. above and bohong expectations.

Tuesday, August 21, 07:10:54 PM

everything about it,especially the music.

Tuesday, August 21, 04:18:30 PM

Everything . location, . fun, music. Cher and Andy Garcia were awesome . I would see it again.

Sunday, August 19, 09:47:06 PM

If Cher had been left out it would have been a better movie!

Saturday, August 18, 09:22:54 AM

everything wonderful

Wednesday, August 15, 09:23:33 PM

I enjoyed it

Wednesday, August 15, 04:21:08 PM

I brought my mom to see this movie and she really liked it. It was our first time since they remodeled with the recliners. We both agreed it was amazingly comfortable. We will probably go more often!!

Wednesday, August 15, 01:47:36 PM

Loved it better than the first

Tuesday, August 14, 05:42:56 AM

Yeah! Fun and enjoyable

Monday, August 13, 03:46:39 PM

I grew up with Abba and absolutely love their music so loved that part of it, but the storyline was lovely, the singing was excellent and loved the cameos by Benny and Bjorn :)

Sunday, August 12, 08:11:11 AM

I loved it!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 11:12:51 PM

Really well done..I would recommend this movie to anyone!!!

Saturday, August 11, 09:17:48 PM

Loved it...very entertaining and uplifting...definitely worth it

Saturday, August 11, 10:57:50 AM

I love it and so does my kids

Thursday, August 9, 05:17:49 PM

Couldn’t sit thru this one!

Tuesday, August 7, 12:17:04 PM

Okay but nearly as good as the first one. Cher’s performance was a little painful to watch.

Sunday, August 5, 06:21:22 PM

Wonderful and surprising. Every bit as good as the first!

Sunday, August 5, 04:00:00 PM

Absolutely loved this movie!!! Hope to see #3 soon. Cher was fantastic

Saturday, August 4, 05:18:13 AM

Loved the music, lyrics, & dancing & fact it is non violent & full of trash talk.