Saturday, January 11, 06:44:13 PM

Very well done, well acted, produced. The ending was a bit disappointing, but so is life. There could have been more about the wife's/ex-wife's TV series, but it wouldn't have lent to the story line of the film. The acting is what carried it. Great cast, realistic, and absorbing relationship story.

Saturday, December 14, 03:54:36 PM

Noah Baumbach needs to get over himself. A self indulgent take on his parents divorce was just plain boring. No sympathy for any of the characters and most especially for the bottom feeder lawyers.

Thursday, December 12, 05:01:37 PM

Terrible. 2019 Kramer vs Kramer. Long, drawer out and boring. What is so interesting about 2 people fighting over custody with dirty lawyers as a movie? Meh.