Sunday, May 27, 11:47:23 PM

Heart wrenching and superbly acted.

Saturday, January 20, 10:10:28 PM

Beautifully sad and inspiring film about love and the power of art. It is a movie that stays with you long after you leave the theatre.

Thursday, January 18, 08:07:42 PM

Ethan Hawke deserves an Oscar for his performance in Maudie. A difficult role that he managed to make relatable. A very watchable movie, especially if you love the Maritimes.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:34:44 AM

I'm 27. Not my kind of movie - slow, shows abuse, characters are weird. Not an exciting movie and likely outside of the typical audience for this type of movie

Sunday, October 22, 01:48:54 AM

Great acting and great movie!!

Friday, October 6, 03:02:21 PM

Beautifully told story about a uniquely talented woman Loved it

Monday, August 7, 03:22:58 PM

This is a small gem of a movie--beautifully acted, artistically shot. The life of a little-known Canadian artist, told with clarity and heart.

Saturday, July 29, 01:05:07 AM

Definitely a "must see". Wonderful acting, gorgeous scenery, and a beautiful story.

Monday, July 24, 12:10:06 PM

Must see. Snarky, sad, right to the soul of two people. You cannot miss this one.

Monday, July 24, 11:30:31 AM

One of the best movies I have seen in 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 05:53:04 PM

This is a great movie. Terrific acting and a very moving story. It is not a movie for kids however.

Tuesday, July 18, 03:20:57 PM

Slow but wonderful. Great acting but sad story.

Tuesday, July 18, 02:03:13 AM

marvelous movie....wonderful acting. Superb in every way.

Monday, July 17, 06:02:05 AM

The beginning was so sad and pathetic that we walked out. She is however a good actress. I wasn't in the mood to wait till the end to feel less depressed.

Sunday, June 18, 05:16:42 PM

Muy muy buena!!

Wednesday, June 14, 08:40:16 PM

So incredibly moving.. there are times the movie seems to be moving too slow.. it was then I realized that that's exactly how it was supposed to be. I highly recommend seeing Maudie.

Monday, June 12, 04:12:50 PM

Her acting was brilliant. The movie seemed to drag on forever.

Tuesday, June 6, 08:05:07 PM

Boring and pretentious a dull and trivializing look at an abusive relationship ...nice scenery

Monday, June 5, 06:48:41 PM

Truly compelling story. Best movie I have seen in years. A must see.

Sunday, June 4, 07:53:25 PM

Very touching. Sally Hawkins is phenomenal and Ethan Hawke gives a good solid performance.

Thursday, June 1, 05:24:51 PM

Excellent movie!!

Thursday, June 1, 02:02:48 PM

Amazing beautiful film. Simple, wonderful acting and shots, and so touching and delicate

Thursday, June 1, 08:16:31 AM

This movie is Oscar worthy. As is Sally's and Ethan's performances.

Saturday, May 27, 01:28:40 AM

I was completely engrossed in this wonderful movie of hardship, love and devotion, where the brightly coloured artwork lightened the soul and spirit amid such desperate times. I loved this movie and both actors deserve Oscars for their outstanding performance. I felt I was living in their tiny house with this remarkable couple. Outstanding....I will definitely watch it again.

Friday, May 26, 10:34:01 PM

Excellent movie, excellent acting. A must see, 5 stars!

Wednesday, May 24, 09:13:49 PM

went to see this movie. I laughed and cried. loved it.

Wednesday, May 24, 06:39:01 PM

This isn't a Hollywood blockbuster. It won't entertain you with flash and dazzling special effects. It will however tell a love story that is at times very sad, but very real. This movie will make you feel and hopefully make you appreciate life as much as Maud Lewis did.

Tuesday, May 23, 11:46:55 AM

Loved every minute of it. We were at the museum in Nova Scotia and saw the real home on display - you would wonder how anyone could haved lived in such small quarters. They should both win an academy award for their performances.

Monday, May 22, 07:32:53 PM

Awesome, wonderful, overwhelming ! Very touching and evoking reality of those times. These 2 actors deserve awards.

Monday, May 22, 07:43:00 AM

Wonderful movie! I will definitely go to see it again. The acting was superb, the absolute best from Sally and Ethan, who invited you into the world of Maude and Everett so flawlessly. Oscar winning movie for sure!

Wednesday, May 17, 11:08:53 PM

up there with the best. Great movie and acting

Wednesday, May 17, 08:55:49 AM

Wow! Brilliant! Oscar worthy on so many levels! Sally and Ethan held me in their 'relationship' dialogue from the very beginning when their first words were exchanged. A movie to see again and again simply for the experience :)

Tuesday, May 16, 05:35:15 PM

Loved it! Awesome movie and should not be missed!

Saturday, May 13, 12:00:25 AM

Evokes all emotions. Incredible academy award style acting!! Three of us just saw this wonderful movie and recommend as a must see!!??

Friday, May 12, 06:47:08 AM

Excellent. Just a real gem of a movie. Never thought Ethan could pull off an acting role such as this one, but he did, and in glorious fashion. Don't miss seeing this movie.

Wednesday, May 10, 07:48:41 PM


Wednesday, May 10, 07:41:44 PM

What a truly heartwarming love story. Sally and Ethan were dynamite in their respective roles - definitely Oscar worthy all around!! The cinematography is spectacular and you will leave the theatre wanting to travel the east coast!

Monday, May 8, 10:15:13 PM

Best movie I have seen in years! Riveting performances by Hawkins and Hawke.. a well told yarn of two simple people turned into a masterpiece of entertainment!

Monday, May 8, 04:55:33 PM


Sunday, May 7, 10:54:59 PM

It's up there with the best. Fantastic movie