Tuesday, February 9, 11:21:48 PM

I agreed, do not buy this DVD as you are forced to get the next one, but in fact this one is bad and has no ending, so, don't even want to get the next one. Bottom line, save the money.

Friday, January 29, 08:22:32 PM

No ending, you have to see the next chapter, what a pain in the ass!

Saturday, December 19, 07:42:41 PM

I loved the first Maze runner and this one didn't disappoint cant wait for the next one.

Thursday, November 12, 05:19:58 PM

Don't know why this movie has such a low score but the viewer's reviews only showing most of the 5 stars comments. I think they should also show most of the bad one so that we could tell whether we should spend the money to watch this movie.

Friday, November 6, 02:48:37 PM

Terrible movie, waste my time and money. should not believe to the comments people giving in here. They are misleading.

Thursday, November 5, 10:58:27 PM

As a consumer, I really hate to see all those make up comments saying AWESOME! LOVE IT! BEST! please tell us why it is awesome, why you love it, why it is the best. then we will believe you.

Wednesday, November 4, 03:32:07 AM

The same guy is posting the ridiculously poor reviews and making these review far less than they use to be. I suppose he has nothing better to do than dis other peoples hard work. Probably be best if he got a job instead of hanging out here.

Tuesday, November 3, 04:11:36 PM

Interesting how there's so many bad reviews. I saw the first one, read the books, and really enjoyed this one. Lots of action

Saturday, October 31, 02:05:50 AM

Top-notch sequel to a movie classic!

Monday, October 26, 05:30:11 PM

it wasn't bad at all, it was interesting but took too much time to explain a lot of things.

Saturday, October 24, 07:04:09 PM

I thought it was a ok movie i liked the start but the ending was so friking horrible! The movie just wasn't nearly as good as the book. If you have read the book you would now how better it is. I kinda liked the start and the middle was good when the action started, but just seeing the trailer you thought it would be different in a good way and I just expected it to be way better they and they could of done more to it. All in All it is a okay movie it is still worth it to watch.

Saturday, October 24, 04:49:48 PM

The movie was ALOT different than the book but it still had the general idea and was also still really good. Very very good movie.

Monday, October 12, 04:29:08 PM

Awesome!! Can't wait for the next one. It was like World War Z meets Hunger Games.

Friday, October 9, 08:54:01 PM

Loved it.

Wednesday, October 7, 02:05:32 AM

Just totally an action adventure movie with a lot of great effects. I really enjoyed watching it and you get to care about a few of the characters at the same time. Well done.

Saturday, October 3, 07:55:52 PM

Amazing movie!!!! Super intense and scary but I loved it

Wednesday, September 30, 07:37:35 AM

Save your money. Very disappointed. Had potential but failed.

Sunday, September 27, 09:32:04 PM

great movie indeed!

Saturday, September 26, 12:34:49 PM

anyone who says this movie sucks is brain dead because this movie was awesome!!

Saturday, September 26, 12:33:57 PM

I Think this was an awesome movie and dylan o'brien is justtt <3

Saturday, September 26, 12:32:59 PM


Saturday, September 26, 12:32:44 PM

the best

Saturday, September 26, 10:25:37 AM

Really really bad. Worth movie I saw these year. So bad we felt we had to leave even with 10 mins left. Story was weak, fairly different from the book. Acting was awfull. The movie just kept dragging on. Not a fun time at all. Good luck if you still go see it.

Friday, September 25, 03:31:52 PM

it was really good

Friday, September 25, 12:32:41 PM

amazing amazing amazing movie! loved every minute of it! slightly scary but it was fun every second !

Thursday, September 24, 09:53:21 PM


Tuesday, September 22, 04:47:09 PM

this movie is amazeeeing

Monday, September 21, 03:11:47 PM

Enjoyable movie, wasn't amazing but I liked the story. Not every movie has to be an Oscar movie to be good!

Sunday, September 20, 07:41:55 AM

The first movie introduced a mystery. The second is a place holder to get you to wait to pay to see the third movie. Week plot twists and predictability are the order of the day. There was a good possibility of debating "the greater good" vs harming the individual but this theme was too complicated for them to develop. Save your money.

Sunday, September 20, 12:21:44 AM

Based on the PG rating, we took our kids to see this (ages 8, 9, and 12) - I would not recommend this movie for most kids under 12. Waaay to much emphasis on extended scary zombie-like scenes. Our kids have seen tons of similar action genre movies with no issues but spent most of this movie hiding their eyes. We were not alone - multiple parents left the theatre with their kids part way through the movie. In the States it's rated PG-13 and should have rated differently here. Overall the movie was okay but the first one was definitely better.

Saturday, September 19, 07:12:56 PM

AMAZING!!!!! Worth going, lots of action and suspense :)

Saturday, September 19, 10:53:42 AM

Amazing!! It was even better than the first one. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Absolutely loved it

Saturday, September 19, 09:24:25 AM

Not sure why everyone is so negative on this... It just keeps getting better and better