Friday, June 7, 09:10:55 PM

I loved this show! Just really want it on bluray

Wednesday, September 13, 08:25:44 PM

The whole thing

Wednesday, September 6, 11:22:18 AM

The plot and characters were good, but essentially just aired the pilot episode only. The entire series is coming on free TV; just a Disney gimmick to generate more revenue.

Sunday, September 3, 08:05:35 PM

If zero stars was an option, I'd choose it. This is a cheaply-made and badly-cast production. Poorly written dialogue throughout, performed by mediocre actors. Note that this is actually just a "preview" of an up-and-coming TV series -- not a full movie. I know folks who were fooled into thinking it was a movie. Don't pay extra for I-Max!!!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 02:02:59 PM

I loved everything about this TV series. It was fun and had actual character depth.