Tuesday, September 19, 12:47:44 AM

It kept building and building. And the end did not disappoint.

Wednesday, September 13, 02:06:59 PM

Great 👍🏻👍🏻 good work

Sunday, September 3, 12:08:05 PM

The best movie of the century

Wednesday, August 30, 09:01:39 AM


Tuesday, August 29, 06:35:05 AM

Just WoW

Monday, August 28, 11:40:48 AM

Best Punjabi Movie!

Sunday, August 27, 06:37:26 PM

Great presentation by Punjabi actors and directors. It’s true story based movie everyone should watch this movie with their family’s specially with children’s

Sunday, August 27, 01:43:28 PM

Go watch it, worth watching and learning

Sunday, August 27, 01:42:23 PM

Must watch for all

Saturday, August 26, 01:07:31 PM

Its best movie ever

Friday, August 25, 09:59:21 PM

Thanks all the artist to be a part of great historic episode