Friday, February 15, 01:22:44 PM

I loved it - the story, the cast, the music, the dancing, EVERYTHING!

Monday, February 4, 11:12:47 AM

Ugh...horrid songs, pouty Poppins, boring story. Enough said.

Saturday, February 2, 01:24:57 PM

Excellent! Great Family movie ... Phenomenal Acting/Singing/Performances

Friday, February 1, 09:30:53 PM

Great movie!

Sunday, January 27, 02:47:13 AM

Song were to long, got los in the story line and the music was too bland. The original was a hundred times better. Love the costumes but that was about it.

Friday, January 25, 06:38:29 PM

Great movie, disappointed I didn’t see Dick Van Dyke’s cameo

Friday, January 25, 10:58:13 AM

Deeeelightfully refreshing!!!

Thursday, January 24, 09:36:34 PM

Okay but at times felt like a shadow of the original. Saw it in an empty theatre and it felt like it was something great but in today’s world was missed, like the past. The actors and actresses did an amazing job and the Movie is great unfortunately the events on the world isn’t so we have a missed mark. To the future it is a watcher.

Tuesday, January 22, 09:13:09 PM

Disappointing. Actors with great voices but didn’t really get to show them off. Songs were mediocre at best.

Tuesday, January 22, 07:34:14 PM

I loved this movie the lead actress was great the singing was wonderful great for the whole family!

Tuesday, January 22, 09:31:12 AM

My daughter and I loved this movie. The memories of the past Mary Poppins were so vivid, we both had tears in our eyes.

Sunday, January 20, 11:25:10 AM

Absolutely loved this movie, it brought back such memories, and the connection between the 1st Mary Poppins and this one is wonderful.

Saturday, January 19, 08:18:01 PM

Bad music bad cinematography bad connection between the actors . Most of the children were sound asleep in the theater

Wednesday, January 16, 02:15:38 PM

It didn't have the same dash and verve as the original. The best characters were portrayed by the children, Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, and Meryl Streep. Blunts performance of Mary Poppins gave the character a self important air. None of the music stayed with me when we left . Kudos to the costume designer and most of the choreography.

Wednesday, January 16, 12:32:22 PM

It was disjointed. And we didnt come away singing any of the music. Disappointing movie.

Wednesday, January 16, 12:13:30 PM

I actually didn't like the old one, I thought it was pretty hokey. Even when I was a kid. The only thing I liked about it was the kids and the era it was set in. But this one was good. Better than the original. Has the same old-timey feel. Emily Blunt was good. Not as sweet as Julie Andrews, but still good in her own right.

Tuesday, January 15, 05:51:31 PM

It's a cute film, and Emily Blunt does a good job. I remember the original Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins Returns has no spark, no magic, nothing exciting. The best thing was when Dick Van Dyke made a brief appearance. However, it's a clean, decent movie for kids, but I'm not sure what age group.

Monday, January 14, 08:45:23 PM

In Mary Poppins words, It's perfect in every way. Loved this movie.

Monday, January 14, 06:11:24 AM

Most of the movie was painful to watch. If Walt was alive, he would have done it right.

Sunday, January 13, 04:36:57 PM

it was ok. My granddaughter loved it, but i found it was a boring at times. I was a little disappointed with the movie.

Sunday, January 13, 11:20:29 AM

Walked out And got my our money back 30 minutes into it

Saturday, January 12, 05:19:26 PM

Poor remake. Blunt is boring

Saturday, January 12, 12:03:34 AM

Loved it

Friday, January 11, 06:44:33 AM

Somewhat entertaining, but also very slow in bits....Disney's good at this sort of thing though.....just not paced well.

Friday, January 11, 12:23:45 AM

I thought it would be fun to see. M.P. #1.. I would see over and over. This version.... "Been there, done that."

Thursday, January 10, 08:37:25 PM

It was okay. A song and dance every 15 minutes. Much like the original. Cute, not riveting, lots of other good movies to go see, in fact, Aqua-man, for me, was one of the best to see this season. Emily Blunt is as good as the original Mary Poppins. But, that being said, watching it on a DVD would satisfy the majority. I find it hard to believe it holds the interest of today's audiences anyway.

Thursday, January 10, 06:22:55 PM

Oscar worthy= EMILY BLUNT

Thursday, January 10, 05:00:57 AM

GREAT movie!! Loved song "where the lost things go"

Tuesday, January 8, 11:02:54 PM

Magical and happy!!l

Tuesday, January 8, 02:29:12 PM

Well done! I saw the first at 8 years of age.

Tuesday, January 8, 12:59:25 PM

Ok, could have been better, felt like they took lots of shortcuts.

Sunday, January 6, 09:42:46 PM

I went went with a friend of mine and her sister we had liked the movie, we had a good laugh

Saturday, January 5, 07:13:21 PM

I really enjoyed this movie .

Saturday, January 5, 06:50:24 PM

The sound was so loud at Showplace 12 in Edwardsville that I had to put my fingers in my ears through about half the movie.

Saturday, January 5, 06:02:52 PM

It was magical...I loved it??

Saturday, January 5, 06:01:10 PM

Mary Poppins has more magick than Moina Mathers.Overall a great film though political correctness at times was annoying as Disney must have felt it was necessary to star many African Americans in a story set in London in 1900! Obviously this had nothing to do with getting the look and feel of the setting correct. It would almost be like making a movie about the Zulu nation and having many of the Zulus in the film as a bunch of white guys without explanation. However, despite such absurdities the film was a great evolution of the orginal right from the opening mat paintings to the end. The song and dance numbers were great-especially the kids bath scene and ending 'No Where to go but up'. This is a delightful movie and a great tribute to the original. Emily Blunt is a perfect Mary Poppins, putting her own stamp the the iconic character though the actor who played the father of the Banks children was a huge disappointment. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment was a film being made that is so different from the films being made today and it was nice to see a film about a straight, white middle class family with happy children and members in traditional roles without an education in political correctness. One can only hope others in Hollywood will take note of it's success and what people what to see. Finally a hats of to the new actresses and actors playing the Banks children-they were delightful and spot on in their roles.

Saturday, January 5, 12:26:18 AM

Haters are going to hate. From the looks of the reviews, there is a very small minority that wouldn't know a good, entertaining movie if it kicked them in the side of the head. Emily Blunt will win every award she's nominated in this year. The movie will win every award it's nominated in. And one song, The Place Where Lost Things Go, will also dominate. If you went to this movie thinking it was going to be a remake, then you didn't do your homework. This one is arguably as good, or maybe better, than the original - and that's all on Blunt's portrayal of Poppins. Pretty sure there will be record sales of the DVD when it comes available.

Friday, January 4, 11:28:06 PM

If you listen very carefully, the music of the 1st movie is threaded into the scenes as background. It was masterfully done. I actually applauded for one particularly fantastic number.

Friday, January 4, 11:28:05 PM

If you listen very carefully, the music of the 1st movie is threaded into the scenes as background. It was masterfully done. I actually applauded for one particularly fantastic number.

Friday, January 4, 11:24:03 PM

A perfectly seamless blend of the 1st Mary Poppins and this new Mary Poppins. Everything was wonderfully done. Meryl Streep was great in the upside down house, Dick Van Dyke saved the day, big Ben helped. The sets were great, the dancers reminiscent of Gene Kelly.